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Ny-Asha Jan 2016
Dandelion had always admired Oak Tree.
Like Oak Tree, Dandelion desired to be big, strong, and free.
Dandelion wanted to feel what Oak Tree felt, and wanted to move the way Oak Tree moved.
One day, Dandelion decided that it was time to stop dreaming,
It was time to become like Oak Tree.
So each day, Dandelion patiently watched and waited for Oak Tree to sway.
And surely, on a windy September night,
Dandelion saw Oak Tree swaying effortlessly with the wind;
Dancing under the stars and the moon,
And Dandelion wanted to dance too,
So Dandelion began to move.
For the first time, Dandelion felt sensational;
Dancing carelessly with the wind; feeling free.
For the first, and the last time, Dandelion was just like Oak Tree.
Then suddenly, Dandelion ceased to be.
Niesha Radovanic Aug 2017
do you know what it's like to have a pit in your heart? i can feel it right now i can hear gymnopiede playing in the back ground filling me with a sanity but not enough remember what Rupi said " it was when i stopped searching for home within others and lifted the foundations of home within myself i found there are no roots more intimate than those between a mind and body that have decided to be whole" but instead i fall in love w the little things that i mold into big things to make myself feel important. when people see that i'm stressed and deprived of sleep and love i feel significant to their daily lives.
i want to be the rose in the garden that everyone wants to tend so they can revive the gold medal for the best green thumb. i want to be the bookmark of every bibliophile on the planet but little do they know that rose wants to die that's rose has thorns inside poking her every hope. rose hopes for love but not just any love. rose hopes that a dandelion will come who will be intelligent enough to pull the thorns out and so beautiful she will gasp for another breath just to see their petals. on weekends rose absorbs enough sunlight to get up for work. she tends to the clothing at the retail stop at the local mall and as she folds the endless piles of destroyed denim she admires the many flowers that tend to one another.she can smell the scent of the flickering candles upstairs and she makes her way up to the candle shop on her break she never sets foot inside, she worries the flicker of the flame will catch her petals. rose doesn't want to be alone when it happens she wants a dandelion to come and save her from the flame she wants dandelion to roar as loud as he can and blow the flame out. and be there ready to sweep rose off her stem. rose wants everyone to be happy she try's her hardest to make sure her garden has enough light and water and that everyone's petals aren't frowning. rose has tried too hard she ends up being the loneliness one her garden. she returns to her shop after break she goes back to folding the same endless pile of denim and she admires the buttercup walking with the california poppy looking at the lights hanging from the ceiling. the dutch iris and the crocus intertwining their petals. honesty and honeysuckle are pursing the petals together under the mistletoe. rose gathers her tools and makes her way to her wheel barrow parked by the restrauants she passes the children frolicking in the lot and she catches the heart beat of excitement of the little girl who's eyes are glued to the ipad that is playing alice and wonderland and rose can hear the garden scene and she cringes and feels like she's been swallowed by a world who doesn't know what passion is. rose wonders where the little girls mother is and she catches her mother sitting on the lap of the magnolia and she longs to be a mother but a mother who watches alice in wonderland with her child and frolics with her kids in the parking lot but pays attention to the cars coming just in case her motherly instincts have to kick in.
rose returns to her garden and flips thru the channels hoping to find a romance movie on. rose does this to her self. she absorbs her self into all the love she can get because deep downside she fears she will never find her dandelion. rose finds her self drowning in an ocean of tears. she crys out to the garden are my petals not light enough? is my stem to thick?. rose wants to dig herself a grave and burry herself there with the fake petals of a dandelion so that one day when the walkers in the cemetery hear the clanking of her stem crying out for love they will dig her up and see how much she coveted the love of a dandelion and they will find the real petals and place them next to her.  rose will tear honey because that's the sweetest thing she knows she will wipe her tears and lick the honey off of her petals. rose doesn't want to hide in her sunken city of petals she wants to tell you who she is. hello i am rose.
i've been trying to get rid of the file cabinets in my brain that i have been organized alphabetically. A- aster i love you and i promise your prayers for a new kidney will be granted. B- bleeding heart i want you to know i will drive you in wheel barrow to the hospital so you
can be sewed up. C- carnation please don't fret the world loves you and im so sorry you have a price tag that will eventually be ripped off when the children at the elementary school down the street buy you on february 14th just know that you're so much more to me than a valentine's day gift. D- daffodil you're too precious to feel unwanted your lover will come soon.i can hear the crys of them but please go back to the bed and sleep. i'm able to open my pedals up and hear the weeping of a dandelion "thank you for being there for them and just know i've been hear all along, rose. you're tired i can tell by the wrinkles of your palms please promise me rose that you will baptize yourself into the ocean of love that you keep drowning in. " rose pulls the dead roots that are pinning her down in her grave and gasps for another breath to see dandelion before the roots come back from under and tug her back down she is able to string her broken english together and whisper " dandelion i already have"
OVC Oct 2013
Eline Dandelion

