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Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
Whoever taught you to lie did an excellent job

What it is that makes you so authentic is your total sincerity

To be lonely awhile might knock some sense into you

I would like to see you lie then
Why do we end up like our parents?
Owen Oct 2020
You're proud of all that sarcasm.
I call it deceit.
I trusted too much.
and was knocked off my feet.
You talked a lot of talk.
Really made me believe.
But you dont walk the walk
I cant stand it
I was down on my knees.
So goodbye to your lies,
I'm so glad to be free.
done with flaky people
Mercy Jul 2020
Today someone tried
To resolve my
Let go issues
I chuckled.

I can't narrate to them
The battle within
The one you let
Your guard down
Swallow your pride
And accept defeat
Despite the voice within to fight.

Another says He loves me
I look deep within
Their eyes and
Face a wolf hungry
Ready to devour their prey.

But you were my shadow
Where when the going gets
The tough kept going
And through my veins
Reigned trust
For when the light desipated
You closed-in within me
Keeping me warm.

But this time
Its cloudy and as nice
As it was to wake
Jump out to greet
You before me
This time i waited only
To get wet from the
Continuos druming
Of rain drops
My stomach flooded.

Each night oozing out
Bits of salty flows
From my fluffy reddened
Accepting some battles are
Won by bowing to
A drowned body starts by wearing off its spirit.
Adrianna S E-B Jul 2020
The sweet lies you tell drip off your lips like honey.
I know that they are not true but I love when they come from you.
Every lie makes me think that one day they could be, but they're not cause they are word from you.
With every 'I love you' or 'I want to be with you' hits me in the heart like maybe this could for once be true.
However these are just meaningless words that will never be honest.
They are just lies that you say to get your way and break an already broken heart.
Isaac Ward Jul 2020
My hands are cold,
They're shaking, so violently,
This land is old,
We're breaking it real quietly,
So I asked, "what is the reason?",
Ah, ****, they're calling this treason.
Claudia Apr 2020
I fell in love
With the
Kind part
Of you,

The one
That would make sure everyone
Was Okay,
Even though you were not,

I fell in love
With the
Brave side
Of you,

The one
That did things,
Without a care in the world;
About what others thought of you.

I fell in love
With the
Loyalty piece
Of you,

The one
That stood up,
For the people you love the most,
Even though you were the one who needed someone to stand up for you,

You did
All of that,
Without knowing what others thought of you,
And you chose,

And you chose
To let it go,
To let it fade,
A piece buried.

I used to love
The broken soul
You once had,
Because you were kind, brave, and full of loyalty.

Now it’s faded,
And you don’t care,
You thought someone was not out there for you,
But I am... I was,

Until you let it fade,
Until you chose to go;
In your place is someone
That I don’t know.

I fell out of love
With the
Side of you,

The one
That lied
About anything
To friends and teachers.

I fell out of love
With the
Part of you,

The one
That didn’t care
For the dreams
You once had.

I fell out of love
With the
Piece of you,

The one,
Who talks
Over someone
Telling an awesome story.

I don’t know anymore
Whether I love you or not,
But I do know that the person
You once were is faded and is never coming back.

You may have lost your soulmate,
I may have been her,
But I don’t care,
You lost your chance,

Now you are
Someone I don’t know; Don’t love
You were
Someone I used to know; Used to love
Archer Feb 2020
Let me shed you like an old worn skin
It was well oiled, smooth and soft
Now its just irritating and doesn't fit
All the cracks show
Your lies prematurely aged it
Your dishonesty cured it
Your false tears hardened it
Now its completely worthless
100th poem
Amy Oct 2019
I have looked into deep brown eyes
Oh, so pretty they seemed
But don’t be fooled!
The ugliness behind them was cloaked with deceitful beauty.
The eyes are the windows to the soul, people say. But unfortunately not everyone's soul is pure and good.
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