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NA Mar 2018
long time friend, don't lie
I can see you
your sincerest hour
when you come with tail between legs
there is pretext

lie about lies, stop stop
it don't matter
ascend disconnection
the whothewhatthewherethewhenthewhythe or the howthe
give no pooh-bah
Many people came to mind.
Little Bit Sep 1
It feels like
We’ve known each other
Longer than
We haven’t known each other
And it’s been a long time
That we’ve been
More than just lovers

It’s been such a long time
Since liquid courage
Wouldn’t let us miss
That awkward first kiss
And you made all my
Dreams come true
You graffitied
all over my heart
With grand gestures
And we kissed underneath
A canopy of stars
To seal the deal
to forever.

Lately we’re floundering
In the doldrums of the
We fight with light hearts
I say you’re a lush
And you say I’m a flake

We’re buried in
Slaves to the needs
Of tiny dictators
We created with our love
While trying to catch
Fleeting magical moments
To hold onto
When we miss them
Once they’re grown
And it’s just me and you

I try to fake it to make it
But my heart is getting heavy
And I can’t take it anymore

Secretly I stand behind a window
Watching sweat fall off your face
As you weld and work
In the sparks
Well one’s landed
And I can feel a new fire
Rising up inside of me for you
It’s burning up all my energy
I can’t focus on anything but you

I’m begging you
Take my hand
I love you now
More than
I loved you then

Tick tock
The clock is ticking
Let’s not
Waste away
With the bickering
Let’s take it back to
The beginning

Forget all the *******
Because it’s still
just me and you
I’m only for you
Always only for you
Still only for you
#marriage #love #rekindle
ryn Feb 2015
    the spark
   that governed
    this game•the fire
  that once burnt as bri-
  ght as sun•all of this once
before, had a name•but now
is weak from the time it had be-
gun•there was a time when it wo-
uld consume• would defy the
odds....just so it could burn as one•
frantic and desperate for the magic
to resume•uncertainty has carved
itself into the heart that has come
undone•winds bearing ill no-
tions revealed as the enemy•
stitch up the gaps keep-
ing out the rogue
light that burns ever weakly•rejuve-
nate the spirit that harbours broken trust
•rekindle me now... i'm still in the game•
the heart                   save the     you will
isn't                              candle           need
ready                           and              to see
to make                         nur-              me    
sense                            ture             with
of the                             it                 this
dark•                             to                  in-  
                                    fla-              sig-  
                                   me•             nia
                                     ­                     as my
Kevin J Taylor Oct 2015
A gentle scent surrounds me.  It eddies,
flows, reminds me.  I dream.  Look long
and away until just so and seeing you
and having only to say—  I seize upon
some flower, something I love, you see,
and say—  This is where I begin.  This is
where I am.  This is where I am re-awoken.
And in that span you hold me with interest,
with affinity.  You who can never end,
whose beginning was before mine—
From non-existence you rekindle me.
Not all poems survive. I've lost a few and let others go. My current collection of poems is available on Kindle and in paperback. It is called "3201 e's" (that is approximately how many e's are in the manuscript which is a very unpoetic title but a reflection on the creation of poetry by common means.)
Kevin J Taylor Oct 2017
Begin with faith
Beyond belief
Faith is

Begin with hope
Hope is the point
Rekindle hope

Begin with love
Love in all
Love anyway

Begin with self
You, your universe
Made well
Not all poems survive. I've lost a few and let others go. My current collection of poems is available on Kindle and in paperback. It is called "3201 e's" (that is approximately how many e's are in the manuscript which is a very unpoetic title but a reflection on the creation of poetry by common means.)
faith autumn Aug 2018
To the best thing that's ever happened to me:
My mother told me that any serious relationship at my age isn't healthy.
And despite what I've experienced in my past,
I couldn't disagree more
When it comes to you.
Until my mother said that,
I couldn't find the words that could describe how you make me feel.
But now I know.
I know that
No matter if you're by my side
or out pursuing your greatness in the mountains,
Your smile reflects the light in my life that I've been yearning for,
Your words rekindle the warmth inside of my aching heart, and
Your lips revitalize my body every time they meet mine.
I have never felt healthier.
I have never felt more alive.
Ever notice how a piece of timber first catches on it burns so bright...
There's sort of a passion to it?

