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“The things we prevail,
discern in offense
just to be Kings again,
and return to innocence.”
“...You’re either going
to watch as a spectator,
or you’re going to march
as a Game Changer...”
“…I want to destroy the world with Love
like a thief in the night,
I’ve come to grips with being
written on my enemies' walls
so fair
and transparent,
you’d swear,
it’s transcendent

I get a hunch and start writing something down,
Armageddon grudge starts fighting what’s coming around
It has its perks for what lurks in the rear-view, just hurts coz
Church has a curfew…a time to purge minds and hairdos…
My imagination is my friend, but my emancipation is not a trend
Nay, I listen to my intuition like the voice of God now,
Pray I glisten to fruition, when They hoist the Rod out!
An imaginary friend
A deserter who leaves your mind
Veiled under a shroud of deception
A cunning persuasive demeanor
Who offers you tangible elusions
Of unattainable assets
A degradation of humanity
Spitting out profanity as if desired
Relentless in its persuet to addict
Subtly tightening the noose around its victims neck
Leaving hollowed eyes behind who unwittingly
Follow on until completely blind
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