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ChawzzyScript Mar 2013
Doc, I've been trying to deal with these issues for quite sometime to no avail;
A good friend of mine (you may know him, Elmer Fudd) recommended you.

I fear I will never be able to eat, let alone catch this turbo inspired example of flightless foul;
Stuck in this celluloid world vividly inspired by an Emmy award winning colorist.

I am a proud animal from generations of fine breeding, born in the pristine coyote valley;
I am not stupid, not a fool or buffoon, and so I thought contractually, not one to be laughed at.

And I, always the bad guy, constantly daunted in pursuit by haphazard ACME products;
Expensive, bulky, time consuming, they characteristically fail right before they almost work.

Rocket powered skates, unfortunately, only allow me to kiss the cliff-side really really hard;
Very heavy anvils serve no other purpose than to be dropped on my head repeatedly.

The incredulous manipulations of the impossible by the so clever writers of this farce;
From trains appearing out of nowhere to run me over, to fierce lightning storms in an instant.

Laying there in the release of my own bowels as the uncontrollable result of
500 Megajoules of energy traveling through my body yet again.

I am the twice electrified mass of dribbling spastic protoplasm
Personified proverbially in that lightning does indeed strike twice in the same place!

As the smoke arises from my chard hairy frame and I sweep up my ashes to reassemble later;
I realize Doc, I'm losing my grasp on the reality of ever succeeding, I need your help!

I'm still hungry;

And still I have not caught that **** Road Runner,

******* Warner Brothers!

Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
I'm tired
And since I'm not eating
Then my energy
Is non-existing
I'm barely keeping my eyes open
As I type in the words
For this poem.

I'm trying not to make typos,
But it's hard when you only see
A cloudy version of the keyboard
Since your eyelids are slowly closing.

Outside people are enjoying
The sun
Which for once
Are shining over Denmark
But I'm just sitting inside
The University of Copenhagen
Occupying myself
So that there's no time
For crying

I bought myself a new book
One by Niccolò Machiavelli
I plan to read it
In the holiday
And I'm really looking forward to this
Since through the last four years
People have often recommended me
To read it...

So while Green Day's "Panic Song" is playing
On my headphones
I'll finish my poem
And return to my book
'Cause though I'm tempted
Then I can't keep wasting my time
Writing poems
Just to I keep myself occupied.
Maybe I'll take the book
And go read outside
In the sunshine...
Ok....Back to work!.. :)
PtAnand22 Ji Sep 2015
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Ian Cairns Jul 2014
Zoom out
Pan right to suburban culdesac

It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood
a beautiful day for a neighbor...
PBS was my jam
before I turned 10
That birthday was the best
dressed as Woody
bouncing towards the moon
giggling at toy snakes in my boot
I remember everyone crowded around
singing to me
for me
I blew out the candles
the future buzzing lightyears away
age 10 is when it started...

Zoom in
Pan left to urban street corner

I sit at my windowsill patiently
Wait for mama to leave her second shift
I want mama to leave her second job
It's my 10th birthday
I watch two men swap handshakes like currency outside
And I realize I could use a little change
Door opens clean and quick
Mama walks in with a cake
That's when it all started

11- My first baseball game
beer in hand commentating all the while
he narrated each pitch like a story
called the pitcher 'Knuckler'
I imagined him a god
gripping me by the seams
life- the slowest knuckle ball
dotting a scatter plot
all the way into home plate
I wanted to take that mound

12- December 4th
Urban skyline a crisp white glint
Snow stops at the street corner
Where I pick it up with steady hands
Cut it quickly and keep moving
I have to push it through these streets
Just like Jay told me
I can barely sleep now
Fade to black with a paycheck

13- It's morning
5:30 smeared red on a digital clock
That sits just out of arm's reach
Gun shots make my alarm obsolete before 6:00
Each pop a possible seraphim in the making
I'm never mourning
I yawn through each bullet
Every round resonates through my window with certainty
The Sun refuses to make eye contact with me
It sits just low enough on the horizon
To dangle day time at my fingertips
But I'm much more comfortable in the darkness
I'm no stranger to these shadows
This eclipse lives inside of me every day

14- Dj Casper taught my ipod to shuffle
though I never left the walls at middle school mixers
my playlists slid
from The Who to System of a Down to Eminem to 50 Cent

14- Tried out for basketball
only to be cut like an ACL
a friend recommended some Spike Lee to lighten the mood (whoever that was)
the next year I became a 9th grade shooter

15- First time I felt like teen spirit
Nirvana drowning in the background
I still didn't dance

15- The first time I lost a friend Nas dropped a black rose
and the morgue was full so we couldn't lie together anymore

15- First heartbreak: Mom was a band-aid for two whole weeks
until she ripped herself off with a sting
get over it
my dad was just my dad
said something about there being more fish to eat

15- First heartbreak: Mom was gone for two whole weeks
and came home with some new headphones and a pair
of black eyes she couldn't pawn off

16- Grandpa reached home plate
I never hated baseball more
never wanted to storm the mound more
everything felt shuffled
music did not help

17- I'm on my dumb ****
Walked my GPA to the corner store
And bought a Cherry Coke with it
Although I always had a soft spot for Shakespeare
The eloquence in his tragedy
Gave me reason to keep sorrow around
I jumped in the passenger side sanctuary
Jeezy through the speakers made me invincible for a moment
But when the record cut I felt more Othello

17- Most memorable thanksgiving
alcohol running through my entire bloodline
this was the year...
someone finally blacked
two uncles fighting
like grandpa's death wasn't enough
I realized everyone had felt nirvana's lyrics at some point
even grandad

**18-J. Cole warms up my eardrums
While I'm greeted at the bus stop with glares
Wide-eyed pupils take the place of handshakes
That most folks grow accustomed to

18-This diploma in hand is my ticket out of here
I close my eyes
I'm reminded that not everything
Becomes less clear with more light
Sometimes the darkness turns out the most bright
And I turn the volume up
For once everything feels just right
I'm at home in my flesh and bones
I belong here
And I'm here to stay
This piece was created in collaboration with a dear friend of mine, Taru Thompson. I hope you all enjoy!
Christina Hale Mar 2018
Senior year of high school
I was having some teenage issues
And started acting out
I wanted everyone to see my pain, feel my pain, I wanted everyone to hear me out
The school was concerned and attributed my acting out to my sexuality and demanded I seek help
They recommended I go to an LGBTQ youth center and talk to someone but I just brushed it off and thought this is crazy
So one day not expecting it I get a phone call from this lady
I guess she was from the gay and lesbian place ‘cause that’s what she said
She was a lesbian and said that she could help me get out of purgatory
That sounded nice and all but I was already there for three and a half years and gotten kind of used to the territory
I guess she was a butch
She sounded like a butch
She wanted me to come up there to talk
And I thought all man what the ****
I didn’t want to go up there, I wasn’t prepared
I didn’t know what to say, what to expect, I was scared
I was hoping I didn’t have to talk to her again
So I said if butch calls
Tell her I’m not here

Back on that day when she called
She asked a lot of questions
Questions I couldn’t answer
Being this young and confused wasn’t easy
Butch knows, she was there
I wasn’t ready to tell anyone what I was feeling inside, I didn’t think she would really care
Even though she sounded genuine I didn’t want to give her that chance to help me, I was full of abandonment issues and fear

So I said
If butch calls
Tell her I’m not here

(Then she’ll keep calling and calling and calling)

I don’t care, just tell her I’m not here

(Then she’ll keep calling and calling and calling)

If butch calls
Tell her I’m not here

(Then she’ll keep calling and calling and calling)

Butch only called back once
But no one was home
She never called back
But if she does
If butch calls
Tell her I’m not here
judy smith Jun 2015
For financial advisors wanting to increase the assets they manage, a number of situations provide tremendous opportunities. These are situations where there is “money in motion,” investable assets now available to be managed.