How it moves along flaring hot or hotter,
flaming-out here or there...

Coming around again to exhaust all efforts at staying alight...
...but it matters not.

That dark hardened shell of the wood has nothing left to give...
...can't maintain itself.

Sure, -you can add accelerant.
A later something, perhaps different in thermal expression?

In the end only speeds up the process of becoming nothing; as ashes cast into the winds.

Charred pieces were better left alone, dissolving in raindrops over time?

Never rekindle a thing once burnt.

Yes I suppose that makes logical sense...

Unless you feel cold?
ryn Oct 2014
With every set, my anxious heart beats with silver
Each of the beats, counting away the reign of the sun
Before finally taking my shift as guardian of the night sky
In my entirety, pulses of incandescent blood does run

As the sun leaves, I rise and and take my rightful place
I'd find my usual nook on my bed of black
Surrounded by familiar friends scattered all over
A million jewels spilling out of heaven's sack

I'd silently watch the earth, reaching with gentle translucent fingers
Silver searchlights scour the lands, I harvest all in view
But my beams were never meant for others
Do believe that... I've saved them only for you

Amongst the sea of hopefuls, I'd always find yours
Looking up with my reflection branded into those eyes
Let us merge our dreams of mercury and red
Rest in the cradle of my light, as I soothe all your cries

Dear Moongazer, it's been a few nights now
Bound by my predestined orbit, I can't help but turn away
Believe that I am resisting with all that I have in me
Unseen defiance in this futile fight so that longer I'd stay

Several more had passed... I feel the promise of fate encroaching
The crushing weight of universe's anvil bearing down
Tearing a little at a time, leaving me lesser than whole
Now I'm half draped in darkness' gown

As the nights go by, I've long been eaten
I peer from my side as I float a slim silver crescent
The time has arrived, my love, I shall leave you in the company of the stars
They will keep you safe even if they seem indifferent

Fully turned away, I now see only fresh new hearts
They all sing the same but none like you
Still I glow to rekindle their hopes and dreams
But what I long is for this tour to be through

After what seemed like an eternity, I'm coming back round
Looking for your beacon as I shine bright and clear
Let our entities intertwine as the moon and her gazer
I am your lunar love...
and I am here...
Inspired by my previous write - "Moongazer"
traces of being Nov 2016
indifferent to unplanned pathways  
destiny knows not enslaving bounds
pathways crisscross at befallen crossroads
knowing all roads lead to all roads

restlessly searching through the ache writhing within,
the voice of my soul speaks crystalline
through the hidden portal of my heart

beckoning the wounded healer within
be at home in the silent darkness of suffering
to perceive the gems of awakening light;

embrace the lessons where the wounding leads us
to bring forth a healing reincarnation,
intimately feeling the collective pulse of humanity echo
a wholeness in a deeper level our being

the only spark to rekindle a flame blown out
a soul’s assent to the labyrinth through the wound
snippets from a conscious ramble;
a shameless attempt at understanding a potentially higher conscious  self
written to advocate for, to support all wounded healers
that often experience the potential gifts of a wounded heart

if this is "too deep" i'll just keep trying
to find my way through the dark maze on my own

all apologies ... wild is the wind

all in all is all we are ♡
Sing a song of Tajmahal
a fine nazm or a ghazal
Of this landmark for lovers
Ah, a lover's edifice
Complete with medieval bowers
It's a Mecca for tourists!
Tis sensational, tis exceptional
tis truly a touristy place.

Watch the shimmer of its magnificent marbled dome
Moonlight or sunlight, it glimmers of imperial chrome
It's ironical then
that though Indian-Arabian I am
I haven't yet been to this touristy place

It is truly as they must say, a lover's shrine
a place where hearts duly incline
They find it steamy
I find it dreamy
Oh, I've got to see for myself this touristy place.

