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martin Jan 2023
What did I do with my glasses?
I had them a minute ago
They’re always disappearing
I don’t know where they go

My eyes don’t focus without them
Now that me youth has gone
One of the things I’ve learned is
You don’t stay young very long

I waste so much time just searching
Can anyone tell me where?
I could be being useful
Or having a kip in the chair

I asked my wife to help me
With a roll of her eyes she said
Try where your hair used to be dear
They’re on the top of your head
martin Jul 2020
His ink flowed with fervour and speed
Certain the world had a need
To read his verse
But his thoughts were perverse
For nobody else agreed
martin May 2020
Bill has got his garden
To keep him occupied
Judy likes to cook
Baked or grilled or fried

Ali likes to exercise
Takes pride she’s fit and strong
Peter watches tv
All day long

No one wants to fly
Even if we could
But for all the pets at home
Life’s never been so good

Folks are still marooned
Stuck in foreign lands
Everything’s been cancelled
Except for washing hands

Don’t pick up a parcel
Treat them like they bite
Stay at home if you can
It may save your life

The enemy’s invisible
Playing on our fears
The country’s running up a debt
We’ll be paying off for years
martin May 2019
Here comes the plumber, he's out of his van
His mate is moving as slow as he can

Keith's in the kitchen drinking tea
But fishing is where he'd rather be

The digger is Gary's, it thrums and it spins
He digs a hole then he fills it in

Here's Laura, the customer, drinks on a tray
Looking forward to when we all go away

Dave's gone to work to earn the money
So we all get paid and don't go funny

And I'm on the roof, careful don't fall
The one above who sees it all
A light-hearted look at my day.
martin Nov 2018
When the sun comes rising up
On a brand new day

When shooting stars score the sky
And quickly fade away

When lark ascends in the fields
Flying high and free

When robin sings his little song...
Spare a thought for me

When the oak in springtime rain
Wakens from the dead

When the sun behind the wood
Glows a winter red

When starlings race and fall to roost
Then chatter in the cover

Think of me even if...
Your hand is in another
martin Jul 2018
You said to me the other day
There's only me and you
But babe I need to tell you
I'm only passing thru

You say I saved you from yourself
And perhaps it's true
But remember when I say
I'm only passing thru

It's gonna hit you 'cos you see
You'll need somebody new
You're gonna come to realise
I'm only passing thru

Passing thru, passing thru,
What I say is true
Babe did I tell you
I'm only passing thru
martin May 2018
I think I'll go for a walk
To myself I shall mutter and talk
I'll search high and low
And home I'll not go
Till I find the poem I sought

Shocking how the time goes
Like a river it flows and flows
It just disappears
Days become years
Where does it go, do you knows?

He found a rock, the geologist
Whose identity he missed
He thought it was gneiss
But when he looked twice
It was just a piece of schist

They found a bug to eat plastic
Which everyone thought was fantastic
But they started to frown
When their pants fell down
Because it ate the elastic
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