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You're delicate.
Purposely astonishing.
Visually clear and teary eyed prepared,
swaying over the ****.
Darkly swept and fragile,
you are my memory.
Balanced and ever-so-still,
I suppress you.
During the same night in tilted repeat,
running empty under the winter coat of snow bare and hollow,
My breaths murmur,
I'm forgetting you.
To see a simple face and capture it in all simplicity
is like a pattern of depth and emotion burning my flesh repetitively.
To gaze into eyes so hidden and wanting,
but of something other than it sees.
To retrace the words spoken on his lips,
where a smile curves at each end making me smile,
making me only wonder of what I am thinking.
To imagine touching while pale flesh I imagine so soft,
so innocent,
so longing,
I think of you slumbering,
quiet for once,
shy how I see you,
fading into the darkness engulfed in patches underneath your steps,
breathing once more within me a connection of exquisite pain,
the exquisite pain of wanting someone so unattainable
so breathtaking,
so innocent,
so longing,
Linked heartfelt breaths of wonderment,
hold onto depth and I,
I lost bites of perfect sight.
Gray blind skies hate heights,
but I won't flutter timelessly,
I'll sink for you.
Cloth dispersing like ashes with water,
leave my memories with an abyss of patches,
my happiness hides the right to blink and take flight.
Skies play along as endless pockets of summers web,
with its wind lovely and emptier than the glitches of glass shards.
I'll rip my skins cavity for you.
I knew I liked you
when I felt a knot in my stomach,
I was searching for the will to breathe.
I knew there was something different when I saw you smile,
teeth exposed across your soul,
when I began to wonder what you were thinking.
I knew I had to stand a minute more just to see you pass,
being yourself,
the first thing I ever saw.
And I knew I had to let you walk away,
since I coward inside,
where I find myself too vulnerable to speak.
Here I knew,
we'd speak someday,
when I work up the courage
to let the fear fade away.
For this,
I knew I liked you.
Whispers suppressed her laughter,
It was an acknowledgable sentimental factor.
Shoves and tossings of her hair went unnoticed through the air.
Piece by Piece she witnessed.
Second by second she felt.
This was her life as she called it,
a warm September morning,
waiting for life's December.
Endless white snow.
One simple thing,
ending it by a strand at a time.
You were a hollow summers eve
trapped in the rays of sunlight.
A wave too perfect to out tumble
the sea's current.
A heartbeat to quick to withstand
a seniors body.
And a smile too great that tried to make the earth crumble.
You'll always be my world's struggle.
Simple stares,
elegant glares,
befuddling stuttering,
let it be released,
your words that is.
Even if the comprehending syllables
make up riddles.
In the end,
you'll always confuse me.
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