Each of the marbled minarets
conceal such romantic secrets
for lovers to silently explore
to admire and to adore
A place human lovebirds couldn't ignore.
Ah you've got to visit this touristy place!

Two famed lovers lie in the legendary vault below
and the stream too it has a romantic flow
It's a lovers haven and paradise on earth
Even dead passions there undergo a rebirth
Ah, rekindle my love for you in this touristy place!

Extol I may this awesome imposing edifice
A greed for pure love is perhaps better than avarice
Löng live the legend of Shah jahan and Mumtaz mahal
Long live love and love like a Moghul
so forever we have this monumental grace!
Yeah take me my luv to this touristy place!
Celebrating Muslim architecture in my motherland India
Here We Are,
Our First Days On This Earth
Spent Together As Friends Until The End.
Our Childhood So Well Entwined, Our Souls Seem To Bind.
But Life Is Full Of Change               And Sometimes We Must
See That Maybe We Can't                Always Be Together Today
    So We Are Forced To Grow               Apart From One Another As  
   Our High School Days Come              To An End, The Colleges Say    
     Time To Go Our Own Way               To Live For Ourselves, Alone. 
   Study And Learn And Then               We Earn Our Degrees. Hurray. 
     I Marry, We Love, We Build             For Ourselves A Life Apart      
  This Is So Until That Day Our             Paths Happen To Cross Again 
          As We Shop At The Store,             We Get To Talking And Learn  
We're Both Expecting And It Is Time To Return.
Rekindle Our Friendly Spark So That Our Kids
Can Spend Their First Days On This Earth
As Friends Until The End.
Infamous one Apr 6
I love you is away to appreciate
Doesn't mean you're getting married
Not saying it can leave regret
Some run away from the expression
Others want love but cant have it
Some give love the best feeling to receive
Others hold back fear of getting hurt
Some are hurt never recovered
Stuck on old flings use to be a ruush
Wishing to rekindle burning emotions
All wrong that can't be right
Wanting to make it better
Only to make it worse
Love can be an addictive curse
Getting hurt or broken ends the spell
Learn to love yourself
The wrong person will never change
Break your spirit keeping faith
From love to hate soon emotions fade
Heal be true real with the heart
Ilia Talalai Aug 26
What is important to thee?

Be it thine own peace,
                           pure and sacred
Be it thy sweet rest,
                           sacred and pure

   Be it thou dances,
       prances and sing,
through the fabrics of thy years
               with grace

Be it Love
                               ­     and sacred

Forgive thine fledging wisdom for its yearnings.
Its growth is tragic.
o'er slow.
Its pace brings suffering  
long before the light of clarity can shine on
what thy dreams do say

One cannot dream this shell of existence anew
without breaking skin.
Cuts and scorns will bleed your soul
           like a life laundering leech.

Yet will heal you in kind
                - and oh, what mysterious kind it shall be

Harken to this old oak voice:
Through those bleak and dark nights
        with passionate patience
        and marveling whys,
Each tender breath,
                           sacred and pure

Time will mend thy fragile frame.

and lest you worry too oft
(and sleep too little)

Harken well the billowing breeze,
as to thou I say:

                Your heart will rekindle,
             Set ablaze by a truth learn'd

                     ­           sacred
Planejane2 Dec 2018
You taught me soooooooooooo much.
But I hope you can remember all the things
you passed on to me for yourself.
Because while we are not together, I can't
help myself but to wonder about you.
Then I wander onto your page and I see that
life is not treating you well and I want you to be

And just keep that same energy.

Yea, I know I was taught so many things,
as a way for you to use me for your benefit but I
still don't want to see you trip and fall and have to muster the weight of it all
on your shoulders. I hope you move boulders.
I hope you conquer all that you want in this world by

Keeping the same energy.

As the energy you give out is the same energy that will be given to you. Funny how my personality became your attitude. Forcing a certain energy to manifest when it was never there, then hurt when you get burned so you add fuel to the fire , then the flame dispersed. You wanted to

Keep that same energy.

But we can't rekindle that. That spark died a long time ago and we were never a good match. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but crazy how it was never transferred.
Paul Butters Feb 5
Black hole kisses
******* me out of myself.
Kisses wrapped in hugs.
Intimate moments at intimate times.
Memories to treasure
On a cold winter night.

