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Yes nothing,
Yes high blood pressure,
Yes breakups,
Yes confidence out the window.
The absence of money is the presence of poverty.
Hypocritical nature of man,
Allows him move closest,
To his God,
When a hair's breadth from death.
Your time, you have completed,
Indeed, yes, but should have waited,
To hold your grandchildren, both,
Before coursing on fate's boat;

As your strength drew down,
You never grew a frown,
Even on my wedding day,
'Twas brilliant all the way;

So, here I am, calling,
To say you aren't forgotten,
May be physically departed,
In spirit, always, united.
May 22, 2016. Always in our hearts, daddy.
How can I trust,
My own beating heart,
Betrayed from the very start,
Even before the very first ******.
In the affairs of man and woman, the heart is largely no to be taken too seriously.
All I am,
Today, yesterday was made,
For tomorrow, by him,
Out of love, and humble foresight.
I believe the greatest thing my father bequeathed me is education, more formal than informal, and an exposure to the world of computing.

My father died on My 22, 2016. He was 80 yeas old. And I still hurt.
The long and unending nothingness,
Bright light or thick black,
Strung by the neck,
Or shot in face, neck and torso;

For killing a girlfriend,
Or stealing common patrimony,
For creating a deadly virus,
Or ****** a week old infant.
Should death be the end?
Could be as a result of circumstance,
One situation could lead to happenstance,
Or a conflicted dissonance,
Even a bewildering lack of stance.
Things happen.
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