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Kabelo Maverick Jul 2021
end epic, iota hardly seen in an endemic order,
but Angelic, coz Iona is the heartbeat of an eccentric daughter
University of life is puking the adversity in my file,
I covet the philosopher’s stone
coz’ eternity is nigh, while the City
dies from this Covid in the esophagus, throat
Suddenly, the World seems so ominous
about what was solemnly written in the Word,
greed so oblivious

And history will probably
repeat itself if we don’t prostrate,
and end this misery properly
coz’ in death, We don’t
'post straight'
Kabelo Maverick Jul 2021
Kabelo Maverick Sep 2020
"…walk a mile in my shoes,
talk a smile to what I choose…"
Kabelo Maverick Aug 2020
Kabelo Maverick Aug 2020
“Trees to lungs are
like needs to wants,
an Organic Sun
to this plastic we
ought to shun…”
Kabelo Maverick Aug 2020
they’ve tried
to vilify me…
****t, tried to
lobotomize me
They tried to
victimize me,
still, I rise from
the bottom

Kabelo Maverick Aug 2020
I always thought I
would turn into
my word, when I die.
But, I found a way to
turn my sword
into a pen, alive

(Matthew 26, 26:52): "Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword."
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