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LearnfromBOBD Jul 29
Got me down
No more love.
Hold me now
No more loss
Its your first
You are his last
You've be scared
Its so quick n fast'
I wrote you the songs
I wrote you the poems
I saw you in the dream.
Imagination I think.
There was someone I love
I invited her to the dream
She came and I was happy.
It was fun having you here.
All foreplay, oh yea
the moment I want a kiss,
I saw it was a lucid dream.
I took coke while going home
I was stuck in a threshold.
Now i almost lose hope
When she left, i tried.
When i left, she cried,
I'm awake now
Oh I lie down with my back,
my head rested on my hands.
my dreams were clearer
and easier to remember.
LearnfromBOBD Jul 27
You don't love me as you used to
Now you want me as i used to
I don't know how to love
I'm tryn to
You don't sound like I used to
But you like the song I vibe to
For the moment we can have fun
For the moment we get high and no more
For the moment you stay
Later you get replaced
For the moment you are,
But later she is
For the moment let get drunk
Then later we sleep on
For the moment you break it
I got em replaced.
Is what you want for the moment
Now you are hating it
You taught me how to be alone
I'm no more lonely
Is what I am without you
The love I have for you just left
in the air searching for new
I thought we could build ourself a home
You ain't the girl I used to know
Break. Fake love injury hatred used to slpee later drunk vibemoments
LearnfromBOBD Jul 13
Everyone's alive are living a life like its forever
When the owner knows the expiring date laughing often like we won't cry again
Buying luxuries gadget like we are brave
Buying expensive rides like they are only reason
Building houses like they can move it
Shopping expensively, oppressively
Standing to some great feet,
Being notorious.
Your shadow lying on the floor
giving warning, 6 feet is real
Your breathe is been measured by the hours of time.
The steps your feet takes is been counted.
Your happy moments, frustrated moments, sad moments and winning moments are noted.
Your life is designated to a specific death moment
Equipped with some amount of people to attend.
You won't know the person bathing you,
No can't know the coffin carrier,
You don't know anything. Anything you own is left behind
The ant on the ground has power over you.
You became a friend to the sand.
A very long time friend missing you.
Now you know who you are
Actually nobody,
The breathe of God gives Life
Makes us somebody.
Be good and be good
Give even if it is your last
Be happy when you do.
Help even if not returned, don't make no harm
Death is not the opposite of life,
part of it.
Death opposite friend coffin carrier nobody own breathe shadow
LearnfromBOBD Oct 2020
Will you be able to pull your two legs to your head
Now imagine me holding your thigh stable.
10 second soft sexing
And later a 30 mins non stop hard **** *** to the *****
Either groaning or moaning.
Let me hear the sound of joy.
Still pull that leg up,
your two hands holding it.
Bring the vaginae up facing me vertically.
My soft tongue swallowing the outer part. Tinkling through the inner part.
your legs shaking.
The vibrations is sweet.
**** got hard again
for the second sexing.
Immediately I insert the sim.
So we can enjoy a great network.
Continue the ringtone vibes.
I'm gonna make me get to the peak
before I release.
Is that all you got. Bring it to me Bebe, squeeze it on my hard dixk.
Squirt it all over me.
I'm gonna make that ***** *****.
I'm gonna make you wanting.
Let your emotions unwind
Bend the lines,
Squeeze me repeatedly
I'm almost there.
i mean continue' **** me harder.
Press on harder.
Yes; yes, I got it.
Halleluyah you sing.
Ayiwuu, sweet
Tell me you enjoyed it 😊
#Endsars ***. After a
Long period of protest on the government street for 12 days. Hard *** is needed no joke
LearnfromBOBD May 2020
You are a version like no other
you are impeccably perfect
Does it make you feel alive?
Or what do you wanna hear?
What will make you sad
Ok' you are perfectly imperfect
Do I need to lie to make you glad.
I don't know if my wrongs was right
Why put your mind a runaway train
There is no one that can change your way
The sky cries when it rains,
We dont know what we got until it fade,
Be proud of what you do,
Hold my hand, you know I got you
Forget about what's written on the
Billboards and posters,
If they don't talk about you,
That means you are nobody Esther.
When you trynna amend
**** goes long
When i tryna live in harmony
Things goes wrong
I may not walk like a super model
Ain't trying to win no beauty pageant
Or look as flawless as they do
Cause I'm imperfect just like you
Ain't trying to make him want me
Even when the song of life is out of key
Cause in my heart is all that matters
Everyone got its own verses and chapters

Your way or the highway
Stop lookin at yourself through the sideways, maybe
Today or someday you will be free
From your pains and grieve
You're so sweet to me
Like a peach tree
God who knows your weakness
So he doesn't judge you

Follow your white lines, so you won't be judg
LearnfromBOBD Apr 2020
They said
two wrongs don't make a right
if I'm wrong I'm not tryna fight
I'm trying to have some dinner with some candlelight
Wait for you on bed and make love all night

One chain don't make an handcuffs
One rain ldrops don't make an oceans
One punch don't make a fight
Two wrongs don't make a right

I'm so used to the pain that the
Love sickness feels like the cure
I love you that all I can say
Is my love for you is pure and sure.

I have grow from a boy to a man
Built my home with bricks
no longer with sands
Cos two wrongs don't make a right

Can't you spare me a little affection?
If that is not too much for you.
Don't point love to another direction?
If all you want is to change
The melody of my love to another tune.

I took your love and said goodbye,
I stayed away and made you cry
I'm back to you baby
Cos' two wrongs don't make a right
Don't let misunderstanding be a mountain that we can't move
LearnfromBOBD Apr 2020
Calm and obedient
Hopeful and patient
No authority can control
Borders closed
Companies fold
People stayed at home
Resting, reading
Meditating, thinking
Made art and act
Press up and exercises
Listened deeply
prayed vividly
Many saw their shadows
Purpose of life is known
Many found themselves
Grieved for  the dead
Life is changed
Nations in pain
Choices are made
Love is renamed
Government uncertain
Coronavirus death sadness grieve  pain lose gain Forex China
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