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Susan O'Reilly Mar 2014
A world of make-believe

On imaginations loom I weave

some days my presence it leaves

its absence causes me to grieve

other days it wants to celebrate

I marvel at what it can create

free your mind, let it stray

let your dreams come out to play

plant the seed and let it grow

where you’ll end up I don’t know
Susan O'Reilly Mar 2014
Let your pen be the

match and strike the page alight

writing words that burn
Susan O'Reilly Mar 2014
Closed minds don’t equal
closed mouths unfortunately
don’t forget to breathe
Susan O'Reilly Mar 2014
I'm a museum piece

locked away

encased in glass


sign says "Do Not Touch"

ignore it please

set me free

from my captivity

I've built this cage

caused by impotent rage

walls built up over time

protection from everyone and everything

I'm rusting away

looking pristine externally

but not internally

break through my reserve

I'm begging you
Susan O'Reilly Mar 2014
My baby's not getting out

I'm keeping it inside daily

"too soon, too soon" I mentally shout

while humming to my mound gaily

there's been the panicked hospital drive

blood oozing down my legs

that trying to keep 'it' alive

my desperate to doctor begs

See this is my 4th pregnancy

each one greeted with hope

I've already lost three

this time I  don't think I'd cope

they can't tell me why

done every  test

all we can do is try

nature does the rest

5 months I've laid in this bed

legs crossed not moving

each bleed fills me with dread

but each day in, chances improving

please say a prayer for me

we need all the help we can get

that inside stays my baby

'its' not ready to come out, not yet
Susan O'Reilly Feb 2014
Your the air around me
you comfort me constantly

Safe I feel in your presence
I can sense your essence
You never leave
so I don’t have to grieve

People think I’m cold
as yet I haven’t been so bold
to tell them that your still here
and because of that there’s nothing I fear
Susan O'Reilly Feb 2014
You ravaged me

without permission

I ravage you

no intermission

Each blow you dealt

I’ve doubled

my anger simmered

and bubbled

This is the only time

I’ve felt job satisfaction

feeling just sublime

placing you in traction
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