My dandelion, everywhere in spring and summer days, you are present
Soft is your tender touch when I drag you close to me
Oh dandelion, your beautiful cotton hair, like the aroma of red roses in the air,
It enamours me when I breathe it in,
And the wind that carries its aroma waltzes with enchantment to the tune of Lara’s Farolito
Dandelion, you are the flower that is ever present
Your light and gentle body occupies the dreams of my arms, wishing to hold your delicate, light frame.
Your seeds of love have long ago landed on my mind,
And I have planted them, too, in my heart so that this heart only beat for you.
But these seed are like any other seeds.
The farther away you are, the less likely they will grow, and flowers wilt
The closer you are, the more beautiful the flowers become, bloom.
Eline Dandelion, of all the other flowers and even dandelions, you are my favorite dandelion.
I wrote most of this back in early August, when dandelions were still found everywhere. Now, late September, I've only seen two. I was walking by a parking garage on my way to class when I saw these two lone dandelions, one in front of the other. I was tempted to pick one up, but I decided not to. Who knows how much longer they will last, with all the winds and fall coming.
She is like a dandelion on the edge of a cliff
Next to the sea.
The wind-encouraged rapture brings her to her knees as she’s taken
From the rocks into the deadly blue sea.
(She is stronger than she thinks,
I know, that’s why she left me.)

Before the endpoint, the gusting breeze
Meets its end,
So the dandelion plummets into the sandy beach instead.
(No matter what brings her down, she shall always stand up.
It’s the way she is; the dandelion is tough.)

So comfortable now, her stem is stuck
In this thick warm surface,
The tide seems to be interested in this dandelion’s purpose.
(I tried to **** her into me with my love.
She didn’t give me a chance because
I wasn’t enough.)

The tide erupts upon the scene within the lively flower’s green,
And yanks it from the sand to bring her colors to the sea.
(He stole her from me,
she accepted his hand
There was no chance for me)
To the ocean, the flower seemed different from the others;
The dandelion seemed to be tougher.
She has always been strong, my little dandelion,
Even from day one,
(But like I said, I wasn’t good enough)
Nothing could destroy her pride, nothing could be done.
(She told me nothing of her
feelings and left my concerns in the dark)
She brought her roots down within the oceans depths,
And ****** the sea dry until there was nothing left.
And then came the rain.
(She left the door open on the way out,
I was so shattered,
I couldn’t even cry.)
Copyright Christopher Rossi, 2010
Morgan Mercury Oct 2014
I never thought I would fall for you twice,
but here I am writing this poem.
I'm just a dandelion lost in this greenhouse
surrounded by these blooming beauties.
But hoping, hopefully
you would make a wish out of me.
You've got this look that makes me crave adventure.
You've got mountains in your eyes
and the northern wind in your soul.
I can't remember the last thing you said to me
and that's okay.
We never talked much thanks to my anxiety.
I'm not too far but my words have failed me so many moons
how am I suppose to talk to you?
You've got your future gripped tight by the wrist
and my hands are lost in all this space.
Maybe sometime in the years to come, I'll discover your footprints
and remember my high school crush all over again.
I'll stop and think if you're out in California making coffee for people,
like I overheard you say you wanted to do in math class that one time,
or strumming a guitar solo on stage somewhere in the city.
I just hope wherever you find yourself in time to come you're happy and smiling brighter than the stars.
I know not much will happen in these last eight months we have together,
but I want to thank you for the day you introduced yourself to me because you knew no one else in the class.
I know I'm just a dandelion in this great big greenhouse,
but I'm just really happy that you noticed me.
Dance dance darling dandelion.
Dance in the dancing field of the trillion.
Dance while dahlia play drum.
Dance while daffodil blow trum-
like group of heavenly ghost.
Dance in the breeze as the host.