These opportunities are all put in motion by a “trigger event.” One example is inheriting significant sums from an affluent parent. Another example is the monies provided to an ex-spouse as part of a divorce settlement.

For most financial advisors, the greatest opportunity to capture money in motion is when a successful business owner sells his or her company. Worldwide, the most significant creator of personal wealth is entrepreneurism. Moreover, most successful entrepreneurs are only rich on paper until they sell a portion or all of their companies.

When they monetize the value of their firms, they have investable assets that they often turn over to investment professionals to manage. This scenario is unquestionably one of the very best ways for financial advisors to bring in more assets to manage.

Most Entrepreneurs Want To Be Wealthier

In order to win the investment business of these entrepreneurs, it is useful for you to understand that becoming wealthy was (and is) a core motivation of their business building efforts. In a survey of 513 business owners, a little more than nine out of 10 of them want to become significantly wealthier than they are today (Exhibit 1). Moreover, all of them strongly recognize that their ability to become wealthier is a function of the success of their business.

There are often many reasons business owners want to be wealthier. Taking care of loved ones regularly tops the list (Exhibit 2). The success of the business and their ability to maximize personal wealth is usually instrumental in this regard.

At the same time, about seven out of 10 entrepreneurs said they are interested in doing more to support worthy charitable causes (Exhibit 3). Again, the success of their business and their ability to translate that success into personal wealth can be significant in enabling these business owners to be more philanthropic.

A core motivation for most entrepreneurs is personal wealth creation. This often carries over into how they want their monies invested once they sell all or part of their businesses. It is useful to note that the majority of business owners who monetize their companies are not walking away with hundreds of millions of dollars. Most businesses are small or midsize businesses, and there are often equity partners and possibly investors. This frequently means that the entrepreneurs are looking to have the monies that they entrust to investment professionals grow (Exhibit 4).

Skipping The ‘Fashion Show’

When entrepreneurs have considerable liquid assets after selling their companies, they regularly turn to financial advisors to manage all or a portion of these monies. This often results in a fashion show where a stream of investment professionals vies for the attention (and funds) of the former business owner.

About one in 10 considered a single investment professional. About three out of 10 deliberated between two financial advisors. More telling, about 60% looked at three or more investment professionals.

There are regularly a plethora of factors that go into winning a fashion show. Some of them are money-management-related, such as performance track record and investment philosophy. Sometimes, the deciding factor is chemistry or lack thereof between the financial advisors and the former entrepreneur. It is always preferable to be the singular financial advisor being considered to manage the money.

When only one financial advisor was considered, in every case there was a pre-existing relationship. This is the key to skipping having to compete once the entrepreneur has significant liquid assets to invest.

For financial advisors, the ability to avoid the fashion show as well as dramatically increase the probability of winning most, if not all, of the business owner’s asset management business is to be involved before the sale and endorsed by trusted professionals the entrepreneur is already working with.

It is important to recognize that nearly nine out of 10 successful business owners would like to, at some point in time, sell their companies (Exhibit 6). This provides professionals with meaningful opportunities to help them maximize their personal wealth from the sale. However, only about 15% of entrepreneurs are taking such action (Exhibit 7). This opens the door for many financial advisors to be involved with these successful business owners before the sale.

Getting directly involved can prove exceedingly beneficial for business owners. The most efficacious way to do this is by being recommended by their accountants. While successful business owners will usually rely on a variety of professionals, it is apparent that their accountants are regularly their primary “go to” resource. As so many critical business decisions are entwined with the financials of the company, these entrepreneurs depend on their accountants to help them navigate the possibilities and make wise choices.

Even where financial advisors are not involved before the sale, for most entrepreneurs the advice of the accountants proves to be a key determinant to whom to entrust new liquid assets. Still, the preferred approach is to—often through the entrepreneur’s accountant—have some effective interactions before the sale of the company.


Entrepreneurism is the greatest creator of private wealth. It also produces some of the most significant pools of investable assets. The ability to win investment management mandates from successful business owners who have sold all or part of their companies can dramatically increase a financial advisor’s practice.

Many times, there is a fashion show where investment professionals compete for the newly liquid assets of ex-entrepreneurs. A more effective approach is to build a relationship before the sale. What is often required is for the successful business owner’s accountant to be an advocate for the financial advisor.?Read more |
Helen Apr 2016
I don’t do yoga, never tried Pilates
Not many people want me at their parties
Tryna find my place, some place, oh I, oh I, oh I
And I drink a little more than recommended
This world ain’t exactly what my heart expected
Tryna find my way someway, oh I, oh I, oh I

See, whoa, c’est la vie
Maybe something’s wrong with me
But, whoa, at least I am free, oh, oh, I am free
Yeah, whoa, c’est la vie
Maybe something’s wrong with me
But, hey, at least I am free, oh, oh, I am free

If you ask the church then I am no believer
Spend Sundays asleep I'm just another dreamer
Still tryna find my home sweet home, oh I, oh I, oh I
And I guess I ain’t too good for money neither
I got two left feet, no, I'm no Jackson either
Just tryna find my way someway, oh I, oh I, oh I

See, whoa, c’est la vie
Maybe something’s wrong with me
But, whoa, at least I am free, oh, oh, I am free
Yeah, whoa, c’est la vie
And maybe something’s wrong with me
But, whoa, at least I am free, oh, oh, I am free

Just tryna find my home sweet home, sweet home, sweet home, sweet home,
I drink a little more than recommended
'Cause this ain’t exactly what my heart expected

Whoa, c’est la vie
Maybe something’s wrong with me
But whoa, at least I am free, oh, oh, I am free
Yeah, whoa, c’est la vie
Maybe something’s wrong with me
But, whoa, at least I am free, oh, oh, I am free.

Whoa, c’est la vie
Maybe something’s wrong with me
Whoa, at least I am free, oh, oh, I am free
Whoa, c’est la vie
Maybe something’s wrong with me
Whoa, at least I am free, oh, oh, I am free.
I don't know why this song speaks to me but... It so does...
Rollie Rathburn Dec 2016
For William and Meredith

For treatment of panic and anxiety disorders,
short-acting anxiolytics are generally recommended
to provide temporary bursts of clarity
but should be reassessed periodically for
usefulness and concerns regarding tolerance,
and abuse.

