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Jul 2016
turning on you
you’re more toxic
than ******
scroll fluid
in my veins
you're dangerous
a sweet poison
harmful to my health
I fill myself with you
of your essence
every fiber of me
wants to feel you
your voice
your words
your smell
your hands
your mouth
light me up
and raise me
to dizzying heights
and they throw with me
in adrenalin
that leave me breathless
you’re never enough
darkness takes you away
and I’m  in withdrawal symptoms
you’re  hot oil
in my veins
my nervous system
my heart
is covered with pus
a thin and  unquenchable
crawls under my skin
my brain cells
seeking frantic
in wrinkles of memory
dig every corner
crave a drop of you
forgotten on  the bottom
of an empty bottle
you’re toxic
doesn’t give me  peace
I’m alienated in a whirl
of strobe lights
find me
take me
save me
stefania rivoltini
Written by
stefania rivoltini  45/F/Cremona - Italy
(45/F/Cremona - Italy)   
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