Dance dance darling dandelion.
Dance and make merry as crown with billion.
Dance for everlasting enjoyment of it.
If only you will dance,butterflies will not sit,
but will dance around you,
with moths and birds which will come to view.

Dance dance darling dandelion.
For you are a symbol of love to million.
Dance as direct by wind vane.
Dance to make sun smile but not in vain.
Dance to win lily in beauty,
sun in shining, chameleon to feel guilty.

Dance dance darling dandelion.
Dance and as music change be chameleon.
I'm interested in your dancing,
because it makes my day rejoicing.
Your dancing is helpful,
for it wipe away worriful.
PJ Poesy Mar 2016
seeds spread by whirlybirds
couples who take on thirds
love flying everywhere
trusted not and the scared
a puff, a blow, and then you go
fuzzy flight to and fro
**** ball picked and his wish
to feast upon a dreamy dish
yet a breathy breeze decides
where scattering of seed shall hide
in the fields, or cracks of pavements
lovers bound in their enslavements
to one another's dreams
dandelion dreams it seems
always never completely fulfilled
dandelion will be tilled
from immaculate and pristine lawn
or in a forest by a fawn
nourishment it is for me
its root bound deep, not free
like those dandelion seeds
rest my head upon cement
men I've met will not lament
sprouts doubts of dandelion's needs
What you may read into this, in my case, is likely all true.
Star BG Jul 2017
With puff of breath
entwined with a wish
my energetic breath aims out.

Out toward dandelion.
And like sacred flying fairies
the little seeds take flight.

Ready to plant firmly
in break of day.

Thank you dandelion
for roaring with airs whisper
to move in grace
to go into Mothers soil
and bring a dream to sprout.

StarBG © 2017
Inspired by Sun a grand poet of light.
Tony Sep 2016
how dare you grow in my bed!
Only I have the privilege of feeding on this nutrient rich soil,
created for me, me alone!
You have no right to make your home here!
My keeper will pull you out of the ground
and dispose of you like the **** you are."

I've just as much right to grow as you do!
Why do you insult me?
Am I not a flower just like you?"

you're a common garden ****,
I'm beautiful, admired by all who set eyes upon me.
My keeper feeds and carefully prunes my body.
She admires my soft velvety petals which are the deepest red.
My stem, so slender, my prickles tempting, dangerous.
I'm beauty and pain in perfect harmony.
You can admire, but do not touch!"

I'm beautiful in my own way,
don't you see?
My yellow petals, the colour of golden sunshine.
I symbolise the sun, moon and stars;
I'm also resilient.
I've no carer to look after me, yet I still manage to flourish,
even in the toughest of places."

your time will be short in this place!
There's no room for your commonness here.
I'm a special breed, you're ******!"

I know my fates sealed,
I accept the situation for what it is;
Beauty's in the eye of the beholder.
What you don't realise,
we'll suffer the same fate!
You'll end your days
standing in a vase filled with water.
My death will be quick;
Yours prolonged!
In the end,
your beauty will be your downfall!"
Beauty can be deadly!
Test Ting Won To Tree
Charles Fleischer

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Blue accordion casket is to Jaded scholar ***** as German mushroom circus is to?
President George Flintstone is to Funny Fred Washington as Abraham Jetson’s dog is to?
Google Desmond Tutu is to Kalamazoo Zoo Park as Zodiac actors Guru is to?
Swamp cradled whisperer is to Cherished drawbridge cello as Bludgeoned prankster outlaws are to?
Dukes pink mittens are to Smeared nest carava
**** you, Dandelion.
You are a bitter plague.
Your putrid reputation
sows a discording stay.

