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Sequestered Sep 2018
close your eyes and
make a wish,
let the heaven unveil,
the wondrous bliss
of love delight,
most tender to behold...

and when your closed
eyes are opened,
may gentle dewdrops shower,
along the dreamy path
you walk upon,
into the arms of sweet
forever after...
Sequestered Sep 2018
helplessly, I watched
the sun set before
it even rose,
dewdrops faded
like vulnerable dawn
afraid of the noon
that never came...

yet, why do I feel lost
amongst sweet dream,
oblivion in your arms
and forgotten
amongst my a forever
once promised?

you were a mirage
but the heartache you left
was real and hurting...
you left hope hopeless
still I am a believer;
my scars your reminder.
Sequestered Sep 2018
beauty is not defined by size
by stature nor by complexion
its in the soul seen through the eyes
and not in mere hair extension...
Sequestered Sep 2018
with every kiss and lick
she melted sweetly
dissolving upon lubricious tongue...
like cotton candy...
Sequestered Sep 2018
like autumn you made a promise
to drape me in colorful hues
of aureate, crimson and amber
but left my lush leaves shedding rues....
Sequestered Jul 2016
Heard there was  a lot and one thing you wanted to tell me.
I'd have given just anything to hear all of them from you;
But it's just rather so sad and unfortunately, so impossible...
For wishing this is likened to wishing  yesterdayas  today.

But yesterday is long gone, so faraway beyond forever,
Just like the hands of clock can never tick backwards;
For invisible hands in hollow hooded cloak struck suddenly,
Snatching your soul  from body and setting your spirit free.

But whatever thing it was you sincerely wanted me to know,
Whatsoever sins or trespasses you needed to be forgiven...
Your unspoken thoughts I've once heard and understood,
Your misdeeds I've long forgiven and that you be redeemed.

Endless voyage of day and night streams as parallel chasms.
Life and death's path set asail  on their separate waterways.
Farewell to this unknown horizon beyond human realm;
And welcome to new adventures and discoveries in perfect rest.
Sequestered Jul 2016
Though vows
Be broken
And bowed,
Love's token
Unto the next
Words unspoken;
I'll embrace the test
Even if I'm never woken.

You, I planted
This heart's garden,
Taken for granted;
Yet forever my Eden.
This I choose,
Never to part with...
Nothing to lose;
Even if my breathe quit.
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