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She slipped clumsily in a café
Looked all around her
from the corner of her eye
Felt all eyes upon her
Bit her lip
and flushed crimson
most disconcertedly.

He was sacked,
literally fired
Got down in the dumps
Was down and out
and was left feeling
blue so gloomily.

He gave her a blossomed rose
Blood rushed to her cheeks
She blushed a deep red
so very joyously.

She watched her rival from afar
Summed up her envy in reflex
and she turned green jealously.

It looked hale and hearty
Ooh the cherubic chubby cheeks
Baby looked in the pink
as it babbled away innocently.

She heard of a loved one's demise.
That was a shock indeed
She went white as a sheet
as she then wept so woefully.

She saw a teeny-weeny spider on her skirts
Talk of arachnids and phobias, yikes!
She turned a pale yellow in fright
as she screamed so fearfully.

He found his sweetheart
in another man's arms
Doubted his own charms
and his face went purple with rage
almost immediately.

He faced his lifelong enemy
Hate brimmed up in him
as his bitterness found a vent
He shot him a black glare
how very scornfully

Well, well, it might seem that the worst of all the human hues
are the melancholic depressing blues
But I think being green for jealousy
and the black of hate
top the list in deserving poohs.
Mind you these human pigmentation of emotions
are a matter of reflex
for you can't choose
which of the human hues
you'd like to wear, on party day
and which you'd rather not use.
The colours of our emotions, each stanza describes different emotions and the colours they are represented by in English.
Silently shrill
a scary chill
has run down the spine
of our blue planet windmill
So many deceased
Too many ill
mounting and surmounting
the healthcare bill
Breathing for many
is like climbing uphill
or like panting on
your home treadmill
And it's frightening when
there is nil a pill.
A minute invisible
virus doth **** .
Pray to God for mercy
bow and kneel!
Many are dying
without a will
It's safer to stay home
by the window sill
The world seems to have come
to a standstill
You now have time to sharpen
your poetic quill
In lockdown pray
and ink still spill
You may hone
your poetic skill
Until the virus
has had its fill.
Corona they say feels like drowning
like a fish without a gill
for we can't breathe
like the eel or krill.
In mouths hot water
flush and swill
Exterminate this virus?
only God can and will.
A large Alsatian barks at a passerby stranger
as the pond geese honk sensing grave danger
Trudges back home a rangy lone ranger.

Big and little aubergines cast a purple shade
In the twilight birdsong begins to fade
Night makes navy-blue of the greenery's jade.

Wolves howl in the distance
Panthers prowl near pig pens
Ocelots growl around the dens.

Dolphins perform in the aquatic circus
Kids count on the time-old abacus
All in all the miracle of creation's fabulous

Elsewhere the morn dawns upon wee ladybirds
And shepherds go about grazing their hungry herds.

A rare sight of starfishes settle upon beach pebbles
Pink salmon in a see-through lake breath out bubbles
Bombed by tech; corpses found in debris and rubbles!

Wild species lurk in the murky forest
Stands tall and hovering high mount Everest
A chance to enjoy nature at its very best!

Admit it O' mankind no one can ever be
at par with your and my versatile Creator
The billions of species is far too extraordinary
He single-handedly created all that variety in nature.

For even the clever human who invented the radio
did not as well model the computer.
The one who designed my dresser couldn't design my patio
It'd be rare for a shoemaker to also be a tutor  

But God He made both ant and elephant
and there's absolutely nothing that He can't.
( a poem I wrote last year on another site)

Hatred is simply a fractious bug on the brain
which doesn't always wash away with the rain
that is neither the rain of love nor that of homily

But if you solemnly profess belief
in the God right above
let this even to atheists be relief
that God only means love
for no religion preaches hatred to man or family

The wronged wishing to be placated
The tortured wishing to be avenged
Embittered humans provoked to malice and hatred
forgetting we are all but Adam's progeny and kindred
Alas, hatred's a scenario that so costs humanity

Most of us are tired of hearing
of this cause and effect'
circle of violence and repercussion
Why wilfully make yourself a target
and fall in lasting perdition?

We don't wanna hear the hate crimes is a virus
that has no earthly cure
Since compassion is a vaccine
to prevent it for sure
Yet some might think
this is easy to sing and easy to say
Gosh, but don't the world need more die-hard supporters
of peace till judgement day?

Keep the peace and spread it.!!
Do your bit, come use your wit.
Swat and squash the hate bug from your mind and heart
Promote love and compassion even with words and art
Her hair glittered and shone
like glinting strands of gold
or her hair jet black
in a deep sheen of ebony
Ah, witness the Creator's creativity
in beauty's rich variety

Her eyes a shade
of sparkling jade

Or her hazel brown eyes
in all the hues of sunrise.

Her cheeks had a blush
of the red of rubies
Her arms shimmered
as does diamond dust
Her skin was radiant
as mother'o'pearl
Her neck and figure
so sinuous and slender
as the diamond back snake's

The coy quiver of her lips
like blossoming tulips

Her nails one could fancy
were pink sapphire
Ah, she could be a man's desire
set his beating heart on fire

But miss terrific might be waiting for heart throbs to marry
and not just any Tom **** , Bobs or Harry

So even if you may be a lady killer
meet your match
for she may be a femmefatale!

But whether we lasses are blessed
with glamorous obsidian jet black eyes
or eyes in shades of bronze sunset skies
Or our complexion is fair or dark, or our tresses blonde or black
The credit goes to their Creator, the Fashioner, the Wise.
As each is winsome in someone's  doting adoring eyes
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