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OVC Dec 2017
Only in my dreams,
She waits for me.
Is this written correctly?
OVC Dec 2017
Her eyes create
The sunset and the
Morning rise
OVC Dec 2017
What's going on?
OVC Dec 2017
Outside the weather is cold
Wind blows like a freezer
Through the walls it enters
It permeates my lonely soul
Devoid of whom I love

Another of my 5-5 poems that I call Xicos.
5 words across, 5 lines total. These depict nature, usually in the first 2 sentences, and love, usually the last two sentences.

I don't like that second line, mainly because of the word "freezer".

I guess you could say I'm going through some heartache, the love type. Some things we can't help, can't we?
OVC Dec 2017
A pen can conquer hearts,
Through words or art.
Through I prefer the word soul to heart.
OVC Dec 2017
The blue in the sky,
The green on the trees,
In the trees or on the trees? My grammar *****.thanks.
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