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Jude Quinn Jun 4
Blood of a poet dripping from me.
*** and magic feeding my dreams.

I used to write poems for lovers,
Now I write poems for love.

Life is written in verse;
every line has its rhyming pair.

From chaos comes chaos,
Heartbeat brings heartbeat.

There's no heart or soul that's truly alone,
There's an incomplete poem,

And every poem finds its ending,
it doesn't matter if it's masculine or feminine.

A line, a rhyme.
You'd be surprised by what you rhyme with.
Leigh Mar 27
how does one go about expressing their love to a girl?
I've never felt like this about a girl, before
but everything - my heart, pounding and vulnerable and so impossibly fragile - now seems to depend on
her laughter is like the colour yellow
and it turns my vision hazy every time
the expression she wears is innocent and unassuming
but those hazel eyes are white-hot fire
she's got this rosewood hair that floats around her, ethereal,
her hands are gentle, delicate
her heart is so full of love
her arms, filled with kidness
she turns the blood in my veins to crackling flames.
look at her mouth.
what can I say. how can I vocalize this kind of want. this kind of hunger.

I'd never tell. no, I'd never say a word.
Anna Feb 15
I’m sorry
The more I’m with you
The more I realize
How beautiful she is

The more I’m with you
The more I appreciate her delicate hands

The more I hear your shallow words
The more I realize how heavy hers are.
That every sentence that slips by her lips
Is so carefully crafted
But with barely any effort

That just shows
How strong her mind is
And how simple yours is.

You’re too big
How am I supposed to see you
Eye to eye?
But I can look her in the eyes
And they are filled with so much happiness
Genuine happiness
When she sees my face.
sorry andrew
Bret Dec 2018
Loving boys and girls is hard.

When you are stuck choosing between
loving blue or pink more,
you cannot help but wonder
why purple is not an option.

Perhaps it is because
purple is the colour
that melds the two together;
the one that is neither composed more of
nor the other.

Perhaps it is because it is the one that strangles me,
grabs me by the throat and throws me against the wall
until my skin is laced
with its beautiful tone.
It beats me senseless
until I am no longer aware
of who I was before,
nor am I willing to remain in its grasp.

For this,
I will be pressured to choose either

It is the colour that symbolizes
being ostracized for picking one over the other
whilst providing you with no other option.
will you pick pink to fit in
or blue to gain yourself privilege?

When you come out to people
and they tell you that,
“You don’t look ***. Are you sure?”
“You are just curious. You’ll get over it.”
“Wait? So you are actually ***?”
The fear lies within the lack of answer
to any of their questions,
and the absence of a ****** expression
to ease their fears, wonders and concerns.
I will cover the purple that I once displayed with pride
to diminish the need
for any further questioning.

When you need to decide between
bringing a boy home
who is a different image of “perfect”
than what your parents envisioned
and therefore only rewards the two of you
to a dinner of questions, shifty eyes and ridicule
for simply trying to love
bringing a girl home
which warrants you
to sit on the floor like a dog at Christmas dinner
whilst begging for approval
only to result in you
trying to convince them that she is only your friend.

Loving pink is making phone calls
from miles away,
phone calls whose minutes get tracked
and questioned.

“Are you sure that you are nothing more than friends?”
They ask with such trepidation in their voices
that I cannot help but wonder
what would happen if I told them the truth.

Loving blue is never being trusted
to do the right thing with your own body,
to be questioned with every decision
whilst he is picked apart, chewed up and spit out.

“He’s not rich enough. How will he sustain the way that you live?”
The words obviously mean to be jokes
but I am not laughing.
I never will laugh.

“Well, you were straight a week ago. What happened?”
“I thought you had a girlfriend. Are you straight again? I knew that it was a phase.”
Loving pink and blue is hard
when you know that
you will always be torn apart
for trying to love.

Purple is struggle,
and marginalization.
Lucky for me,
it is my favourite colour.
Gavin Barnard Nov 2018
I think I know what I want now,
The purpose I've been seeking,
But what do I know until I try,
And who's willing to offer their time?
Well I mean, there is one guy but we've been talking for months and its going incredibly slow. I'm not sure if he's into me.
helena alexis Aug 2018
you drove my heart into the night
running far far away with it so that
it is never to be found again

you are a seductive devil in disguise
you acted like you wanted this but
then you lead me on

you wanted this to be an “experiment”
sorry but my body is not for scientific purposes
when ppl think they can use you for your body smh
helena alexis Aug 2018
                i really want a juicy ripe deliciously sweet pineapple on a hot summer day the way the juice drips down my chin as i devour the sweet succulent fruit

other times

                i might want a healthy green fruit to snack on such as an avocado feeling the rough interior skin only to cut it open and find the soft green buttery deliciousness inside i love the way my lips feel as the smooth flesh hits my throat with flavor

you see
                i like both of these fruits being bisexual is like
enjoying these fruits i will always like both but on some days i might want more of the other but no matter what i will always love both
a poem about bisexuality
Christina Hale Apr 2018
I just need to realize the reality
Of my bisexuality
'Cause I like guys too
And I'm not gonna deny my feelings that I have for you
But friends are what we can only be
Because you don't see me
Like that
And it's a known fact
By the look on your face and the way you talk about her
That you're in love
You're in love with her
And I will never speak of the love I have for you that is so pure
And it feels kinda like a tragedy
You don't feel the same way about me
So I gotta learn how to set my feelings for you free

You beautiful Polish boy
Oh how you could bring me such joy
If you just would **** me already
But I know
You're in love
And I'll try not to forget you when you go back to your country
With your beautiful skin
And silly grin
Beautiful bright blue eyes
And every time I see you high fives
Your **** accent, athletic physique, and musky smell
And just the way we clicked instantly, and our *** conversations we had, and how for a boy you listen so well
And I really enjoyed learning about you and your country
And I even learned some new Polish words, Jestes piekne
It's just weird for me to feel this deeply about a guy
But I thank you 'cause you were the one to make me realize I really am bi
So I give you two high fives
And a kiss goodbye
And have a nice fly
Back to Poland
My friend

But you're in love
And my heart implodes inside with such agony
You don't feel the same way about me
So I gotta learn how to set my feelings for you free
Christina Hale Mar 2018
Are you bi
I can't decide
The way you look at and flirt with guys
It seems to be so natural
Not naturalize

You know I was fine, doing great
When I thought that was what you were
But even though it seem to occur
That way
You were in fact so ***
Is what you came out as
And a lipstick one might I add
Could that possibly what you might be considering your femininity
And your way with guys

Are you bi
Can you decide
Just because you're in a lesbian relationship doesn't mean you still can't like guys
Are you bi
I can't decide
The way you look at and flirt with guys
It seems so natural
Not naturalize
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