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Out of the deep
Depths of darkness,
We crawl from the
Evil that taunts us.
The struggles and strife
That life leans upon us-
Frantic and determined,
We are naked and harmless.
Evil might be convinced to believe
That we are weak in the knees,
It's up to me to succeed in life
Even without the wings of Achilles.
Forever give me power
As bright red as fire,
To be the best I can be
As this evil surrounds me.

*Copyright Christopher Rossi 2014
Barbed wire crime
Tongue tied mind
Dignity is diminished
The future executed
Her laughter suspenseful,
a shivering tale of discomfort
turmoil and bleeding mascara.
She denounces her faults
and erases our friendship;
I retract my statement
of trustworthy companionship.

Her developed state of maturity-
lack thereof existing,
she exploited
my love,
my patience;
and victimized my dedication.

I really
she could handle my passion,
when all I wanted
was an everlasting love.
A heart stopping contraction.
I am becoming a dangerous man...
I cannot breathe your light,
I do not know where I stand.
It is not like I needed to ask permission
to live or believe in your religion;
the one I was raised with.

I betrayed myself with a weary prayer.
I yearned for remission.
I was haunted by a guilty conscience, filled with monsters;
was not ever warned that it was all just nonsense!

Lord I am confident.
I cannot include you with the decisions I make,
By myself I will learn from my own mistakes.
No longer can I pray that my wishes come true,
I believe in myself more than I believe in you.
© Christopher Rossi, April 20, 2011
Ready to fly
for the second time
Far away for many days
To breathe in a new place.
Where will I end up along the way?
I haven't a clue; neither will you.

I sit and wait
For the time to escape
Making conversation with a dude
All tattooed
But enough is enough,
I'd like to nap before the flight comes.

The sun peaks through
Enlightening the people's view
Justifying the hope and
Safety of our travel plans.
Just a few more hours

I'll get where in goin,
and never look back.
Copyright Christopher Rossi, December 29, 2010
a girl with
a personality,
expensive taste,
soft skin and                     an honest embrace...
                                               that is what I want.
honesty is a rare trait these days,
in a world of animosity,
all seem phony all betray.
                    As I escape my fate
                                               I become my own face-
society around me
is different from me,
As the day begins to fade,
my work is done; a drink, I say!
A drink I'll have in Gonzo's Pub
to escape the people's fray.

A Girl...
with honesty
that is what I want...
                                               I'll take another shot please...
© Christopher Rossi, December 27, 2010
I hope there is a light beyond the darkness
that suffocates a confidence I used to believe in.
A hopeful feeling of salvation that used to be...
whole .
She burns through my vacant heart,
a pinhole charm, causing harm
upon my constant forgiveness.
I ignore I wait I beg I stay;
I fight with passion and bathe in my own pain.
I drown in my forgiveness
contemplate my regrets.
I am forced to forget her words
I have forgiven once before.
But I cannot ignore
my swollen wound is infected
burning with ignorance;
what appreciation?!
there is no turning back
now there is no sign of light,
I am not sure if I can forgive-
in the name of passion, I lose the fight,
laying dead in the choke of night.
© Christopher Rossi, December 27, 2010
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