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Kodis Feb 2021
I’m slippin’ down that road again
Not sure how much time I’ll spend
On these back roads
Just tryin’ to get home

Things keep bein’ the same
Things ain’t done & changed
Still I keep feelin’ the shame
For the things done in my old skin

If all things are the same
I just can’t stay here again
And if I just can’t change
My story so
Please don’t be so sad
When I go

Spent most my years
Ringin’ in my ears
And I swear it’s just
That soul tellin’ me
Ta’ ease my own pain

Ain’t nobody perfect enough
To lead some measurable life
Ain’t nobody good enough
To be no saint

Not much here for me now
And barely any time left to wait

If all things are the same
I just can’t stay here again
And if I just can’t change
My story so
Please don’t be so sad
When I go

And when life throws
We do our best to take the blows
Cuz only one thing sure certain
Is everybody goes.
Kodis Aug 2016
someone once said that if you love something,
you should set it free.
as if this is something done so easily.

they could have explained a little about
the tide of chilly, bittersweet memories
that greet me every morning
making my socks wet all day
  Dec 2015 Kodis
I still think of you some times,
why these wounds have yet to dry
What else could closure be
besides an endless loop of agony
because that's all we've proven to be
passionate toxic ecstacy
that will leave us shrivelled and worn
like a ****** on the side of the road
What a sad sight, they would say
watching us writhe in pain
and when we awoke from
whatever nightmare we acquired
we would try to explain
just how this couldn't stay the same
We would exclaim
that this is the last day
I loved you dearly
And I can only hope my emotions
are not misplaced
and I hope that one day
I will see you again.
Kodis Jun 2015
at first we played games
like 'see who can love the other more'
now it's **** on me, i'll **** on you
and if i don't have anything worthwhile i'll drink until i can muster up just about anything devilish

never thought much to bite my tongue
but i'm somewhat starting to wish i had it removed with my tonsils last year
right before i met you
maybe it would have made more sense if i hadn't the ability to talk myself up
and make it seem like i'm a person who cares about anything

you see i've learned lately that i'm no good, when it really comes down to it
i can go through the motions and get by, but when it comes down to the most crucial moments, like when one must hold their tongue... i spit
Kodis May 2014
Unlike fossil fuels
I won't run my life on things
That are so long dead.
Kodis Mar 2014
my hair's getting long, love
about as long as you would have liked
long enough to pull and squeeze
when we shared our kaleidoscopic bliss at night

people i haven't seen in a while
all have something to say
"hey man, i didn't know that was you!" they joked
last night as i set up my gear on stage

i'm glad you asked me to grow it, my fallen love
it's getting to the perfect length;
long enough to make me invisible
but long enough to give me strength

you see i always wanted to be a ninja
wear the ponytail of a samurai
i always thought it would just be cool
but last night i discovered why:

so i can be invisible to your love, my dear
like a ninja in the night
my hair will guide me right past you
without getting caught in the light

i'll slip right through your fingers
as my hair would slip through yours
using every new millimeter of every follicle
to remind me how long I can be strong for

the next time i see you, sweet dream
you won't even recognize me, i pray
i can only hope my heart won't be made of stone,

and just maybe

you'll be in the mood to talk to strangers that day
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