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XIII Jul 16
Has it only been 41 months?
I feel like it’s been long, like a lot
Lots have been said and done
Trying, fun times and some

I still remember how I fell for you
I shouldn’t back then; but I had no choice but to

As cliché as it may sound, it was all slow motion
You laughed at something I said, and everything became background noise
I wished to always make you laugh, from then on
Your smile became my priority, first and foremost

It was a love I have never thought will come realized
I thought of giving up; even stepped back
But you turned around and took my hands
Walked with me and never let me out of your grasp

It is fun to reminisce these
We have come a long way, truly
To more I love yous, shall we?
To Abegail, my bibi,  happy 41st monthsary :*
XIII Jul 14
i should’ve shouted your name
i should’ve followed you to the ends of the earth
i should’ve disregarded your fame
i should’ve known that that was just a once in a lifetime feat—

that I could’ve taken
your hands—i should’ve taken
our picture—i should’ve taken
a moment that i could’ve stolen

i should’ve been selfish
i should’ve seized it

even if it meant of war,
of zombie-swarm,
of everybody recognizing your star,
of revelation of your sanctuary,
of chaos of thee,
so, it shall be

i should’ve seized it
asked for a drop of ink of your handprint

i should’ve seized it
but i didn’t

maybe it was cowardice
but hell, i gave you peace
like how your name was supposed to mean
at my own peace's expense
because ****, you couldn’t spell this lingering regret
without the letters IRENE
I met Red Velvet's Irene and instead of approaching her, I gave her peace.
XIII Apr 2020
considered by many.

as many said.

Considered as bad luck,
like a black cat.

The thirteenth,
it is feared.

Only a handful can see
the divinity underneath..

such as hers;
her eyes differs
in what it sees

I think it can see rainbows
in a monochrome facade,
an angel
from a fallen devil,
a poet
in a psychotic patient,
the positive
in a double negative,
a person deserving of love,
although it hated its own blood.

It's a complete wonder; a mystery.

But as the Italians say,
"fare tredici":
hit the jackpot
with the numero trece,

More than what she can see—
that is what she is to me.
XIII Apr 2020
..of you to shout!
when you have not heard
one tiny cry
of a whistle or a whisper

..of you to scream!
when you have not listened
to the begging,
to the pleading

..of you to demand!
when you have not given any
out of your heart
though you had many

..of you to blame!
when you're at fault too
putting others to shame
you aren't always true

..of you to betray!
my trust
when I thought you're with me come what may
you pounded it into dust

..of you to act!
as if nothing happened
apologies is all I ask
how is this heart ever gonna mend?

but then again..

..of me!
to forgive
and suffer silently
over an unsaid sorry
XIII Apr 2020
slouch on the couch
idly waste the time
tomorrow will always arrive

because there is just
an insatiable thirst
lock the door first

all of us would agree
that food is sacred
no one's satisfied until fed

take an anger bath
soak in its vengeance
until the last dance

it is your guide
to stand on the mountain high
stepping unto others 'til they die

because you don't wanna see
what you do not possess
take it; claim it; in every possible ways

giving is not your deed
why, if you can horde
you'll be the master—the lord

because everyone is guilty
of the seven sins so deadly
you can deny it, but then quietly
your guilt eats you, painful and slowly
XIII Apr 2020
You get sleepy;
You drink coffee;
You get sleepy because you drink coffee.
And it goes on for an eternity.
XIII Apr 2020
I have no time to write poems.
Because all my time is spent
actually loving you instead.
Us time.
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