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  Nov 2019 Petal
Silence is a place-
a state of being.

Silence comes from without-
within the beginning.

Silence is before birth-
endures after death.

Silence holds council-
with the silent.
Petal Nov 2019
I keep your flowers there,
in the back corner of my
Dark Heart
They wilted long ago
I water them with saline tears
an ever waiting heart
You crept up
from that secret place
Fake Bright
in my black space
  May 2019 Petal
Orion Lesneski
The life of a poet is hard,
People think that they love your work,
But it's not just work,
Its our life.
Petal May 2019
We all ache.
For things far out of reach.
Short sentences.
Things pushed and borrowed.
Things plunged upon by heavy, heaving chests.
But I,
believe in fairies.
Insane as my wicked thoughts are,
I ache too.
This was all I had. Lovely words that were shared as food at a lost since past Sunday Dinner at Church. Thank you all any way. And I loved you still as fog upon a spring pond before the Tennessee cows dipped. Really, I did.
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