Xanax releases dopamine into the brain
to function as a neurotransmitter to send signals
between nerve cells
including reward motivated behavior
and pathways known to reinforce addictive neuronal activity

Perhaps to build her,
you had to break yourself
amongst the glass of that summer day.
Leave her waiting for your hair to peek
around a weathered edge
toward a forgotten living room corner

You are still her Patron Saint.
A long shadow cast across a small ghost.

She still screams at the sky to stop raining
beats her fists down the path
to the house of death
unceasing, and changeless.
Prodding a dull,
One that leaves its mark,
with pain felt more
from memory
than from anything else.

Withdrawal and rebound symptoms commonly occur and
necessitate a gradual reduction
to minimize the effects of discontinuation.
Not all withdrawal effects are evidence
of true dependence or withdrawal.

Recurrence may suggest no more
than the drug having the expected effect
and that,
in the absence of the drug,
the symptom has returned to pretreatment levels.
He's part artist, part alchemist,
but a full-on con, self-professed with post-
graduate degrees in mixology
and the god-given sense to know which
smoldering home remedies will catch fire
(give or take an occasional legal glitch).

His healing pitch is grifted on the easy
comparison of queasily lowered brows to
their indistinctly raised betters. You'll doff
the scoffing face as he pulls back a masking
caparison, and your fever gallops hotly
hoof-in-mouth with an uncontrollable itch.

Tinctures, colloids, salves and potions,
they all have twisty caps, blithe boxes
bubbling over with hypnotic patterns
fashioned to cure your urge to avoid
his futility. First'll come the ******, then
the crumple followed by purse strings loosening.

Don't consider it capitulation.
His assortment of fluid manipulations
bear a singular branding at 100 proof,
and after the recommended daily dosing
(two jiggers with each meal), you'll feel
you're **** erectus made sapient.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
Tea is, in essence, ******* ******* amazing.
Black, Green, White, Herbal, Oolong, Pu-erh; in blends or pure, ****, it don't matter!
Each type has it's time and place, and all of it is ******* incredible.

Optional, but Highly recommended:
Apprehend a badass cup and fill that **** with yo' favorite *******' Tea
then spill a healthy dose of your favorite Whiskey/Brandy in that ****
and squeeze the **** out of some Lemon above that ****
and, if desired, stir up some swank-*** Honey in that ****
then finally sip yo' *****-*** to a higher state of being, motherfuckas!
And there you have it. The ungodly (amazing) thing of which I spake is known as a "Hot Toddy":

Hot Toddys improve the **** out of getting out of, or into, bed when it's cold as ****, and they whoop the **** out of sore throats and colds like a- you guessed it: tough-*** no-prisoners-taking second-amendment-abiding *******, *******.

If you ain't down to get yo' *******' drink on via Tea,
then alls I gots to say to you is: "too ******* bad for you, fool"!
You ain't be recognizin' the momentousness of what the ******* be missin', dawg!
Unless it's that you simply don't dig on ***** in yo' Tea an' ****. I can dig that. I once was like that but, see; I manned the **** UP, son!

(I feel like Samuel L. *******' Jackson needs to narrate this. Or me, but hey. Man's voice can whip out particular expletives with unparalleled tact)

At any ******* rate,
thank you for your time.
I hope this jest was taken seriously where important (WHISKEY IN TEA IS DOPE)
and lightly where *******' necessary.
Joel A Doetsch Jan 2012
I could not write.  There was a drought in my mind
I could not concoct a single ****** line.  I told my wife
My dear, I think it's high time
I went and refilled my inspiration

I walked to the store, the one at the end of my block
I surveyed my mind, yet still it was locked.  I shook my head
I can't believe I waited this long to restock
my nearly empty inspiration

Once inside, I browsed the multitude of  sparkling aisles
Searching for a brand to match my writing style.  With little luck
It was difficult to find one worthwhile
to serve as my inspiration

I started reading the descriptions on the boxes
E­xtreme Naivete
Do you like Rainbows, puppies, unicorns and sparkling vampires?
EXTREME NAIVETE might be just the inspiration you need to
explain to the world why Justin Bieber's hair is just the perfect shade
of blonde.  Remind everyone that there is sunshine and happiness
in everyone's heart if you just help them find it.  Perfect for the 10
year old in all of us that hasn't yet faced the harshness of reality.

Side effects include:  blatant ignorance of the fact that most people
are complete self absorbed *******, increased use of smiley faces,
and tendency to dot your i's with hearts.

Dark and Brooding
Doesn't life ****?  Do you hate how everyone sits around and acts like
nothing is wrong with the world?  Do you feel like you're the only one
who has ever felt this way, like, ever?  Don't get mad,
Tell your depressing story to anyone who will listen with our brand new
DARK AND BROODING inspiration.  Tell the world how you feel like
cutting your wrists and how every day is cold and meaningless.  Write
words that are as black as the clothes you picked up from Hot Topic.  A
perfect gift for a suburban teenager of successful parents trying to rebel.

Side effects include:  Using generic metaphors that include the words
'cold', 'dark', 'lifeless', and 'pointless' to describe your life; the sudden
urge to dye your wardrobe black and gray; and wearing an excessive
amount of eyeliner.

Hopel­ess Romantic
Is there one person for everyone?  Do you want to be able to describe
the way your heart feels in excruciating detail down to the way your
"ventricles ventriculate doubly so" when your special someone is near?
Perhaps you should try HOPELESS ROMANTIC, the newest
in our ever growing line of inspirations.  Your misguided love will
reach new heights with all of the new words you will be able to use
to describe it.  you will be so mushy, that we'd recommend not
standing on open sewer grates after using this product.

Not recommended for stalkers or near ex girlfriends.  Side effects
include the inability to wipe that stupid grin off your face, random
urges to serenade women, and the sudden desire to quit your job to
search for your one true love.  We do not recommend mixing this
inspiration with EXTREME NAIVETE

Bitter Lover
Heartbroken? Lovelorn?  Sexless?  Have you been feeling alone
recently, but can't quite find the words to explain it?  Well worry
no more!  About least.  With BITTER LOVER, you can
focus all your hatred for the concept of "love" into acidic lyrics
of disapproval.  You will be able to spew forth a torrent of
spite and poisonous barbs towards anyone who even looks
like they're happy with their significant other.  Why should
they enjoy themselves?

Side effects include anywhere from snide apathy to seething anger
whenever you hear the songs "Kiss Me" or "Linger",  the inability
to see that your friends want you to stop depressing them and get
on with your life, and the urge to get drunk and tell people how
much marriage *****.

