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Thanks for putting up with my plenty wahala and attitude.
Thanks for simply being amazing..
You know I'm not a poet so I won't try to compose a poem, just know you have a special space in my heart.
Thanks for being truthful and not trying to cheat on me, if you do self, God will scatter the relationship
LearnfromBOBD Feb 10
Will you bill Clinton me when we are at work
LearnfromBOBD Feb 10
You don’t care
If i hold yo hands in public

You don’t want friends
to know you are dating me

You don’t want me to do some nasty and naughty things

You love me but you are doubting it

You are jealous, but you don’t check on me.

Jealousy is sacrifice but you don’t know that yet.

You only marvel when I surprised you
And you will hug me and say ‘seem I love you Ola!

You know your level of prettiness
And you don’t seem to care.

My unadulterated woman
My Haseena

late night
pillow fights
watching stars
airplane flights
Wow’ babe come see the morning clouds
With peaceful doves
Flying above
Wet kisses
Like a special dishes
Sweat on yo breast
Di* grew stronger
Felt the touch of your hand on my hair
And the other romancing my back
just me and you
After waiting for so long
Oh my gosh
Yo high heels tinkling my legs
Night gown wet
I’m ready and set
***** shaved clean, nuh hair.
My dear queen can I come in ?
No! Not what you think
I mean can I **** it ?
Let me give you the legendary of me
I love you phypsyyor
They said love is hard to find
Yea, that’s true
They said love is blind
But if I wasn’t blind, I won’t have find you
Falling in love with you makes me loss my mind
I’m what you think I am, I can’t lie
I pray you listen to the Voice of my heart
I don’t want to touch someone I no longer loved ‘mind eyes’
and don’t want a cuts on my fingertips
You gave me everything
which strengthened us to grow.
She found her everlasting King
and she will never let go.
I tattooed your smile in my Heart
I took away your cry for mine
What a vera amo at first sight
That I couldn’t love you less my heart
Poem real love thought mind eyes heart
LearnfromBOBD Jan 26
Mother of the season
Do you snitch for a living
Tell me all your reason.
Life will be reasonable,
If she’s visible
To say the truth.
Will be helpful’
You took my heart away,
And you want me a *****.
To do all in yo own way,
Life’s unfair, I’m unaware.
Until I fell for a godly *****,
An educated witch.
That took away my heart,
To far away beach.
Dunno tho, or a bridge.
The day is now bright,
You took away my life’
give me back my wife
That I fell for’ at first sight
You make us fight,
At our differences.
You set us apart
With pretenses
Educated witch
Go please
And bring back my queen.
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