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Echoes Of A Mind Jan 2017
She looked into the mirror
  But saw nothing but tears
How strange, she thought...
*  That this emptiness feels.
Echoes Of A Mind Jan 2017
Darkness was in the tunes
Which the little bird sang
Ignorance, broken hearts, despair and pain
Was all stories which the little bird
Tried to explain
But the stories stayed unheard
Because of a hunter and his aim
He shot down the little bird
And in it's heart
The stories were hidden away
Just something random I wrote the other day
Echoes Of A Mind Sep 2016
I thought I had got rid of it
I really thought that I finally did
The feeling which only cause troubles
Both for me and for others...

This whole summer I did not feel  anything
Protecting the happy memories, which you gave me
Because as soon as I realized that the feeling was there
I ran away from it in fear...

Just this one,  I thought, please, not him
I don’t want this feeling to destroy everything
The friendship I worked so ******* building
Is now in danger cause I begin singing
Each morning that I know I’ll meet you...

So now I’m brought to tears again
As I’m feeling at loss
Don’t want to see you walk away
Like everybody else
Have done
I don’t want to lose another friend
Who I can speak to while being myself...

So now I’m teasing you
I’m trying to make you keep a distance
Cause I know that I’m not strong enough
To keep myself away from the one I love
But I don’t want to ruin our friendship
So I’ll hide these feelings and instead feel pain
Because of the words
Which I’ll never be able to say
Once more
I'm gonna run away...
A random poem...
Echoes Of A Mind Jun 2016
Don't let him in
Guard the entrance
Don't let the door to your heart
Open again

Don't give him the key
Don't give him a hand
Keep him out
Ignore the man

You know how it'll end
All alone again
Left naked on the floor
Not caring anymore

A lifeless doll
And empty shell
Is what will be left
When he leaves you in hell

So don't let him in
Don't let him see
How much his presence
Actually means

Run away from the feelings
Don't realize that they're here
But pushing him away
Is something you don't dare

Think with your head
Don't listen to the heart
The head it protects you
From falling apart

But what if he comes closer
What if he wont keep the distance
What if he wants to know
So many different things about you

What if he wants to talk
Just to hear your voice
What if he gives you a lot
Of his sacred free-time

He doesn't bring flowers
Neither pay your bill
But the more he talks
The more you loose your will

But don't let him in
Don't let him see
How much his presence
Actually means

This is the things
Which my head says
To my confused  little heart
When it slowly awakes
just something I randomly wrote..
Echoes Of A Mind May 2016
If you see him
Then look away
Tell yourself
That it was just your mind
Playing again
That he wasn't there
You didn't really see him
It was only air.....

And if you realize
That you actually saw him
Just a moment ago
Then just delte the thought
And let it all go
'Cause it's only if you believe,
That he was actually there...

For your heart's sake
Treat him like air
Even when he talking
Let his voice be the only
Which you can't hear
Let his laughter drown
Act like he's already gone...

Don't let him in
Don't remember
Don't let him hurt you
Don't let him control you too
Let him become a forgotten part
Of your past
Let his memory disappear
Like he was never there...
My mind after talking with my friend- my mind is clearly affected by the conversation...
Echoes Of A Mind May 2016
I want to touch you
I really want to
But I'm afraid
That I'll lose you
If I ever do...

I want to touch you
You always let me play
With your hair
But what if I said
That I want to touch you elsewhere...

I want to touch you
I want to stroke your cheek
While looking into your eyes
I wanna know how it feels
To feel your lips against mine....

I want to touch you
I really do
I wanna let my hands
Run all over you
To feel every muscle and every bone...

I want to touch you
And I want to feel you too
I want to feel your hands
All over me
Feeling my curves...

I want to touch you
Would you let me
If I asked you?
Or should I skip the asking
And then just do it?...

I want to touch you
To let my tongue
Tickle the edge of your ear
To let my hands
Run down between your legs...

I want to touch you
I want our bodies
To be tangled together
Let's make the neighbour angry
Because of the noises we're making...

I want to touch you
I want to press my body
Against yours
I want to stay close to you
For hours...

I want to touch you
I relly want to
But I fear
That I'll lose you
If I ever do...
I want to feel you.....
Written 26th of march, published 29th of may
Echoes Of A Mind Apr 2016
Let it burn
Let it hurt
Let the love
Do what have made it famous
Let your heart bleed
You'll be falling down to your knees
The only way to stop hurting
Is not to cool the burning
Just let it hurt
It can't get any worse
Just empty it all
Letting the tears fall
Even if it is in streams
Let it bleed
Let it hurt
Let love
Live up to it's curse
Don't hold it in
Let it all go
This is something
We all know
Don't try to fight
Just give up and cry
Let it burn
Let it hurt
Let love
Do its worst
'Cause in the end
You'll get up again
You'll have gotten stronger
From the burn which he left...
Written on the  14th of March, Published on the 29th of April
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