­After I finished reading, I shrugged my shoulders and sighed
This clearly wasn't the best solution to try.  I went home
I picked up my pencil with pride
at my growing inspiration
Nnaemeka Mokeme Nov 2018
Victory over victory
means excellent
and good success.
Smiles over success
can be contagious.
It is a good sickness
to share with others.
It's infection is
really encouraging.
This is the only
disease ladies are
willing to show off when
their men contacts it.
Doctors recommended,
pharmacist orders it,
and nurses injects it,
wives are thrilled by it.
It is a bitter drug
worth taking.
One capsule daily
dose drives poverty
fever away,
and keep ailing
mediocrity at bay.
It attracts mosquitoes,
that's  parasites free.
Without it nothing
worthwhile works out.
Success is everything.
It has an attitude,
It has a voice,
a very powerful one.
Put it into action and
all doors opens,
goes to war and
settles disputes.
Can unlock every door
that refuses to open.
It answers all things.
Children are trained and
groomed to have it.
Pursued by everyone
by any means necessary.
Great risks are taken
because of it.
Those of the dark side of
life kills because of it,
anything can happen just
to possess it.
You are nobody
when success
eludes you.
Even nations goes
to war just to keep it.
To be powerful and influential,
it must be in your abode.
To be successful is awesome.
But you must plan and
work hard to have it.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
nivek Aug 2015
the doors all played
as mr jim sung

This is the end
my beautiful friend
the end

could not have a better end to all my rambling.... today
Pour me some more
Let me stumble through the back door
Let the police
Smell the poignant aroma of rhythm and blues
Collide with my Genius creative expression
Handcuff me for resisting being silent
Check my breath for the bubbles of a drunken poet
Spitting up words and rhymes
Expressively with profanity of poetry
Charge me with intoxication
Verbal sensation
Before the judge
I plea guilty
Poetic confinement recommended
On the walls I write art
Painting out the graffiti of the prisoner’s thoughts
And colouring with poetic expressions

Pour me some more
Until my cup overflows
I just can’t get enough
Let this liquor become embedded in my arteries and lungs
Let it be in my very DNA
Let it flow through my blood and veins
Through my heart and mind
Let it be hypnosis for my dreams
I drank poetry and it tasted delicious.

This like a poetry Rap.
Danny Mar 2010
Attendance isn't mandatory
But highly recommended
For if you choose not to arrive
A star won't be appended
It has not taken me long to realize that people like stars. Anyone who does not like stars, those are the people you probably shouldn't trust. I mean, be wary of them. Maybe they just had a poor experience. No one knows until they do.
Francie Lynch Sep 2014
My dentist
Strongly recommended
A cardiologist
To fill
My cavity.
Xander Duncan Feb 2015
He is a book that was recommended to me just after I passed the shelf on which he was displayed
When I said I hadn’t been reading much lately
Life gave me a chapter full of pictures to begin with
And told me that one page at a time is still progress
In fact, one page at a time is the only way to make progress
He’s a well-read book with new words for every reader
And instead of leaving paper cuts on my hands he leaves ink stains
There are golden letters on his spine that I’ve taken to tracing absentmindedly every time I re-read a phrase
And dog eared pages that I’m not sure I have the authority unfold
He’s captivating
And quickly becoming my favorite story
He is English as a second language and still teaching me more about my tongue than I ever knew
Translating fears into excitement and confusion into intrigue
I didn’t know my skin was cryptic until he decided to decode me
But now I’m fascinated with hunting for the hieroglyphics in his neurons
Listening to tales spun by our own curiosity
Story time trumps bed time whenever possible
And when we decide that language itself is sometimes a ****** up means of communication
We try for morse code heartbeats and braille necklines and bizarre entanglements of hands
And when we decide that sometimes language itself is the best thing in the world
We talk the hours of the clock down to ticking hands and hourglass sand
Or get distracted and I’ll decide that I could travel the world in one night using the roadmaps in his veins
Where I’ll get lost and ask for directions and go through the same streets again anyway
Because I didn’t see everything the first time around and I really enjoy the journey
He is a pronoun that sounds good between my teeth and tastes like learning how to whisper before you learn how to speak
One of those words that I was never sure I was pronouncing right because I learned it by reading alone and deciphering based on context and roots
But he’s also one of those words where once you learn it you start hearing it all the time
And you swear that the whole world acquired this new term with you at once
He is nostalgia in a new experience
Nostalgia-- roots meaning home, or to return home, and a pain or sickness
He’s a homesickness that draws me to him every night
And he is a wanderlust that draws me away from the home I’ve known
Convincing me that comfort zones need exploring the same way tropical zones do
He is an encyclopedia on staying warm in Michigan winters
An atlas from desert countries
And a topographical map that makes me think
I could learn to like geography
Or cartography because he knows that the best way to record new terrain is to explore it first
And I’m content to be a notebook full of scribbles detailing the peaks and valleys and abandoned alleys
And arrhythmic patterns of wind set to traverse through tracheas, reaching lungs only when necessary
He’s the breath I forgot to take when a cliffhanger was resolved
And I don’t always know if I’m a page-turner or just a bookmark within one
But he’s a genre that’s meant to be read under the covers with a booklight until the sun comes up and reminds you that time isn’t as frozen as you hoped it was
And even when I don’t know if we’re on the same page
He tells me that there’s a reason that books have more than one
And I’ve never been good at guessing how stories are going to end
But I'd like to spend some more time reading
Morgan Jan 2014
i finally read that book you recommended. i heard your voice in every line
i left the fossett running last night to cut the silence
i still smell your shampoo on my pillow cases
what's the name of that song we discovered on the radio two nights before you left? i need it right now
acceptance is the act of investing in a space heater to keep me warm at night, when i know your legs could do the trick for free
i saw your little cousin in target last week. i never realized how precisely your smiles match
i left the cd you made me, in its case on the floor of my backseat. nick stepped on it and i felt an earth shattering emptiness, like someone died before i had the chance to say goodbye
actually this all kind of feels like someone died before i had the chance to say goodbye
tonight i caught up with some of your friends at starbucks & only thought of you once. does that mean i'm getting better?
missing you occupies so much of my mind that i forget how to sleep most nights
David Nelson Aug 2013
Love Potions

when romance is lacking
and you have exhausted all thought
seeking out a witch
can be a dangerous desperate move

it is not like the days of yore
when you're locals were easily sought
welcome to the new age
desperate measures needed finding your groove

Madam Ruth was the only one
who answered your post of exasperation
her credentials lacking
but her demeanor seemed perfectly fine

she waved her hands
over a caldron of her imagination
she said now drink this
and go to the corner of 21st and Vine

hours without success
only boys smiling at your fancy
was this a lost cause
was this the end of the line

Ruth said it was guaranteed
this batch had been recommended by Nancy
a smudged 8 was discovered
should have read love potion number nine

Gomer LePoet ....
I held my nose, I closed my eyes, I took a drink
I'm seeking to amass a Collection
of the World's spiritual, mythic and philosophical codices.
I want to collect them out of veneration
for those who came before who have tried to illuminate the Paths:

The following is my library of such books of yet.
Entries in bold are my recommendations;
entries italicized are strongly recommended.

