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faith autumn Dec 2018
How wonderful it is
To have someone here
To go to the library with
faith autumn Nov 2018
The "deeper issue" is
No matter how many times
I correct you
Or how many times I tell you
How much she means to me,
You still choose to refer to her
As my friend.
faith autumn Nov 2018
I crawl into bed every night
And even though
You're hundreds of miles away
And several weeks are keeping us apart
And I am unaccompanied,
I always stay to one side of the bed
Because I always leave
A space for you.
faith autumn Nov 2018
It's not because
I don't have anything to say;
It's because
I cannot find the proper way
To say it.
faith autumn Oct 2018
I never forgot
How nice it feels
To kiss you,
But I did forget
How agonizing it is
To let you go.
faith autumn Oct 2018
I used to think that we were ******
By distance.
I still do, but now
I can't help but think about
How incredibly lucky I am
To have someone in my life
That is so worth missing,
So worth loving.
How fortunate I am
To have someone
To wait for.
faith autumn Oct 2018
You always say that
You got a second chance, but
I'm the lucky one.
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