We once played a New Year Game
In which you kissed a girl
Then swopped her with another:
Twenty or so kisses
To compare.

One kiss so wide
I could hardly stretch
To meet it.
Ending up
Trust me,
With the big fat unresponsive one
Too drunk
To even know
She was being kissed.

Recall one time being coolly kissed
A kiss that said
In no uncertain terms –
If you want passion
You’d better go elsewhere
My dear.

For kisses are like handshakes:
Some firm and friendly;
Others too hard
Or too limp.
The young don’t always get it:
Lettuce limp
With their customary hands.
Physical expression
A dying art
Like conversation
In this digital age
Of mobile phones
And Insta-Images.

Time to rekindle the past,
Go back to playing out –
And away!
Get mud ****** mucky
All gloves off.
Back to Basics,
That’s The Way.

Paul Butters

© PB 5\2\2019.
Amanda Nov 2018
Why can't I find the flames that once burned beneath skin?
Changed from warm to cold and dark
Reality's breath blew out the fire deep in me
Transformed my core into coals black, chalky, and dark

Attempting to force a glimmer of hope in my eyes
Ignite carefree wonder with a spark of belief
Then I could be unharnessed and rile passion
That scalds any unwanted lingering grief

Beyond these pages is genuine pain
Still alive though my heart won't beat
A hundred perfect words could not replace
Sought-after inferno, world devoid of heat

Head hung low in debilitating  failure
Dragging feet with purposeful defiance
Mistakes resting their weight on my back
Hunt for embers in half-hearted compliance

One candle lit to awaken misplaced zeal
Eternity tried silently stealing away
Sunset has the right shades of Orange and red
But lacks love it used to invoke each day

I am overanalyzing this
Eventually find the ecstasy that died
Don't care if It's a person, place, or idea
Something out there will rekindle lost feelings inside
I am currently at the start of an arduous journey of self-discovery and the first step is to figure out what I need to be happy
Pitch Hiker Aug 2018
This demon I have put to rest
Has left me feeling new
I feel like my burden has lifted
But I'm left feeling blue
This demon has been my best friend
For years and years
A friend that has pushed me and broke me
And fixed me and healed me
Brought me down from insanity
Taught me how to manage my determination
I have learned to control my sanity
And use my passion
It has helped me to grow
And helped me to teach
This friend has connected me with new friends
Its given me the opportunity to be coached
By the best coaches
I have broken our friendship
It's time to see how my heart does on its own
It's time to make a new best friend and learn
What else there is to be learned
The only person I'm changing is myself
And myself needs the change
I am no longer in love with my demon
That's been hard to admit
As time goes on we may rekindle
Our childhood feelings
But for now, I feel as the fire is choked out
And the smoke is too much for me
I will come back eventually
Nnaemeka Mokeme Nov 2018
Hold onto your pen,
you the keeper of
the flame and never
let go.
You are the salt
of the earth.
You decipher and
Uncomplicate the
complicated and twisted
combination and complex
things and situations
with ease.
You explain the
unexplainable as it is.
You are a poet,
the master of the game.
With your simplicity,
you made breathing easier.
Subtly with effortless
effort with your pen
you delve deeply into
the profound and
the mysterious to make
known of the essence.
Armed only with
the sword of the spirit
and your pen,
you boldly in a
quiet way sauntered
into the depth of
the soul and spirit
and safely awakened the
sleeping giant to answer
you because you know
your way into the
heart of the spirit.
With fire in your heart
you ignite and rekindle
the power of divine love
in the darkness of
our hearts to heal
the afflicted and the
wounded of the aches
and hurts in their heart.
You bring home hope
to the down world,
and let them know
that it is okay.
You are the poet,
you may not be
the perfect but you
are perfect.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
I awake with seeping eyes
a  hunger  for passion
I feel  fire  in my soul
A longing for to rekindle my first love.
My heart yearns for flame I once knew.
A  deep  satisfaction for deeper things.
A new revelation of God's love for me
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