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Alexis Peterson Sep 2014
“Everyone told me that New York wasn’t for me… guess they were right,
It’s not for me. You’re not for me.”
“That’s not what I said…You never let me talk!”
“We don’t talk, that’s why this fight is even happening!”
“We talk all the time!”
“You said you wanted to live together! You said you wanted to get married.”
Those were lies, he knew it, she knew it.
“I know, I know I said that. But that was the only time I lied to you alright?”
“Do you even think about us living together?”
“Maybe, eventually. I don’t think in terms of time, Rachel. I live in the now.”
“The now?! The now? Well, I’ll tell you what’s happening in ‘the now’, I’m leaving.”
She storms away, he catches her arm
“What does that mean?”
“It  means I’m done.”
She walks away, her hand on the door, his voice echoes across the rooftop
“Do You Love Me?”
She scoffs
“I’m not talking about love on a rooftop in Brooklynn.”
She leaves
He sighs
“Looks like New York wasn’t for me after all.”
Alexis Peterson Nov 2013
Some people don't find their calling
Sometimes it takes a whole life.
I'm so glad that you found yours,
Even so early in life.

You don't know what it is?
Well haven't you guessed?

Your calling is to protect,
You work so hard
Just to keep us all safe.

Ready to sacrifice so much,
Your life.
All for us.

I find it so amazing,
How hard you work each day,
To get me my fairy tale ending.
Of peace.

I know it's a lot to ask,
for anything more than you give.
But I have just one request,
Please, if you would,

Never change who you are,
For you change all the rest.
No matter what happens.

Others may chase you,
They won't make it easy.

They are made to destroy
To decimate.

You toil for your efforts
In rain and in sun
And you work hard to protect

Not just those who ask,
Or those that you think of in your prayers,
But all people
fall under your blanket of protection.

Thank you.
A word to the soldiers, this poem is dedicated to the men and women serving or who have served in the military. Thank you for your time and for keeping us safe.
Alexis Peterson Nov 2013
My Darling Girl,
Do not cry,
For as you cry,
Something you could have done,
              an opportunity
Passes you by.

All the ideas you miss,
     All the things you won't try
          All the people you could have known,
Pass you by like debris in a hurricane.

Perhaps it is a hurricane
You could make it so
With all the tears you cry.

If only you weren't crying.
Tears streaming down your face like a great wonder of the world
The Waterfall of salt water,
Leading into the Sea.

A Sea that tastes of your tears.

Try hard, my sweet girl
Dry the tears from your face.

You've been broken
I know.
But now it is time to fix it.
To fix you.
Nothing is worth this grief.

Cheer up my Darling Girl,
Dry your tears,
and Live.
Alexis Peterson Nov 2013
    Somewhere in this world full of places
Be they close together,
Or Oceans apart.
    Somewhere in that dark, distant world
              Is a piece of me.
                     Half of my soul.
A person waiting,
           waiting for me.
Be they down the street,
      Or across the world...
             They are mine to find.
Once found
     I will be whole,
             After finding my other half
Perhaps I shall find them.
Perhaps it shall be soon.
A Day
A Month
A Year
       But you must trust that I will find them
Or perhaps this fragmented piece of my soul,
                              this poem,
                                      has found its way to you.
Alexis Peterson Nov 2013
Sometimes people realize things
That they left a relationship to early
Or to late
That they shouldn't have said what they did
That it isn't what it looks like
And sometimes...
It really isn't
What terrifying realizations these are...
In the moment
But they fade
The emotions that seemed so intense at the time fade
Fade the colors until the memory of those emotions
Is as fuzzy and impersonal as a black and white picture.
They turn into stories
Of an easier time
A simpler time
No emotion felt,
As time has erased the pain and wounds
That death never could
With death comes the worst realization of all
As you take your last breath and realize that you
Have yet to live
"Carpe diem...Sieze the day boys, make your lives extraordinary."  ~The Dead Poet's Society
Alexis Peterson Nov 2013
Why do we fall
Of all of the things we could do
We choose to allow something to race up
And ****** us away from our dreams,
Into reality
A reality that is hard and painful
Crashing around you
Sneaking up upon you
As floors do when you trip upon them

Why is it that when we chase our dreams
We must be shocked back into harsh reality
Reality jumping at us
Demanding to be heard

When reality is upon us,
Why don't we run
Race back to our dreams
Fight for them as Alice fought the Jabberwocky
With dreams and trust and impossible things

Yet we see the reality,
A simple flaw
A crack
And we fall back to earth like stars from the sky.

We begin to give in,
To defer our dreams
We've fallen so many times before
and what for?

Voices fill your head,
Give up
Give in
You were never going to win
What can you do
Just let go
What has dreaming ever done for you?
The are so convincing in our shattered state
We begin to listen to them
And darkness beings to consume us

But once it does,
Someone appears,
A dreamer,
A friend,
Someone like us.

To remind us that dreams aren't in vain,
To tell us to look up,
The light is breaking throough

A friend
Someone to pull us out of the dark
Show us how to dream again.

Why do we fall?
Perhaps there is a reason after all...
We fall...
So that we can learn to pick ourselves up
And so we can learn to trust in others,
When we no longer have the strength to do so.
Alexis Peterson Oct 2013
It is up to you
Yes, this much is true
How will you spend you years
Will you sit alone
Self-Confidence Diving
Or will you choose the popular life
A life of toil and strife
Crying yourself to sleep every night
What will you choose
Will you feel alone,
Even surrounded by friends
Or will you be bothered
By those that you don't know
Will you run in fear
Throughout the years
Worried what they'll say behind your back
Or will you just say
"What the hell. It'll happen some day."
These are your choices,
think them through
Because someday
They'll be presented to you.
When they pose these questions,
Don't give them an answer
Just pull up this poem
and let them answer for themselves
What would be better?
Which would be worse?
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