Your spread your potent seed,
a curse among the others;
how will thy beauty flourish
when murdered is thy mother?

Rose has her vanity,
Daisy has her life;
but you hold a talent
for fertilizing strife.

**** you, Dandelion.
What a pity to be you.
Thy beauty holds no power,
thy talent ruins you.
averyn Feb 2017
every passing day, a person mumbles wishes on a dandelion,
breathing away the small petals of what was the dandelion is made of.
they would say their deepest and darkest desires,
and even the lightest and loveliest of them all.
they would secure it tight on their lips,
begging the flower not to tell a soul,
and yet selfishly, demand for it to grant it all.
they didn't even wonder about the poor dandelion,
that has been hearing their wishes
with no one to hear hers in return.
the lone dandelion just keeps on flying with the wind,
wishing that someday, someone would try to hear,
those wishes that she kept within.
one dandelion in the sun
ghost white shell turned to red as the
fire god sets
tomorrow the wind will blow the seeds away
so one dandelion becomes many.
But until then that barren stem shall stand until it
eventually withers and is over taken by the surroundings
its grace lost amongst the blue-grass
never to see its offspring, and stand in a field
turned yellow not by the sun
but the vigor of youthfulness.
One dandelion in the sun
Not knowing what tomorrow brings,
But enthralled to see the setting sun.
© Nathaniel Justice 2010
Kelsey Brewski Sep 2015
his breath woke me up every night
we lay in bed; no, it wasn't
that his breath smelled of toxins,
but of dandelions and poppies.
his hair smelled like he rolled around in
fields of roses and he was
the single dandelion that begged and
pleaded to fit in.
he would never fit
in but he didn't know that, so
he kept trying and it was
so beautiful to say the least.
underneath his skin, in-between
his veins and his bones are tiny seeds that
i planted with kisses and they
grow with my love, when i wrap my
bony arms around him and
squeeze tightly - it lets him
know that he's not normal, that he's
not right in the head but
i love that. so when he wakes me
in the middle of the night, as
i lie between him and the emptiness of
the night, i think that i'm dying
but the moon light lingers and i
know i am safe with his flower breath
and the weeds growing in-between
us and the roots that grow out
of my heels and strangle the love
picture frames on our off-white
bedroom wall. i stare at those cookie-cutter
pictures and wish i wasn't right
in the head, too, but if we both were
psychotic, he wouldn't be a dandelion.
so i stay awake and watch
his beauty radiate in the darkness of
the night and wish that i
was that beautiful too. but he
tells me that my battle wounds don't
amount to anything to him, that my skin
is a ghost to him. i wish
he saw me for me, but his eyes
see the beauty that he grows.
but several nights he leaves me and
i am cold and i am worthless and
i pray to a god that he will
come back and taunt me because
i cannot stand it when he is
not here between my fragile arms
keeping me warm and safe.
i beg him when he returns to just
stay the night, just one more night,
because i cannot bare to
sleep without the dandelion amidst
all the rose petals. i need
my dandelion to keep me safe
and to be the needle in the
haystack - i need him to be in my
arms because idon'twanttosleepalone.
marlene dunham Jun 2010
Seeds of the Dandelion

appear intertwined;

Tightly woven tendrils

weave and hold

in close bond;

Stretched fingers

offer anchor for each other,

though hesitant.

When the time is right

and the slightest wind blows,

seeds of the dandelion


Parachutes of white snow.

A moment in time

stalk stands naked in the wind,

having lost everything;

Though the taproot runs deep

and in reality,

millions more will seek

a new birth.

We may think it a waste,

unwanted seeds being placed

hither and yon.

But what about the Dandelion?

Some call this **** a ruderal

this “lion’s tooth” with the long taproot

feeding bees and butterflies.

With detoxifying properties,

this plant has seen atrocities

of prejudice, bigotry and intolerance;

But it just goes on to do it’s job

holding on as long as it can

til the parachutes of snow


and the cycle of life repeats.

