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Beaneath the rubble of King's landing,
Lay the ambitions of a queen,
Burned by the unburnt,
She flew in fiery rage.
By the hand of blood,
Life is taken,
For the sake of humanity,
A bond is broken.
Jon Snow took Kahleesi's life. Epic.
Filled with unnecessary pressure,
Brainwashed into losing all sense ability,
Stripped of all decent adornment,
Put under tremendous falsity;

And for what?
To fulfil what society expects,
In the league of fertile life givers,
Underlying a wicked, sinister, world.
Many Nigerian women fall victim of 'Cryptic Pregnancy' or 'Phantom Pregnancy' induced by charlatans that go about promising 'fuit of the womb' where there is absolutely none. The inject these women with all sorts of pregnancy mimicking hormones, the women get bloated, then after nine months they're to sleep only to hand them babies stolen or bought from other women. It's a terrible situation. UNFOLDING.
But with diabolic intention,
And smiley mischievous disposition,
They hide behind beautiful innuendos,
To leave the vulnerable in unbearable  agonising throes.
Burn! Burn! Burn!
Enemies, all shapes or form,
Feel the heat of my wrath,
I sentence you lot to hell!
A quick witted confrontation,
May present fast reactions,
But calculated, measured responses,
Far accomplish evident results the whole world sees.
Sometimes the unknown delivers,
What the known cannot,
Many times the known disappoints,
Where the unknown comes through.
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