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  May 2016 Bails B
High school.
I'll never miss the building.
And I'll only miss a few of the people in it.
To one of those people, if our paths don't cross again before I leave this town in dust.
I wish you best of luck.
  May 2016 Bails B
Dear Graduating Class of 2014

This is it
Three more days
And then you're gone
It's your time to leave

So why am I sad?
Why does thinking of this
Bring rainclouds to my eyes?
Why have I dreaded this day all year?

I got a brief taste of this
At the last band competition
I remember how much I cried
How much we cried
Back in November
At that last competition
It seemed like it was the end of the world
When, in reality
We all saw each other the very next Monday

But this is different
Last night,
That was the last time
The last time
And I'm going to miss you all
Every. One.
Cause we're family
No matter what happens
How far away you'll move
What college you'll go to
Whether or not you come back to help next year
I'll still love you all the same
Okay I wrote this on May 31st, but was trying to think of something more to add and couldn't.
Regardless, I will miss everyone terribly
  May 2016 Bails B
"...who are about to graduate in six weeks..."*

Six weeks.
Six weeks?!

How is it only six weeks
to the end of safety?

Am I really ready for
the real world?
  May 2016 Bails B
It's coming.
we can all feel it,
that trembling somewhere in the backdrop,
in your toes
and the pit of your stomach.
you hardly notice unless you stop to realize
this is it
It hits us all differently, i think.
Some embrace it, run to it.
they cannot wait a second longer
Others shrug it off, going through the motions
it's part of life, right?
not to me, not to the rest.
it's the equivalent of realizing
that there are only so many more times that i can see your smile again
that there is a limit to the amount of moments i can laugh so hard it aches
with those that make me feel as if i can climb up the mountains
that i will only be surrounded by for so much longer
and there will be no more driving down the road at 7:32 am
and admiring the way that the sun paints the clouds
and the mountains on the other side pink
and sometimes i can't help but remember the time he and i
shared a love of sunsets
and i dont know if i'll see him again but i hope so (i think)

i know i'll miss it.
the scent of leaves and the music and the sandaled spring days
and best friends and accidental friends
the people i have not known as long as i want,
no; need to know them
you can tell me it's going to be better; that this is just the start of it all
(that there are new people and new laughs and new feelings)
but right now it feels like the ending
the whole world ending
because really that's all it's ever been.
between the stressful tears and the days you thought would never end,
are speckles of laughter
and holding on to each other tight
arms on shoulders belting out a song
about the mountain peaks meeting the starry skies.
maybe it's talking about us,
because sometimes the night sky can be terrifying.
i don't think i can go on
without you all by my side.
  May 2016 Bails B
Megan H
Here's to a new beginning.
Pasts don't matter
Become who you want to be
Leave it all behind
Go live your life
Go find happiness
But don't forget
Happiness doesn't come from success,
It comes from you.
But don't ever
Forget you lived in this small town.
Don't ever
Forget your roots.

**In honor of my graduation from high school last night!**
  May 2016 Bails B
I hope one day I can write
The words that explain you
So that if you ever feel
Any less than beautiful
You can read the truth
Never forget that you are beautiful as a shining pearl. Don't let others throw your name into the ground however much they please. You are not a welcome mat.
Bails B May 2016
We're just becoming adults.
We're on the cusp of the rest of our lives.
Only two more months before we can leave this town and never look back,
Or to make this town our own and rule it how we want.
We can be unstoppable, pursuing our greatest passions and never giving up.
Do what you've always wanted to do now; they will be great stories in the end.
Do them today or else a year from now you'll be wishing you did.
Never forget where you came from.
There will be hardships - Goliaths trying to knock us down - but we will rise stronger than ever.
We may lose touch down the road, but remember it wasn't by choice.
Life just got in the way - university, careers, family are in store for us and they aren't bad for coming between us.
We've had many good adventures together, and all adventures must come to an end sometime.
Remember that you will always be on my mind; I love you now and forever; I will be hoping that your childhood dreams came true.
The next chapter of our beautiful story starts now.
Our future is here.
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