© Marlene Dunham 2010
Jo de Guzman May 2014
you said you can be my dandelion
               more than willing to make my wishes come true
          and just like what dandelions do
               making my wishes stay as wishes forever
         you fail me too, just like what dandelions do
Liam C Calhoun Aug 2015
Her words fell
Like the limbs of a
Once a breath per
Echoed meme
And come another dream
With every
Feather’s frolic.

The lips within this
Captured moment
Flutter and fall,
Dismal and drunk,
Like the butterfly prior winter;
An excuse,
And she deserved better.

So to, I’ve learned to meander
Be it the gasp, “final,”
Parallel and the very same
She’d blow and blow and
Scatter seed with.

And I’d love her
Just as much,
If only years ago,
But now carry forth,
Lash atop knowing “flee,”
Merely inched
And adjusted winds.

It’s a “later”
Sort of tale atop tongue,
And idea coined “alive,”
Albeit moments before born,
So much closer to
Resonant, if only –

Her dandelion’s dream
And soon to be later patches
Come the grass,
Come the amnesia,
Come the cold,
Oh girl!
Come the day we both knew
I’d leave.
It was so cold that very day I'd left Tokyo, frigid the day I'd left you.
Gidgette Mar 2017
I was in the cemetery again, this noon
Dandelion graves and lost stones
Dwelling atop a hidden hill
Deep within the pines
Not my cemetery
Not ancient
I laid
Upon a certain grave
It had my name
One of only two stones with
Still visible words
Unwashed by
She was only 17, passing
Married, buried
With child
A long lost to time
Child bride
Of the
For her to be in that particular cemetery
She had to be a soldiers wife
Confederate, rebel
I mourned her
The stone residing next to hers
was worn by wind and time
A dandelion grave
Cemeteries are a morbid habit of mine. The particular cemetary I speak of here, is called Boot Hill. A civil war cemetery. Amanda's grave was one of very few female graves I've found in war graveyards. Her stone said,"With her child." And indeed, as early as it is in this season, that cemetery was covered with dandelions.
XIII Jun 2015
Dandelion wish,
that no loved one will leave me.
I could not blow it.
Wish Part I
(First attempt at English Haiku.)
The irony of the wish and the dandelion's seed pods flying away upon wishing.
the dead bird Mar 2016
the garden holds
an aromarous display
of flowers
sprouts of tulips
with their
caressed petals
bringing life
to the dirt they were
grown from

all planted
with a purpose
someone wanted
to see them bloom
wanted to see all
but the dandelion
the pesky

I am the dandelion
by the child's hands
given a purpose
for I sprouted without one

here, mama
look, I brought you
a flower
I thought it was
just as pretty
as you!

to the ground
"youre saying
I'm as ugly
as that hideous

the one
that never goes
the one
that shows up
when you want it the least
your sunshine
from the tulips
and roses

in the garbage
with an old
banana peel
and empty containers
of yourt
I hear the child

I am sorry
to only be a burden
I am sorry
I could not impress
your mother
I am sure I will be
one of many

I did not ask to be here
a mistake
a pest
never appreciated
only causing

I am the dandelion
the child is me
won't you let me
growl I haven't been writing as much why why why
Amy Perry Jul 2014
I am the breath you exhale
That sends dandelion seeds asail.
To you, a momentary pleasure,
While it gives my life new measure.
You've plucked me from home,
Blew me into the unknown.
I might be a seed under your boot,
My existence could seem moot.
But next summer, when you've lost incentive
In momentary pleasures, no longer attentive,
I'll be in full bloom.
Pick me up, I'll rebound again soon.
Bails B Oct 2014
A young princess stoops,
plucking a dandelion from the earth.
She smiles, twirling it between her fingers,
soon bringing the dandelion close to her lips.
Her message, she whispers to the tiny seeds.
Softly as can be she blows on the dandelion,
sending the cotton-white fluff
soaring into the cool breeze,
carrying her words, spreading her love
down on the citizens in her kingdom.
Kate Ballalatak Feb 2016
what is worse for a dandelion?
to lose its soft, seedy ball of cotton,
blown into the wind
by a whispering dreamer?
or to fail in granting the wish
of a small child, too young to realize
that a dandelion is only a pretty little ****?
Joey McNamara Aug 2010
Stick around to watch the show
Lots to see and lots to know
Pick it up, give it a slide
Stick around for the ride

How were you to know?
You were love's last show
How were you to know?
You were the last to go

Sugarpuffs and dandelion leaves
As one person loves another person greaves
Rip it and tear it into a thousand pieces
Grant one's life another deceases

I've got that feeling again
The one I get when it rains
It comes and it goes again and again
Cease that life and stop your shame

It was an idea, I think it's working
Everybody's smiling but you're still smirking
How you gunna do it? Yeah how you gunna do it?
Keep it together and never split
Keep it together and never split
Keep it together and never split, yeah!

