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Medical tourism;

Ethnic cleansing,

Unease of doing business,
Multiple taxation,
Weak currency,

The shamelessness in high places,
The sycophancy along those corridors of power,
The visible aloofness to pressing needs among the masses,
The sheer policy of deliberate regional disempowerment;

Everything points to worse times,
Only the dead need not worry,
For the living, deafening chimes,
A worrying state of statelessness.
The man returns to the troubles he left behind - did he think that they would have miraculously disappeared?
Nigerians chase their president back from 'deserved rest' in the United Kingdom.
Nobody knows, will ever know,
Can only imagine,
The curves that life did throw,
And the response engine;

Live a day, or two,
In my emotions,
And try also, do,
Sleep with the commotions;

Then come close,
To even begin to believe,
That you share a dose,
Of the times that I live.
Nothing makes sense.
In bed, darkness, no power,
Bingeing on Supernatural,
Terrible pain around the lower lumbar,
Broke, not a single dime in my PayPal;

As my daughter lay sleeping beside me,
My son in the other room with his mother,
I suddenly am aware of the things I fail to see,
That truly I am blessed beyond any mundane bother;

But then again the morning brings its own worries,
My ageing mother afflicted by pain of her sister's loss,
Barely enough to save up for vacation stories,
And a country that does not care about us.
I am forty-one today.
Everyone is hungry,
But no one is angry,
Choosing to embrace this life of suffering,
And all the time smiling.
Nigerians awoke to another fuel price hike from N16x.** to N21x.**. The  umpteenth time since 2015. While workers are yet to receive the misery wage of N30,000.00, they have to grapple with accelerating inflation that will ******* personal economies.
On this day, it was a Sunday,
Just like any other day,
A lazy afternoon after morning service,
Day turned into night without notice;

I lost a dear friend that night,
With whom I earlier shared Christmas delight,
Cut down by a mad driver,
And never to bee seen again, never;

Many more would taste eternal transition,
The still dark murk welcoming them into oblivion,
Such was the terror of exploding ordinance,
The earth shook, hearts stopped, silencing all new year plans.
On January 27, 2002, the Nigerian Army Cantonment in Ikeja went off in exploding ordinance as their armoury caught fire.

Many Nigerians died, one of whom was my good friend in church. Run over by a speeding car.

It was a day filled with terrifying explosions and mindless running helter skelter.

Until today, the truth about what truly  happened is interred with those unlucky to have met gruesome demise when ashes rained from the skies and day turned into a disastrous night.
Beyond the gates of that year,
Consider the heavens played a part,
Be you lucky to have crossed,
A crossing quite significant into a new start;

Because not many will be there,
Not a few succumbed to our fears,
Of the sheer wickedness of the past,
Eight horrible years of blood and tears;

Whether it be a fortune,
Only time will indeed unfold,
For there's actually something here,
A better story waiting to be told.
To every Nigerian reading this in 2023 sometime after February and then in May, congratulations on being alive to see what may be a rebirth. It is my earnest prayer that Nigerians all stood for something and didn't fall for anything these demons from the pit of Gehenna sold to you, again, in advancement of their terrible agenda to perpetuate the cycle of injustice and misfortune.
Dada Olowo Eyo Dec 2020
And as we leave behind,
The past year in memoriam,
Dearly beloved, keep in mind,
There is no reason for alarm;

The times shall be kinder to you and yours,
In the most unexpected of places,
Ye, none of your labours,
Shall turn to ashes;

The new decade shall count up,
Unto moments of joy and laughter,
Yahweh's mercies shall not stop,
And his protection shall burn brighter;

Welcome, stride into twenty-twenty-one,
Keep hope well alive and kicking,
Despair? No, entertain none,
The heavens have got you, and don't stop believing.
2020 has taken so much from us it's only fair that 2021 give back in kinder measures.

Happy Better Year, 2021 to you all.
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