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The purpose of romance is to build, nurture, cement and add nutrients to each other’s life.
It also can be used to build ****** tension and enhance your chemistry through deeper understanding and adding fire to the existing love.
The conversation has to be natural and has to flow from heart. Some examples are
1.  Sing him a love song.
2. If you were to give me a nickname, what would it be
3. Did any of my friends tell you on my behalf that I love you
4.  Would you know that I want to make love to you, without me telling you
5. If I were to turn up at your door for a visit unexpected, how would you react?
6. If you were to plan a romantic outing/dinner with me what would it be?
7. What is the one thing you really want to do with me?
8. If you could take me off for a weekend, Where would you take me?
9. When have you felt the most loved by me?
10. Every time I look into your beautiful eyes, I melt and fall in love with you again, again and again.
11. I love the way your hair feels as I run my fingers through them
12. Paradise exists when I’m in your arms?

Then there are ***** talk

***** Talk Examples – Few You Can Use As Message Too Sha. Tele-Video Conversation n Few In The Bed
1.Listening To You – I Am Totally ***** and needing You
2.I Am Wet
3.I Can't Wait For You To Enter Me
4.Whole Night I Was Dreaming About You & I Woke Up Completely Wet This Morning.
5.You Have Such A ***** Mind, And I Love It When You Talk ***** That Wa
6.Tell Me Where You Want Me To Touch You First
7. Get Naked And Stand In Front Of Him/Her
8. Say That I Want You To Tear My Clothes Off My Body
9. I Want To Scream With Pleasure
10. I Love How Your Tongue Feels Down There.
11. I Wish you were Here to Cuddle Me romantically .
12. Your Appetite For Me Alone Makes Me Feel So Proud and Lucky
13. The Way You Reciprocate and Appreciate Me makes Me Feel Ontop Of The world.
14. Babe I Wish You were Here to Kiss Me On My *******
15.Tonight We Shall Make Love In The Open
16.You Make Me Think Such ***** Thoughts
17. I've Been Waiting For This All Day…
18.Oh Please Do Not Stop
19.I Want You To F* Me When I Bend At The Table
20.Grab My *** And Bang Me Harder
21.Just Watching You Makes Me Want To Finger Myself.


1. Create ****** Tension – Instead Of Going For The Main Act, Make It Longer and Exciting By Teasing Each Other, But Not For Too Long.
3. Using ***** Talk Can Enhance And Intensify Your *** Life and Keep Him n  Her Thinking About You
4. You Need Make Yourself Irresistible To Him or Her
5. Speak Your Mind When You are *****, and the other partner should know the best way to treat him or her good. Remember *** to s not love.

Some of these articles have been taken from my blog page (LearnfromBOB). The ***** talks that ****** successful and unlimited love. The blog page coming out soon
LearnfromBOBD Jul 26

You hope you’d never be wrong
You hope you’d someday belong
To someone, somewhere far or around
Which You've never known before

The white is getting black
The sky is getting dark
I've been waiting from the start
But the end has no fact

How can I know the good from the bad?
What if He's good is bad
How can I learn from my past?
How can I know if He's the Mr. Right?

Does Mr. Right mean to be the perfect one?
So without him there is no one
What of if he’s destined to die young?
What will I have done?

Sometimes, I wonder who he is
I wonder If tall or slim
Reserved or goodwill
Kind or mean

I wonder if God's choice is my choice
If he will accept me and my flaws
What if his family and friends will not
Will it still be love or lust

How long will I just wait?
I only know my age
Do I still want to take the fattest bone?
Can someone just tell me how long?
LearnfromBOBD Jul 24
Money, *******, hoes
Greed, *****, lords knows
Story of the past
Freedom from the Mars
Snake's up in the grass, Fake Gucci on her hip
While the black kid rapped
a story of A BoB d and the hatred for the piggies
Fuels fire in the bones was always proun to see the spliffy
And laughs when i ****, and ******* sing and write about how
I even got that same ******* smile
04’ got 'em So I'm getting them no more
Black little militant, born on my 91 ****
Pants saggin' niggaritus, - with one double nine three. pre-milluminum a little bumble bee
See me, I mean, I was a warrior,
On a mission, was running,
And shooting my own decisions
Black, sell a ******* ounce of crack
Momma said to give it back, money over honey's
But the dream was to ******* rap
Walk around the city, looking pretty, but well we are city global
my 'tuition was the streets
Then Enie - came along and sent a beat
Hip-Hop ******* history
Sipping guinness, one day someone gonna’ write my memoirs, flaming.
Snatching a purse from my boy, to feed the studio bills.
On It's Relevance, momma said I got you.
Still on.
Money, *******, hoes
Greed, *****, lords knows
Story of BOB D.
Now calm Forever
LearnfromBOBD Jul 24
Men ain’t enough
Where’s my beloved
Been waiting and hoping
he comes too soon.
I’m 28.
Still waiting and praying.
I asked,
Does a patient dog still eat the fattest bone ?
I’m the one getting fatter and the patient getting slimmer
Who I’m I waiting for,
A perfect man? A boomerang ?
Gosh !
But I’m not  born by mistake
Still wondering why the wait
He may be a womanizer,
yet to repent.
But yet am keeping and keeping.
Denying and still denying many.
Who am I waiting for!
When he comes,
Will I welcome his presence ?
What of if his bad side comes back,
Will I regret not flirting when I needed to?
What I resist, hope it won’t be what I can’t do without ?
Will he give me when I need it.
Resist  patient perfect
LearnfromBOBD May 16
Life is bewitched with illusions
Living life with unknown motions
Carried away with hidden secret
Nations with their different pidgins
What did I seek, that i didn’t see
What did i think, that i couldn’t feel
Mans relief, long believe
Why did I lie
I can see my truth is a lie
When will I die
Cos all lier shall perish
Cos no one knows when I lie
But I’m rich and wealthy
When will I die
No one still knows when I stole it
I wish I can give you a hint
But it won’t worth it
Or what do you think
Letter to death coordinator
LearnfromBOBD May 12
Obsession makes you over protective
I don’t know if it’s a clause or adjectives
You make me go down on my knees,
‘For the love I had for you.
I can even wash your *******,
If that’s cool by you.
If your love gonna sum up to a cost
I dunno
it’s a curse that I won’t be with you but all alone
I trust you like I’m waiting for the end
I’ll hate you like I saw you with ‘nother man on bed
I will **** me, you, him for fast judgment
You won’t be the one to tell me that’s the end
LearnfromBOBD May 10
What you think is nothing
And what you thought you think is nothing
It was just a coincidence infatuated fronting
Youthful Glaring
In shades and flimsy
Photograph clumsy
I gave you something
but it was nothing
Let us sit down and sort it
cos I know you will forever love me
but ‘twas nothing
For all is long thing
For you hurt me
doesn’t mean you don’t want me,
but you don’t know you love me
Cos I hunt you.
Don’t be deceived on something that don’t fit you
I pity you
You **** and you want him
So keep searching on something that is nothing
Well’ there is something I want to tell you,
Uhmn, don’t bother, it nothing
But stop thinking like you are dreaming
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