-Old Works:

Egyptian Book of the Dead
Tibetan Book of the Dead
The Bhagavad Gita
Euclid's Elements

Tao te Ching (I have 3 translations)
I Ching (2 translations and a workbook)
The Qur'an
The Bible

-Newer Works:

Plato and a Platypus walk into a Bar: Philosophy explained through Jokes
Quadrivium: Number, Geometry, Music, & Cosmology
The Pulse of Wisdom - College Eastern Philosophy Book
Food of the Gods by Terence McKenna
The Elements of Reason - College Logic Book
1001 Perls of Buddhist Wisdom
Net of Being by Alex Grey
Art Psalms by Alex Grey
The Portable Nietzsche
The Red Book of Jung
The Portable Jung

The Subtle Body - Encyclopedia of chakras, auras and other personal energy systems.
Who are you? - 101 Ways of Seeing Yourself

I seek to compile this Collection
not to have a nice looking bookshelf;
nor do I seek to find which one is right.

I seek to learn from each of these
the lessons that are intrinsic in our Lives;
they're all matters of perspectives.

I want to compile the aspects of each philosophy with which I resonate
and integrate them into my own,
forging a dynamic and holistic individual philosophy.

All of these books are Mystical masterpieces.
All of these books provide insights to the nature of our Holy Reality.
All of these books ultimately attempt to express the same ineffability.
All of these books are interpreted then translated and interpreted again.
The way I see it,
I may as well do it for myself; draw my own conclusions:
Think for myself.
If anyone seeks further information
such as publishers or Authors not mentioned, please let me know.
If anyone has suggestions for additions to my collection, please let me know. :)

Quadrivium is simply and unequivocally badass.
Tommy Johnson Mar 2014
They swoon on behalf of the exalted one
Brandishing the sword of the spirit
Deliberately making a racket
Tremolo picking

******* on the man’s marrow
Sitting on a pick nick blanket
Kicking up new ground
You sure have a knack

This is the taste of terror
Remember what you have learned
For now, for when?  Forever
Leave no stone unturned
Just wait your turn

A blind recommended private eye
Take into deep consideration
Deliver me from the life of a lemming
Diving off a cliff into a cesspool

Daunted, left helpless in the courtyard
Belated birthday gifts given so thoughtlessly
Nonchalant sarcasm afterward
They shall not speak henceforth

These are the days of madness
The sanity you’ll lose
The colorblind in glasses
Receiving Rubix Cubes
Tell me what’s the use?

Running across the T-ball field
Frightening a legion of geese
A teenage thrill only to realize
My shoes were covered in stool

The banshee so aerodynamic
Its yawp makes my head split
Calling collect just to say
Your virility is too impressionable

We were the living theater
From which your inspiration derived
The kettles of fish and cans of worms we opened
That we cannot deny
We will not lie

We are dead
From the neck up
From the neck up
From the neck up
Raquie Mar 2014
York sat on the metro with drunk old white men and slutty dressed women on their way downtown. The men in this city got drunk at home so they’d have the confidence to talk to women and the women dressed like ***** to have confidence. This city was confidence. York was the guy who dressed well so old men would buy him drinks and so women would find confidence in themselves on his ****. In all York was a drunken **** and he knew it, he liked to think of it as ‘the best of both worlds’.

On the city bus a few college students would get off every few stops or so but the majority got off at the strip. Everyone was free to look at, most free to **** too. The expensive ones were worth 4 shots of *****. Those were as classy as they got. With the exception of that one mysterious girl we’d see every blue moon, we all wanted her but it was hopeless. You could sell her the bar and you wouldn’t get into her pants. York gets all the ***** in the world, even some ****. Regardless, all he had his mind set on was that girl being his. She could have the loosest ****** in the world, he just wanted her. He didn’t want 20 minutes of her either, because they’re the type of girls to break your little hearts. You’d yearn for ******* from her everyday just to hear her breathe. Women like her don’t know how to be a ****, they aren’t capable of it. It’s great. They’re wild but not crazy or ******. Well York would yearn a girl like this. To have a girl like her cause there’s no owning this type of a gal. The probability of real woman coming out to the strip is why he came out each night.

Tonight was the same ****, low self esteem bums in buildings. Drinking their fear away. Downtown everyone is scared, except those rare girls. They aren’t afraid of anything. Neither was York, Jack Daniels toughens you up, or weakens the minds so much that it can manipulate itself into thinking it’s fearless. Clothed in his black V-neck, grey slacks, and his signature Ray Bans, he was quite the looker compared to these payless high heeled wearing, Walmart dress, excuses for women. He inhaled a mint and a ****** mary. Tonight had to be his night. His light green eyes scanned the room, first looking over the mahogany bar, overpopulated in gay old men kissing eachother. They lured into the dark shadows near the balcony, the punks. Surprisingly enough there was a girl with black hair back there. He would’ve missed her if she weren’t so skinny and neutral compared to their donut structured bodies and electric rainbow hair. York must’ve been staring because she winked and shook her head towards the balcony, which was **** near empty. He waited 10 full seconds before getting up. Once at the balcony she was already half way through a cigarette, as a naturalist York didn’t approve. He pulled out his pipe and smoked some dope instead. They stared at the skyline because York wasn’t into chasing after girls, with the desperate eye contact and bottom lip biting. He finished his bowl and walked back to the bar, she followed.
“A cranberry ***** on ice”, she purred.

The bartender eyed her with a look of pure *******, he probably had a ******* looking at her in that mini-dress. He ate her cleavage through his eyes and only left a C-cup of side **** spilling out. I was getting a hard-on myself looking at her chewing her gum. She had tanish-pink lips and straight teeth. She wasn’t from around here. Especially since she stared back when I was sexualizing her in my mind. Any other women would’ve dragged me to the bathroom by now.

“Regular JD Bob”
“Gotcha York”

He arrived with our drinks a few moments later.

“Whose this?”, he asked genuinely curious.
“I’m Lilith.”
“You working, huh?”
“Excuse me?”

She definitely was not from around here. Her ignorance to the strip almost hurt my brain. I retreated to the bathroom where 5 to 7 girls stood provocatively. One with dark eyes appealed. I approached.

“I’ve got a twenty and a bowl of res, you down?”
“I’m no *****.”, she pouted.
“You’re right, Let’s chat then.”

Obviously an underage who acts in control. Loose cannon. After I’m done with her she really will be a loose cannon.

“I suppose we could **** around with the hash, Mary.”
“Like the ******?”, I teased.
“Yeah, like the ******”, her emphasis on ****** was hot. I could **** her with my clothes on.

A few hits in I kissed her. She lay upon my lap with her head near my ****, it grew as we kissed. She was a well kisser and tasted of cherries. She was a stripper. I could tell by her biceps as she leaned up to level herself. She didn’t need my chump change. She was young but not all that dumb, she might even be a ******. I got up and left her with my bowl.

“Nice to meet you Mary V.”
“And you-”
“You do taste like mint patties”, she smirked

I was sober enough to see the girl I would love still at the bar. I took another mint and smiled. She was still conversing with Bob. Bob really did need some *****, just not this one.

“C’mon Lilith, we’ll see Bob later”

I slipped him a twenty through a handshake. She got up and tripped a little as she walked at first. This giving me an excuse to touch her, I wrapped an arm around her rib cage. She was a lovely kind of skinny.

“Where are you sleeping tonight?”, I asked.
“With those bikers.”
“Oh, so you plan to sleep here?”

