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Amber Feb 2015
Experiencing new things;
are a bit more painful than I anticipated.
Headaches, breaking habits and love.
Is there anybody who can explain-
Why does this hurt so much?
Is this even considered poetry?
Amber Feb 2015
you think nothing can go wrong when you fall in love,
but in reality, everything does.
Amber Nov 2014
I can hear much better now, and my head's out of the water.
So maybe it's time for me to toe the line between reality and my imagination,
And stay on the correct side of the line this time.
Amber Nov 2014
He's fallen in love with his personal hell.
She's knees and elbows down, **** up in the air for the devil.
They are next to each other, two worlds apart,
Sin and Lust their only companions.
The Devil's Advocate.
Amber Nov 2014
It's real, this is very real.
This is not your haunted mansion at the amusement park.
This is not the shadows you see under your bed.
This is very real, the voice in my head.
And it's telling me about the bloodstains
Left on silken sheets,
not the blood of a ******, but the blood of a corpse.
I've named her Amber.
Amber Nov 2014
I think we all know of a person who has left us;
a friend's friend, a best friend, a relative three countries away, a neighbour two houses down.
These are the people who opened Pandora's Box
and watched Hope take flight
in their black and white world,
bleached colors running away
into the last sunset they'll ever see
in our Hopeless world.
  Oct 2014 Amber
Gavin Barnard
I'm sorry I wasted your time.
I'm sorry for telling the truth.
I'm sorry for being sweet and kind.
I'm sorry I loved you.
I'm sorry I tried.
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