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Raven Nov 2017
i’m never going to be your dream girl
i have sharp edges
and bones too strong from all the breaking they did

but i like that you still try
i like that you still hold my hand
i like that still you look at me
and when you do
i sometimes see what i could be
Raven Oct 2017
Stormy skies
and dark waves
invading the shore

The ocean seems unsettled tonight.
Raven Oct 2017
Maybe we were meant to be a tragedy.
Maybe nothing is really meant to be.
Maybe it doesn't matter.
Not anymore.
Raven Oct 2017
it's easier to let go
and let yourself fall
a little deeper
into the darkness
Raven Oct 2017
They will whisper
about our sins
about the way we lust

Let them wonder
about the dark ways
that we love
Raven Jul 2016
i can feel his gaze follow me
inside the room like a wildfire
intense, burning, and unwavering
our eyes met
a spark of mischief glinting in his eyes
igniting a flame within me
and i cursed myself for being
such a **** pyromaniac
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