Don't top yourself, don't you give up
All your hard work, it's just not enough
I'm not gunna stick around to help you
So you're gunna have to help yourself

Of a sugarpuff and a dandelion
Getting a love to call my own
Of a dandelion and a sufarpuff
Getting it ups just not enough

How am I gunna make you see?
You can't live your life for free
Can't you see this aint no way to be
You've been barking up the wrong tree

It was an idea, I think it's working
Everybody's smiling but you're still smirking
How you gunna do it? Yeah how you gunna do it?
Keep it together and never split
Keep it together and never split
Keep it together and never split, yeah!
Keep it together and never split
Keep it together and never split
Keep it together and never split, yeah!
Copyright Joey McNamara 2010
maybella snow Jun 2013
once someone asked me what my favorite flower was                                    
                                                                                                    i told them, "a dandelion"
they looked confused for a moment                                
before i told them why                                                

                                            i like dandelions because
                                   not only are they cute and fluffy           [hehe]

they're also weeds                              
                            found in every day places
nothing special          
but i love them                        

and for me                                                                        
i will always think of them as little wishes                                                
running around crazy in the garden                    
as a child, if you blew it all away in one breath                                                    
then you got a wish                                                                    

                              now every time
i see one of those cute
                                                    fluffy, light
                                                    everyday weeds
                      i smile as i bend down to pluck it gently
                                                trying not to ruffle it too much
                                                                            i draw in a breath
                                                 and watch as the segments go flying
                                                                          dawdling through the air
and i make a wish                                                                      
on that flyaway dandelion
its true, dandelions are my favorite flower or ****...

The Dandelion’s pallid tube
Astonishes the Grass,
And Winter instantly becomes
An infinite Alas—

The tube uplifts a signal Bud
And then a shouting Flower,—
The Proclamation of the Suns
That sepulture is o’er.
Amber Jan 2013
To me a Dandelion is not only a ****, killed, hated, yet god's prayers, for every wish to become true. Yet a beautiful sprung grown, flower wanting to be a rose, but accepting the fact that being a Dandelion is good.
Farah Apr 2016
I wake up on your side of the bed
cold, without you to bring sunlight
to dandelion bones, shaken by the
violent winds
and dimmed stars that sew our
eyes shut, together and then apart
like children on swing sets
on a warm summer night.

blow these dandelion bones far
apart and into the sky
till I’m void of anything but
battered skin and galaxy bruises
till I’m nothing but
Blissful Nobody Jan 2023
I have gone cold turkey
On many a vice and addictions,
Wasn't nearly there,
When it came to you,
You -a newly seeded dandelion,
In my beautiful garden,
Pulled you out cleanly,
From root to tip,
Far away from flowering,
You didn't even look pretty,
Once a part of a  beauty,
Swayed fuzzy and whispy,
Got kicked and treaded over,
Scattered fragments,
Waiting to seed again,
Pretty on the outside,
Trouble for the gardener,
Didn't even use my rage,
Just calmly uprooted you,
So you wouldn't flower,
Won't scatter anymore,
Spread like a **** again,
But who knows,
Weeds are resilient,
Maybe you'll flower,
In someone else's garden,
Blossom and bloom,
Just to be kicked again,
Always loved a dandelion,
Pretty in the hands,
Prettier when scattered,
So I won't hold you again.
Leaving you out in the cold
st64 Dec 2013
she wanted to be a blade
of grass amid the fields
but he wouldn't agree
to be a dandelion

she wanted to be a robin singing
through the leaves
but he refused to be
her tree

she spun herself into a web
and    looking for a place to rest
turned to him
but he stood straight
declining to be her corner

she tried to be a book
but he wouldn't read

she turned herself into a bulb
but he wouldn't let her grow

she decided to become
a woman
and though he still refused
to be a man
she decided it was all

by Nikki Giovanni

S T  ..... two's-day :) 17 dec 2013
a tad windy on this day.. it tries to rip me thoughts away.. lol

sub-entry: slight-breeze

raking the corners of probable guess-work
the slight-breeze plays up and renders all bowing
dust in eyes, is it?

