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dmperez Oct 2020
in dreams, memories
tender on you serve to
rekindle near flames
dreams remembered to memories dreamt
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
"Having gone through it once did not mean it did not hurt the second time. It is painful, raw and heart-wrenching. But I know I am going to get through it. I know I have to invest in myself, the people who I love and love me back and invest in the things that make me feel better so that my past would not hold me captive. I know if I was to work for the better, I would be much happier with my present and would not go back to rekindle with my past as I would have accepted the suffering is part of the path of finding my strength and a better self."

- excerpt from an open letter
Amarys Dejai Jul 2018
We are stuck in a memory, a time that no longer exists. Haunting the abandoned cavities of chests, the still chambers of hearts, we are living in a standstill. When we gather the courage to speak our piece, we are failed by the echoes reverberating off of hollow walls.
We are waiting for someone to break the back and forth, to hear something other than white noise,
the ticking of a clock,
and our worn out affections that have long since lost their worth.
We are ghosts living in the ashes of old flames,
until life is brought back into these bones,
or we are laid to rest in our graves.
NA Mar 2018
long time friend, don't lie
I can see you
your sincerest hour
when you come with tail between legs
there is pretext

lie about lies, stop stop
it don't matter
ascend disconnection
the whothewhatthewherethewhenthewhythe or the howthe
give no pooh-bah
Many people came to mind.
Mary Frances Oct 2017
Why are you like this?
You're making it difficult for me.
You're the only person I'm trying not to miss.
Now, you're doing everything not to leave me be.

You've done something I couldn't understand.
Suddenly, feelings became out of hand.
You shattered my once peaceful dreams.
Then things are not what they seem.

You made me the reason for everything.
But all I hear was an excuse.
You insisted what you did was a good thing.
Then why do I feel I'm being used?

Please don't rekindle a dying flame.
I love you, but not as passionate as before.
Don't feel guilty for you are not to blame.
This is all I can offer, please don't ask for more.

I don't want to feel the same pain.
What we had already ended.
I've moved on, please don't break me again.
My heart's healed. It has been mended.
Troy Aug 2017
The love
Trapped within this crystal heart
Beating it's wings of ever delight
Waiting for the freedom of flight

Shining bright the darkness passes
Burning a hole in the fiendish nightmares
Casting hope of a brighter future
While holding tightly to reality

Across the vast seas of turmoil
The hope of ones love becomes clear
Sending vibes of great fortune
From lands that are foreign

Bright smiles and burning desire
Binding the love upon the souls mast
Casting away the evil grip
Of demons from a long past
Debanjana Saha May 2017
Shutting idea?
Mystery it may seem
for how long will it dim?
May be,
until we find
something more to it
to rekindle out of spring!

With all the insight
I find no way out
to become whole so soon
but to wait
for the
blue moon
to shine upon 'us'
to find 'us' to bloom..

There's no plan
should I wait or leave?
The quest continues..
Are we not
worth being
         ­                                          &
                                                                ­     fixing


                                                             ­                by
                                                              ­                                    piece...

to make 'us'

                     ­                                 back
                           ­                                          to
                                                              ­                     our
                                                             ­                                                home.....
This is the second verse
of my poetry - Shutting idea..
It is in pieces, yet to be whole
as the quest still continues..

The idea of writing
a second verse to it is suggested by
Rosalind Heather Alexander.
Thank you immensely.
I've never been one for burning bridges.
Every time I've tried,
I rebuild to watch it crumple again.

The ashes aren't as strong as the cinder
used the very first time.
But, if I'm honest,

the fragility makes the spiral
much more meaningful.
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