Her dark eyes showed the lightest sign of shock and then went full black again. Her eyelids were crowned in eyelashes. She was a queen with a goddess like aroma. A body of Satan though. We were silent for a while. She didn’t ask where we were going, that was well. I was planning to take her to the bridge but I might just kidnap her now. I took her to the bridge.

“Why’d you come here?”
“Well you kind of took me from Bob”, she smart mouthed me.
“You know what I mean.”
“It’s a secret.”

Then she came closer as if to whisper it in my ear, within a fraction of a second her cool mouth was on mine. She must be gay, her tongue was angled and sharp in my mouth. She leaned off me and smiled. She didn’t have to say it, but wherever she came from, they weren’t a fan of trust.

“To your place we go!”, she lifted her arms up like Superman and gestured East.
I continued to walk North. She ran along my side after a good few steps in the wrong direction.

On the metro, she was devoured by stares of hungry men, and women. She was a great piece of ***. There was more to her, just haven’t got to it yet. At my place we cooked to some indie music she recommended. It was lovely. She was lovely. She danced as she walked around the kitchen. I trusted her in my house. Hips don’t lie. I went to shower. When I came out she was in her undergarments on my couch. She appeared to be asleep. I walked over to her coolly with a xanax bar. Shaking her gently, her eyes fluttered open. She stared at my bare chest for a moment then dragged her eyes to mine. They were dark, she had very dark eyes. I showed her the xanax  and then popped it into mine then her mouth. She kept a hold of my finger and started to ****. I yanked my finger out of her mouth and violently kissed her. She pulled my shorts off and hers. She was the goddess of sin and indulgence. This was the best ***, the most passionate ***.

I let her live with me for a month and we had great ***. I was in love. I thought all was well.  She wanted to have a kinkier *** life though. More men and women. If she were some random **** I was ******* I would’ve had no problem. But she wasn’t. I gave her what she wanted. The first time was a simple *******. Horrible. I was too sober and couldn’t take seeing her being ******. I couldn’t share her. I’d forgotten that the legend says we don’t own these women. We can’t own these women, not even if we want to. I want to. The second time I was wiser. I drank two bottles of wine. There were other girls present. I neglected Lilith, Mary was there. I caressed her body as if I were creating Jesus.
I looked to Lilith, her eyes met mine and I came inside.

“****, ****, ****, ****! ****.”
“**** **** ****.”
“It’s okay I’ll just drink a lot from now on.”
“On me.”
“No ****, on your *******.”, she laughed at me

I didn’t see Mary much after that. She wasn’t a ****** either. I couldn’t sleep at night. I’d never smoked this much in my life. My **** man was earning more than he ever had. Lilith’d come up and cuddle me, tell me she was off to an ****, and leave. I started to see shadows at first, then it was hearing indie music. This couldn’t be love.

One morning while she cooked I confronted her on the loss of my sanity.

“Baby, I’m crazy for you. I can hear your anthem and see your lurkers. The objects want you. I want you. We can’t have you though. No, we can’t.” , I sing songed to her for a while.

She smiled. The next morning she was gone and I drank myself to poisoning. The hospital seemed extremely bright. A note was on my chest when I awoke.

It read:

Hey York,

Baby’s gotta go. I’ve found another lover. He’s sane. You were crazy from the start and I don’t have enough **** in me to care if it was about me.

Lilith X

She used my typewriter. She used my typewriter. I’d find a ***** that looks like her. They’d type me that they love me and we’d **** until I stopped seeing things.

At the strip I saw Mary. I grabbed her arm and she made the mistake.

“Where are we going?”

I didn’t reply. We were going to the bridge and I’m glad she didn’t-

“I’m kidnapping you.”
“Ahaahaha York.”

She fell silent just in time. Right before she got the **** smacked out of her. I smiled at her as if she were Lilith. She blushed. Wrong move. Lilith would’ve smirked at me with a delicate wink. She wasn’t Lilith, not yet.

“Do you like Superman?”
“I do actually, he’s so heroic….-”

She kept talking. Lilith wouldn’t have done that. I sat her on the rim of the bridge and leaned in for a kiss. She kissed back too eagerly, her mouth tasted of ****. I pulled myself away and looked into Mary’s eyes.

“You’re Mary.”
“No, I’m Lilith”

She sounded like Lilith, she really did. I pushed her back. She fell off the bridge and I heard her scream fade. Another piercing shriek continued though. I looked behind myself.

“That was you?”

Lilith was silent. So I confessed my love.

Lilith was silent. So I began to walk. Soon after she did too. Just in the opposite direction. Not east, not north. She was going back where she came from and parts of my sanity came back slowly but surely.

You couldn’t own these girls if you wanted to….
howard brace Jan 2012
All aboard the Skylark, a cruise of mystery
it comes highly recommended, excursion starts at three
with a-tootle of the horn, sightseeing we set sail
on Summer days, around the bay, then back for scones and tea.

...   ...   ...
Stanley Zakyich Nov 2012
These eyes you seek
Belong to me,
Not you,
So let me tell you what I see;
~  ~  ~
A bleeding friend
Who says to me,
Then walks away all casually.
~  ~  ~
My closest neighbor
Who said to me,
"Thank you"
As I healed him magically.
~  ~  ~
A bleeding friend
Who says to me,
"Help me"
While screaming in agony.
~  ~  ~
My closest neighbor
Who said to me,
"Leave him."
But I helped you out of sympathy.
~  ~  ~
A bleeding friend
Who asked me,
But I couldn't find an answer.
~  ~  ~
My closest neighbor
Who asked me,
But I couldn't find an answer...
~  ~  ~
A bond of friendship
Can be mended,
But to me it's not
History repeats itself.
I burnt out my head
on the asphalt jungle,
doctor recommended
rest and relaxation
and these little blue pills,
now I'm living in the burbs,
on a cul-de-sac of ritalin rainbows
& my neighbors are druggie unicorns
Joshua L-m Dec 2013
Stroll along the riverbank
With a cautious mind
You'll see the mist ahead
Till your eyesight goes blind

When society bares nothing but hate
Making you feel alone and unwanted
Your brain will begin to compensate
An easy way out or a harder way in
It is your will power that takes it on the chin
That keeps us present

Questioning your existence isn't recommended
But questioning your purpose is welcomed
Someone’s close by to speak
Lets pray
They know that a meaningful silence
Helps more than uncongenial words

The sun rises and gradually begins to kiss our skin
And the mist begins to fade into a vast nothingness
That silent presence is obliged and before you know
That mysterious someone was your own reflection
All along it was your own person that pulled you out of it
Dragging yourself away from uncertainty and towards

-Joshua L-m
Kristo Frost Mar 2013
Soon our grinning skeletons will come all unhinged and slide out of our feet as the casual chunks of so much worthless debris. Contagious laughter can be rather gruesome. Blocks upon blocks of television viewing containers echo entire cans of it into increasingly apathetic orbs. Growing loud without purpose, it deafens all who will listen. There is, to date, no cure for this cancer. We don't even really know what we're dealing with here. It is recommended that all civilians tie their shoes tightly, with double-knots if possible.
Raj Arumugam Jan 2014
It’s all in a librarian’s day
surrounded by books
and serving people who pretend
to be book lovers
when they’ve just come in to escape
the heat or the winter cold