if pain be the currency of pleasure, welcome to the ever-teasing elements
of all the gems decked out from the universe's treasure-chest
you will always be..
the finest theft
I almost ever got right

bright and bold
the moon spins round
and dances on in good hope
into the arms of flail'd-amnesty
Kerri Mar 2016
A lump of eminence
Swells in her throat,
But she swallows it down
Flashing a shiny, humble smile.
This wild dandelion grows in the sun
and dances to the beat of the wind,
Scattering seeds of peace
And songs of love
In every corner of the world.
She floats among the stars
Crashing perfectly into
Every illustrious constellation.
As she shakes the stardust from her hair
And dusts her glitter-speckled shoulders,
She reaps the benefit
Of her selfless, meaningful offerings.
Written for someone special that deserves everything that the Universe is handing her.
Paul Maclean Mar 2012
My feelings are like dandelions.

Like ones in the spring
they can be linked
together in a chain
loosely held together
in a moment
tenuously connected.

but they are more like their fall counterparts, seemingly rooted, but blown away by a slight breeze

a field can be covered by hundreds yet they do not define the field
nor does the field define them.
what are my feelings if not definitively me?

like wispy dandelion seeds, soon to be more
but perfect in their imperfect potential
they are ephemeral fragments projected by heart and mind

my feelings are dandelions. i am not a dandelion.

i am a creator of dandelions and of fields and of breezes. of chains and of seeds.
i am the master of my universe.
i am the master of everything and i am the master of nothing.

i am the master of dandelions.
Taiga Rawr May 2015
Dandelion kisses
Blown away by the wind.
The feathery seeds left me;
In which way have I sinned?

I don't deserve these broken shards
Embedded in my heart.
Was it truly a lie when you told me
"'Till death do us part"?

I feel most betrayed because
I'm lying to myself.
Are they just mere myths of inexistent
Romance like the Elf on the Shelf?

I write from inexperience;
I call them 'true lies'.
I've never a dandelion kiss,
Just slight contact of the eyes.

There are no cuts in my heart,
Just plain jealousy.
My pure white wedding was only
A dream replayed endlessly.

So I'll tell you this:
They say that writing is expressive;
But though my words are dishonest
I have to say, they're quite impressive.
For more than just a few years, I've been writing about romance and love. Many people tell me how relatable it is, but I can't return the favor because I've never felt any of the romantic feelings or gestures from my own writing. So I decided to write something different this time: not as relatable, rhyming, and my own truth with writing romantic poetry.
Alice Dec 2010
oh dandelion,
my dandelion
the wind carried your seeds
though i never wished
for them to land upon me
how many then, has it been?
how many times have we thrown
our cares to the wind?
with arms wrapped 'round my waist
i look to the mirror
to the wonders i must face
how can you know
when the wind steals your seeds
if they ever did grow?
© Jenna A. 12/5/2010
Hannah West Mar 2011
I pluck the dandelion from the ground.

A deep breath,
Wind blows the tiny seeds away
And I wish to be like them.

To fly free,
Being taking away
By the wind,
To strange
Yet beautiful places.

Where nothing matters;
No one worries about Love
No one worries about Hate

It's just me:
That floating dandelion seed.
That was blown away
Just by the very air you breathe.
Makayla Jordan Jan 2019
everyone has once loved a dandelion
unknowing that it’s a ****.
Bambi Oct 2013
To me a Dandelion is not only a ****, killed, hated, yet god's prayers, for every wish to become true. Yet a beautiful sprung grown, flower wanting to be a rose, but accepting the fact that being a Dandelion is good.

— The End —