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They fear me
What they fear is my strength
They fear my capabilities
I surprise them with audacity
In challenging them mentally
They fear confrontation
They fear creativity
They fear natural aura
They fear that I overcome hate with love,
Anger with kindness
They fear my boldness
They fear I can think on my own
What I represent frightens them
I am a threat to the system of conformity
I am a threat to the world system
They blame me for riots- revolts-revolutions
They fear my conscious approach
They fear that I love myself that I am still\natural in –
Skin tones- hair- eyes- principles- values- standards
They fear that I am not a replica
I am firm in the choice of music
I am self-motivated
They paint me to the world as a rebel and terrorist
Is it true what they say?
That I- bomb countries and taking lives
Have I invaded?
Did I ****, ******, genocide, extinct
Have I disrupted lives?
Have I killed?
Was it I?
You know most of all what they fear
It is what they paint me to be is untrue
Therefore, they slaughter us
Turn others of our own kind against us
Why do they do this?
Because I am different
Difference is something they fear.

All rights Reserved.
Christena AV Williams
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Woman black and proud
Embrace your roots and bear fruits
The way you move and the way you shape
Rich in flavour and colour
Virtuous woman I call upon you
You are a ventilating Beauty
Shines bright like star
The men have you to treasure
Look in your eyes
Your skin blemish
Beautiful women
Like you must be adored.

I want you to think positive today
Speak up when you have something to say
Stand up and let your voice be heard
Whenever injustice knocks at your door
Don’t be afraid to cry out for mercy
Don’t be afraid to cry so the world may be at your knees

Don’t be afraid to be vocal
Whether foreign or local
Don’t be afraid to challenge the stagnant system
Whether by voice or by the written work
Let our hearts beat as one with the Congo rhythm
Sing out The great reggae legend philosophy
Bob Marley
One Love, One hearts lets get together and feel all right
I and I is a woman of righteousness
Everywhere me step Jah bless

Me radical
Every vagabond has to scatter as the power under which is dwell is internalized
Out of me the almighty specialized and their wicked cult can’t suffice
So open up your eyes
Please do realize
Take away the cobwebs, remove the mask of disguise
And see I prophecy
Paint away the graffiti of one’s mind
Remove the zinc fences and card board boxes
That tries to manipulate
See God
See the devil when he masquerades
Realize his plan
His advocates and be aware

It’s a physical
A spiritual warfare
Put on your armour
Prepare for war
Keep your mind open
Keep it secure
The gateways to your soul
Protect it with spiritual intervention
If you don’t
Difficult situation
Under the system’s manipulation
Hold an herbal, spiritual meditation
And revolutionized
Modernized this ya mind

Christena AV Williams
Jamaican Radical poet, rap lyricist and Author
Pearls among stones
All rights Reserved.
What if all you believed was a lie
What if everything was an illusive deceit
Would you commit suicide, continue to believe or investigate the truth?
What if your life depended on it
What would you do?

There is paper trails wrapped up in illusion and like a picture framed
You only see what is there,
At least what the camera shots.

Charisma is subtle
It’s a quality I despise, why?
It’s the traits of politicians,
They tell you sweet bitter lies,
A fool enthralled, you eat it up like it was pork chops and salads
An appetizer
A delight.

Conspiracy theory elaborates truth as well as lies
What are we to believe when the world is built on bluff?
And we are all blind; give me a pair of glasses so I may see the world more vividly
I do however; believe I need more than that.

What holy war is upon us, when will the Jews have some solace?
When will the fat aristocrat evacuate his couch and out of the kings palace?
When will the rich exchange shoes with the poor and vice versa so
They might know the shackled ******* life as well as champagne and caviar.

We question the possibility of what takes precedence
I may Google the net, read a thousand books
Dive in all sorts of information
But I guess my appetite wouldn’t be satisfied because my eyes and ears
Had enough to realize and acknowledge that the world is built truly on illusion
If you don’t believe me, take the movies,
They use graphics and all the technology at their leisure for things to appear real
Actors and actresses like wise
We are all plunged in by theses perceptive beliefs
That precipitates a reality that conjures fictitiously real.

All rights Reserved.
Christena Antonia Valaire Williams.
April 17, 2013
One day
I was walking
Down Heller’s street
When I heard

Some loud
Kids playing
It was a busy day
As I was to turned

The corner
I heard
If I am sure
Someone bellowed

You are not human
As I was curious
To know
Who made such a comment

And to whom it was made reference to
As I looked around
There was a guy
From the ping pong store

Just shouting
On top of his voice
In such rage
To another guy
I stood still

As the guy
Shouting dressed in an apple shirt
To the other guy
Who was in a navy blue shirt
“You are not human”

The navy blue guy responded,
If I am not human
What am I?
There was a silence

The navy blue guy
Repeated himself
Trying to compel
The other guy to respond
But the other guy was too distraught

Or lost of words
I would presume
He just hung his head
And walked off

And we were all
Left in Aw
Not knowing
What really transpired
Or what the discrepancy

Was all about
But one thing
For sure
That was left prominent
In our heads

Was the awakening
That left us all mute
If I am not human
What am I?

All Rights Reserved.
Christena Williams
I am afraid to love has I have been broken too many times before
Like the sun I have lost its core
Like the rain my tears pour
I am afraid to love
I fear to make a step of faith and walk through loves door
There’s a linger of a permanent soar

I am afraid to love has I have been broken too many times before
I have had my wings patched up
My eyes sowed in and my heart tranquilized with pain and regret
I have been in this terrible nightmare like an induced coma
That I am unable to be awaken from

I am too afraid to love
To give love another shot
A shot that might paralyze my soul and stop my heart
Destroy my very existence
Struck me dumb or mute with fear

Fear to love and be loved
I am afraid to love has I have been broken too many times before
And it hurts me right down to the core
And my heart pains me once more
And like a fallen bird I fail to soar
Fail to find Paradise Island
I am in the wilderness hoping to be rescued
As I am afraid to love
My Dear.

All Rights Reserved.
Christena Antonia Valaire Williams
I came by you innocently
But I was driven by ****** urges
Used as the devil’s advocate
To commit wrong
Words cannot make the pain
Go away
Or erase the thoughts of me
Of what I did
I never saw
Until now
Your innocence
That smile
Noble heart
Now I know
I took apart of you
That can’t be retrieved
I know you are tormented
By memories
Flash backs
And even if I die
You would still be trapped
By the pain
So before I leave this earth
Few words I like to share
I am sorry
I am sorry
I am sorry
Ponders thoughts
A loud screams
Begins to sob
I have locked away my horror
But still it torments me
Make me unable to breathe
To sleep
To think clearly
It makes me want to die
So badly
I want my body to rot
I wish not to be buried
Unworthy of such a honor
Burn me
All of what I have said
You felt it too
I end by saying
Please if you can’t forgive me
Please know
That I am sorry.

Christena AV Williams.
Jamaica W.I
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