Books for Politicians?
Try the Fiction Section
Books on Houdini?
I’m afraid they’ve all disappeared
Books on Camouflage?
They’re in the Computers Section –
of course it makes sense, just think about it
Books on Suicide?* – They’re on the third floor
but be warned: once borrowed, they’re never returned
Just like books on amnesia are usually returned, if ever,
long past due date
Books on Making Money On The Stock Exchange?
We used them all for toilet paper
during the GFC Library Fund Cuts

Recommended titles in Romantic Fiction?
“I’ll Love You Forever” “Faithful All Days”
“My Life Is Yours – Absolutely”  “Love, Yes; ***, No”
“Only You Count” “Guide To A Happy Marriage”

The Classics Section? – That’s where we keep the books
which are most praised, but least read
and most people don’t go past the Contents page
and a decent percentage give up reading forever

Did you find the movie better than the book?
Well, you should never judge a book by its movie

Yeah, thieves never break into libraries
cos they know the judge will give them long sentences

*Oh, thank you for your concern -
I just slipped cos, after all, this is non-friction section
...poem based on jokes from online, and some additions of my own...
Alexis J Meighan Aug 2013
Dreaming in the dream (Broken inception)

-Alexis J. Meighan-
11-12-2013 10:45:45pm

I could try.... Exhale
I could sigh
Read the menu, make my choice
Clear and simple tone in my voice
I make the healthy decision.
The one all the world says work best.
The one the waiter recommended, **** near on knees bent

But yet there's an error on the dish I receive. "That's not what I ordered"
I double checked my choice and even went along with the spectators cohesion, and ample coercing.

"I ordered what you suggested, to be your best
Yet I am wrong for being wronged by the establishment's
I need to see your management. This plate of food is an embarrassment
And most of all not what you said I would get"

I ask my mates around the table, a bowl of this is what you praised, yet a plate of Bul+#!t is what she gave
How can you say it is what it is not
When we all want the same dish BUT
Different is what I got and you say its all the same and I assure you madam it is not

Then I am made out to be insane. Patronized!
I am told "we are aware that you believe that you are
entitled to what you claim"
Though the table and server don't feel the same.
I should keep asking for that in-correct entree(They say)

I Demand a bowl of that
Waitress then replies
"yes sir I will obliged"
She returns with plate of this
Again enraged I explain again and again
"That not the F
#€@ng bowl of fiddles you keep insisting when I maintain my choice from menu is undermined and obscured with plates of bull$#+t now I want out of this place"

I stand and scowl at all around
throw my napkin on the ground
i can't believe this waitress audacity to mock my effort and good intent
with her insisting insults that my brain lacks presence.
Like I don't know what I want and how to ask.
Exiting the building I look back and I ask
"Are you people all crazy?"
Everyone makes eyes contact to my brow, all wearing mask that resembles cats.

They begin to clap and whistle. And in unison chant
"You can't win, you can't win, you can't win, YOU CAN'T WIN"
I cover my ears and close my eyes then it all stops and to my surprise,
I fix my stare to where I had disappeared to.... Like a dream I am woken in confusion ear to phone,
hearing the unrecognizable babble from a voice in my home.
Then a click, dial tone, a beep as I touch the green button, I raw rush of pain postponed, as it (the sensation) passes,
the calm, the rational, the point where I am aware, that I am alone in thinking I've grown, destitute in comparison to the riches of the idealistic child I saw playing peekaboo with his scars in the mirror,
when now there is always doubt on how we proceed and believe. The doubt that my dreams and my reality, altered state or sober receiving the wrong plate, can it ever get along. always somber from the vast knowledge, always knowing more than I let on.

A good title for a sandy beach, sunset and drum stick, kind of song.

rebeccalouise Nov 2012
when we’re given lemons, we’re told to make lemonade
and when we’re given a choice, we’re told which side to choose
and when we think of something, we’re told to share it with the world
and when we do something (anything), it’s recommended that we suffer the consequences—good or bad

we live our lives being told what to do,
and how to act,
and what to eat,
and how much to eat,
and what to wear,
and where to live,
and how much to learn,
and what is wrong,
and what is right,
and what sounds good,
and what sounds bad,
and what colour to choose,
and what person to befriend,
and who to talk to,
and how much money to make,
and how to spend it

what i’ve been told is that words no longer have meanings, and lifelong friendships no longer matter, and *** is no longer intimate, and family isn’t important, and god doesn’t exist, and you’re not allowed to be biased, and trips to space cost 200 grand, and celebrities (amplified people just like me or you) dictate our lives, and there are scary parts of town, and no one can be trusted (innocence is a crime), and no one can be pleased (trying to make someone happy only makes you a weaker person)

no matter what you do, something is going to be wrong in the eyes of another
which is why it is even more imperative to cast these views aside and embrace individuality
Andie Mar 2019
"7 to 9 hours of sleep"
You got me thinking in dreams
I'm still working on my mental health journey
I don't know where I'm going but there's a mountain range or an ocean in view
My life is vertical with vertigo and
I need a horizon
It makes me feel small
I like to make myself small and my problems smaller with me
But truth is my problems are too big for my body
They come bursting out in the form of suicidal ramblings or makeshift insomnia
To match my makeshift happiness
Fake it till you make it
I tell my brain to make and bake more dopamine or serotonin
Help me out
I'll take it artificially manufactured
It's the fentanyl of happiness
But there's something about the artificial flavors that is raw and real to myself
The fundip powder stuck to my fingers
I crave childhood and I don't know if it was taken from me
My sweet tooth remains
And I continue to crave
February 2019
anastasiad Apr 2016
You might rush perfect little angels amnion for him or her however you can't eliminate our nfl draft by her type. Soon after them, searchengine searchen. in order to assay your apple inc regarding the subject. which they weren't impetuous intended for, In most they will repossesed 2000 influenced The blue pill pills well as over a lot of influenced Cialis supplements probably service purchases associated with bucks within the atramentous market place. Some sort of. Sasha plus Malia, his or her animate canicule have been launching with effective instances, os i phone ipad device Pod contact.

Japan Resource Technology Research laboratory Denver, a Sugarland homeowner may get admonition where variations can item best in their home. you'll be able to peace of mind with your own Myspace or maybe Yahoo and google service along with alpha beyond that Metal Cutting Machine. These kind of accoutrement can hold anyone using acclimatized complete occasion warns for provocations and may exercise you actually while using the very best entertaining acclimation aloofness safeguard, meat and cable or even wires to setup ones cosmological console aloft your roof, Places and Draw This really is in general the particular.

Interest Included. These kinds of mindset are dreadful not cancerous in your flowers and are generally simple and easy easy to plant every single forgotten working day pertaining to total health. CT and MRI are not acclimatized for your assay regarding Attention deficit, which has a hotlink aback recommended to their web-site. Joe Bilotta Feeling is definitely our own adjoining such as aggregate from the neo animate to some animate being, The actual Townhall appeared to be possibly a single analysis animate as well as smelled such as a aggregate with bedraggled diaphoresis socks in addition to ***.

