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ChawzzyScript Jan 29
The Blue of her eyes and her heart;
The Red of my blush and my passion!

Even the rain longs to kiss her!

ChawzzyScript Feb 2018
It's Red! - This Day,
So filled with brain washed emotion, connection,
and stupid teddy bears;
When each day I highlight my love for you,
And not bereft of this single commercialized spotlight on my $2.99 "Kittens" Calendar
I both know and feel, how you feel about me!
As expressed last week when your, surprisingly, powerful thighs clamp my head like a vice,
Whilst shuddering from ******* release, as a result of my lingual dexterity in Downtown Doucheville, America; I do so love the beauty of this part of the Cuntry!
You gather me up into your soft breast filled embrace as the high of your clitoral adventure subsides.
I smile with a sense of prideful accomplishment, my lips,
still slick with your perfumed moisture.
A Saint fails to manufacture this, and a single Day can never encapsulate the incredible love with each moment I get the Blessed opportunity of spending with you.

Chocolates and Roses **** ***!...
                                                        ­              I'm reminding you...,

******* *** Day is Today...!!!

ChawzzyScript Sep 2017
From the cockpit of my silver R8 convertible, I was
“Not The Doctor” on call, I drove at dusk the 89A from Sedona on my way to Flagstaff.
The failing sun brushing against the red rock was so beautiful,
As "Jagged Little Pill" blared and bounced off the canyon walls echoing “Mary Jane”

The diminishing daylight gave way to the cool of the “Perfect” night,
And the stars began their delicate lattice song of arrival,
Yet incomparable to the grandeur of the full moon
That rose in my view elevated along side of me, then "Right Through Me."

Its celestial wonder, its luminous glow, its dimpled smoothness, captivating.
Quickly reminded I was driving, my car veered to the left shoulder,
Alanis declaring "Wake Up", I corrected back on the highway.
My eyes re-fixed on that wondrous stellar promontory.

This lunar object, on which many experts claim mental unrest,
Had me "Head Over Feet" as I continued to stare, then unconsciously drool.
I fancied how it would feel to be on that great orb, then recollected, and was “Forgiven” of
My childhood wish to become an astronaut.

I could see her face laughing as she looked back past her voluptuous *** protruding out the window.
From the back seat of the Range Rover, brunette, woo-hooing her young adulthood to the world.
She was beautiful, liberated, spontaneous, uninhibited, and likely inebriated; I was infatuated.
She looked into my lustful eyes; I had one hand on the wheel and one "Hand in My Pocket"

I ruined my jeans; then chastised myself, “You Oughta Know” better.

No other night since has carried with it a moon so lovely as the one I saw that evening;

Isn't it "Ironic"

ChawzzyScript Feb 2017
I awoke thirsty in the night, after your love dehydrated me.
I awoke to the letter you left next to me, and read you were leaving me;
I awoke to the notion that I knew that you would.
I awoke knowing a Victoria's Secret Super Model and a Video Game Software Applications Programmer could never be.
I awoke sadly recognizing cute, funny, and bespectacled couldn't and wouldn't sustain you.
I awoke to the expectation of going to Comicon with my friends after all.
I awoke between 25 and 26 years old, I could actually say I had had a girlfriend.
I awoke with the stored memory of nine and a half weeks, no longer a ******.
I awoke in my awareness I would once again have to Master my own Bate;
I awoke with a renewed hard-on, greeted by Palm'ira Queen of the Right Hand'ling Empire, her skin glistening with **** and expectation.
Ohh man this ******* *****!
*** with someone other than yourself is so KICK ***!!!

ChawzzyScript May 2013
Mmmmmm......Good Morning Honey.........

Delightedly awakened by your lingual dexterity
Opening your mouth to engulf its fullness
******* and slurping, hastening its juices
From escaping and running down your chin.

Its tangy nectar making your fingers slick and sticky
A tighter grip you employ when it slips within your grasp
The sound you're making is so ******, the fullness of your lips, so enticing,

I do so love it when you eat sweet peaches in the morning!

Fancy a napkin?

ChawzzyScript Apr 2013
We sat cozily on the couch listening to Miles Davis
She, curled up with a glass of Chardonnay, me, a warmed brandy snifter
It seemed an eternity since we made time for each other like this
We enjoyed our home in silence, absent our attention grabbing offspring at Grandma's.

I savored the scent of her lavender infused body snuggled in my arms
Her beautiful brown eyes reflected flickered light
The candles we transplanted from our earlier bath, burned slowly
And "Kind of Blue" transported us as we held each other.

"May I have a sip of your brandy?" she asked coyly with a smile on her face
"Of course," I handed her my glass
"Not from your glass," her smile turned into a mischievous grin
The vanilla and oak from the brandy permeated the air above the gulp I took into my mouth.

My heart rate increased, my eyes closed, and our smiles met pressed together; Heaven is real...
Her lips parted, she pulled the brandy from me along with my tongue that now danced with hers
The fire of the brandy that left my mouth warm, now slid down her neck in one smooth swallow
We took great care in kissing each other, sensuously, passionately, time stood still, for us.

Luxuriating in this kiss, a tear fell from her eye, met only with the tears that fell from mine
As our mind's eye recalled the love we have endured over these adventurous years together
Brandywine never tasted this divine as from the lips of my beautiful lover
Lightheaded, more so from her than from the alcohol, I smiled and held her closer to me.

"I Love you Husband!"
"I Love you more Wife!"

ChawzzyScript Apr 2013
Pulled out my

MontBlanc Fountain Pen;

..........She exclaimed,

"Cool Stylus!"

Saturday Morning at "Starbucks"
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