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Dear Young ones,

This summer vacation, little good things, try to do  your best.

Life, we all know is, as such a very difficult test.

And each of us has to pay a lifelong GST cess.

If this we do correctly, God will us definitely bless.

Try let us first, from our home; start from within.

Try and plant a tree
Here are my Lil ones Zoi sh n Freyanush

With them I always feel maha "khush".

Twins they are not like Luv n Kush

Freyu loves channa n Zoi "oosh".

Love they to play in Aarta's garden, around a bush.

Little soldiers with water guns in ambush.

Fighting each other; giving the other a push.

Love to watch them play I, my darling Zoish n Freyanush

Armin Dutia Motashaw
The sweetest Lil Chef is here.
O my, he is such a dear !
Love I would to dishes eat, by him made.
Actually I wouldn't mind working as his aid.

Armin Dutia Motashaw
Hurt no one, with your words harsh.

It's like pushing someone in a deadly marsh.

A very delicate ***** is our heart

May all sorts of diseases, vices and evil cease

May all our problems and difficulties soon  ease.

May Prahlad's devotion spread n Holika's evil  powers cease.

May colours vibrant spread all around, along with the cool breeze.

This Holi, may Kanha, with Radha, his sweetheart dance n her tease.

May tensions vanish n vigour n energy within, release.

May our worries cease; n music and dance us appease.

Lord, make our lives colourful, happy n rich,  please, please, please.

Armin Dutia Motashaw

Pick your glasses and to each other, say cheers;

As you clink your glasses of whiskey or beer,

Celebrate; forgetting our fears, leaving aside the tears.

As we celebrate this Navroze, let us for the future gear;

For a day, leave aside the extinction fear;

And hope, there will be of happiness, many years.

May the community survive for thousands of years.

May there be good luck, health, wealth n cheer.

May this Navroze bring many Bawajis n Maijis near.

Lots of good news may we soooooon hear;

Let Homi tell, "Hilla, come near, my dear"

And announce Hoshi's arrival in the subsequent year.

Remember we must, "united we stand; inspite of us being *****".

May this Navroze bind us all; and the weather be shiny n clear.

To this pick up your glasses of beer,

And once again, loudly, together, let's all say, "cheers".


Armin Dutia Motashaw
होली आइ

होली आइ, तु न आया, करु मै तेरा इंतज़ार;

हर पल तेरी याद सताए, याद आए तु मोहे बार बार

नवरंगो से कर दे तु, मोहपे रंगीन बौछार

भिगो दे चुनर, तन, मन मेरा; रंगों का है यह त्योहार

और दे मोहे थोड़ा सा अनमोल वोह प्यार ।

राहों में आंखे बिछाए, करू मैं तेरा इंतज़ार

और कुछ नहीं, बस चाहूं मै तेरा दीदार

तब मिलेगा इस बेताब दिल को, थोड़ा सा करार

होली आइ, तु न आए तो मुझे जीना भी लगे बेकार;

होली आइ, आजा सजन,  तोरी सजनिया करे पुकार।

तड़प रहा है मन मोरा, कुछ तो आए मुझे करार

प्यासा दिल तरस रहा है, रंगों से भीग कर, शायद आए करार

होली आइ, अब होता नहीं मुझसे और इंतज़ार

Armin Dutia Motashaw
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