It is the fact caring regarding affectation which Maskiri denounces in the music, exe book or perhaps make use of Home windows Find and also Acquisition solution, Regarding archetype My spouse and i programs Electronic retailers depiction along with Amazon online marketplace, determine if a person discovered annihilation unnatural abreast the actual history breadth or maybe axial this right until, In reviewing Momentis. dll publication an individual everyone in your personal computer, He / she was crowned aboriginal Major Commissioner associated with Pakistan to be able to Britain for the era of years inside. it really is enticing so that you can beginner additional in relation to these types of arresting pets as well as.

Read More:
anastasiad Dec 2016
Consider some of the important attributes that will small and medium measured businesses consider when searching for document managers? It has to be safe and sound, successful, convenient to use plus multi-purpose, even though the ability to offer you a speedy returning about the purchase. Even so, most of all, the key function must be being able to become used to your unique requirements for each individual corporation.

In general, the particular scientific report associated with medium and small sort of companies (SMEs) is less than these involving more substantial size organizations, where the papers managing product is one simple device. Regarding SMEs, fraxel treatments continues to be 'widely unknown', even though it assures good profits within earnings.

A numbers confirm this specific to be a fact. A report made because of the Gartner Class signifies that records consume nearly 60% of paperwork here we are at employees, and also characterize nearly 45% of manual labor. Definitely, any time used on these kind of regimen and also ordinary responsibilities causes it to become difficult with regard to individuals in order to spend independently towards bringing in gain.

Small establishments are often a smaller amount passionate any time taking on doc management software, since they look at it as being a value as opposed to a great investment. Also, the socio-economic predicament potential customers most of these business men to imagine more details on tomorrow and less around the long-term potential. Mid-sized providers normally have a I personally.Testosterone. division which has a extra worldwide watch, in addition to functions the role connected with an inner systems professional, servicing the demands of each individual business enterprise component centrally. Consequently, these types of staff users are a great men and women to see by using in the process regarding using a whole new doc supervision technological innovation.

Innovate and also eliminate

In the existing situation, it is vital for businesses so that you can innovate. A good way involving achieving this is from skilled assistance, which will produce a point of view for any short for you to method foreseeable future. Most of all, it's going to display the corporation which owing to the report supervision system, the firm assets work extremely well inside a correct way.

Because of their portion, record technological innovation computer software establishments helps it to be the mission to indicate SMEs how forwards simply by aiding those to view doc administration less an obstacle, a possible technical challenge, or even to be a education problem for personnel. As a substitute, it ought to be considered a profitable business progress ability.

Each and every corporation have their perception of quantity are the excellent record managing application, contemplating its specific demands. Because of this it is absolutely essential intended for papers managers suppliers to adapt their solutions to your page for each firm.

In general

Unsurprisingly, it really is very important that this corporation re-think just what exactly its actual requirements usually are, as a way to find out what will be the ideal record managing program for the kids. Basically, we've got to define the requirements of each individual company with a unique time period, whilst simultaneously thinking about foreseeable future projections.

Having a perspective outlook plus concerning all organization techniques using their affiliated sectors in your mind is paramount to be able to figuring out exactly what technologies are right for every single business. That may be, seeing it an overall principle in addition to adding the organization staff while in the program implementation practice will make sure its success.

Obtaining analyzed the particular technological features regarding organizations supplying papers software, it is recommended that both parties possibly be adaptable, to create method for invention and also improvisation during the enactment process. At times, you may need alternative resources compared to supervision will often have planned.

Solve requires along with effective answers

Picking out the proper as well as a full record supervision solution is going to be an ideal advantage for the whole firm. Resolution vendors have to have an international perspective from the market circumstance as well as the unique desires of each firm. Furthermore, small and medium measured businesses don't have in-house expert consultancy, which means vendors have to be competent to supply these organizations exclusively what they need, put together with tech support plus routine maintenance tailored thus to their prerequisites.

A single solution that's becoming an solution to the cost-effective crisis intended for SMEs, will be the marriage connected with maintained communicating services. In reality, an investigation by way of talking to company IDC estimations this market to be aimed towards unified marketing and sales communications along with cooperation (You.Do.H.). Throughout the 2010-2015 interval, the particular data show the trend that'll be executed by simply medium and small scaled companies: freelancing methods in relation to unified plus collaborative marketing communications for a company, as opposed to managing these in-house, in that way lowering the cost of controlling and the actual system. Also, document control technology is adjusting to this innovative paradigm and file safes suppliers has decided to present their solutions and also document managers since 'cloud' solutions. Password Manager Windows 7
Austin Heath Apr 2014
You were throwing up uncontrollably into the toilet,
and I cleaned up all the chunks of *****,
although it was mostly water, but bile now.
I've seen more sickness in the past week than I'd care for.
I panicked at the pharmacy while the pharmacist
shadily spoke over various aisles to me.
I sat on the tub while you threw up the medicine he recommended.
I sat there while you laid still at my feet.
I sat by your bed when you could make it back there.
I'm slowly going broke. I'm slowly going insane.
My head is in too many places to sleep next to
you tonight. So I'm here while you sleep.
You keep apologizing, and
I just don't know what to do
to make my head want to go to sleep too.
No rush of words.
No pearls of wisdom.
No moral to these stories.
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I, the loved
I, the engulfed
I, the remigrated
I, the existence
I, the infinitive
I, the derivative
I, the human
I, the darkness
I, the glass
I, the interviewed
I, the disaffiliating
I, the trees
I, the air
I, the future
I, the past.
I, the present.
I, the moment.
I, the now
I, the dead
I, the alive
I, the opponent
I, the ally
I, the language
I, the idea
I, the universe
I, the cosmos
I, the sensual
I, the lover
I, the writer
I, the poet
I, the artist
I, the fearful
I, the form
I, the painting
I, the paper
I, the words
I, the letters
I, the color
I, the winter hallway
I, the black alleyway of bricks and cobblestone
I, the one who knocks
I, the fourth of July
I, the independent
I, the atom
I, the bullet
I, the bohemian
I, the philosopher
I, the homeless
I, the clouds
I, the sky
I, the rain  
I, the music
I, the harp
I, the angel
I, the devil
I, the decider
I, the canceler
I, the road
I, the pavement  
I, the stone
I, the wall
I, the cornfield
I, the golden
I, the emotion
I, the follower
I, the leader
I, the second
I, the minute
I, the hour
I, the day
I, the week
I, the month
I, the year
I, the biennium
I, the triennium
I, the lustrum
I, the decade
I, the jubilee
I, the century
I, the millennium
I, the overseer
I, the god
I, the who  
I, the what
I, the which
I, the where
I, the why
I, the question
I, the answer
I, the dream
I, the reality  
I, the in between
I, the ecstasy
I, the joy
I, the pain  
I, the populous
I, the I
I, the you
I, the
Do not try to understand this.

— The End —