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a poet sits in a corner
mind adrift floating some eons away
nether here nor there
but somewhere in between
yesterday and tomorrow and today

a reflection escaped from a mirror
a voice without a mouth
an ocean trapped in a tear
a story told over and over again
in a forest where every tree growing
makes its own sound

death is a mystery woven
into the fabric of life
grief is the thread
to which we use to mend our hearts
tragedy is the sacrificial lamb
to the alter where we will find
our laughter again

and love...

love is a sweater in the lost and found
waiting to be worn by anyone
in need of warmth
knitted from the softest yarn
from the generosity of kindness

love is row of crooked deciduous teeth
in a fresh bright smile
not yet ready to be traded
for quarters and trinkets
all giggles and sugar
in the innocence of youth
the magic of children

love is adrift
a vibration
connecting every heart
from this corner to that drugstore
from the gas station
to the solemn park bench
both here and there
anywhere and everywhere
looped through yesterday
  and tomorrow and today
  3d Petal
You have imprinted
My eternity
Walking on by me
Giving backward glance
And inviting smile

This magnetism
In fecundity
Your step fragile yet
Some great gravity
About your presence

You venal, naive
Yet like the woman
There is caveat
Men observe caution
Green little Mantis

Swaying in the breeze
your flowerprint skirt
Disappears from view
Down the boulevard
The perfume remains

May see you again
Next incarnation
Somewhere in my walk
Across life and time
Will you remember

© P.M.H 2009
Petal Apr 12
Yeah. Ive been away awhile.
I prefer the quiet shadows of the ungraced.
I also prefer decent poetry.
Of which, this site is apparently lacking as of late. This mockery,
This "teen angst"
hurts my head to read.
I once drew inspiration from the lovely poets that were once here.
Breathed every beautiful word as oxygen.
my very eyes hurt.
Fix, Pagan Paul, Ghost of Jupiter, Josh, Mary Magnolia, Sidd. Where are you? I didn't mean thus to trend. Matter of fact, I'd rather it not. Well ****.
  Apr 12 Petal
Green Eyed Blues
Annoyance to clarify
The leftover boundaries when sweeping life into dustpan
Deficiencies that crawl up your esophagus
And claw at your gag relax until your mouth is forced open and you spit out a bulk of *******
You really had no control
It’s not your fault so you move on to more pleasantries and pretense of pretending and a never ending
A repetition
A decomposition
Of who you are
Until you stumble upon something with a sparkle and you do your damndest to make that **** dull
  Apr 12 Petal
Green Eyed Blues
Georgette wrinkled by force
And will
Spun by universal magnet
Small space between sets of finger tips
Open a room woozy and uncertain
A reunion grasped right and held close
A team of hips sway in rudimentary crass
sartorius pronouncements like that of fine tongue
Linger in wisps of flair
Elegant syncopation lifts the heaviest of airs  
chaînés chaînés chaînés chaînés
Petal Dec 2018
I asked a question,

Can you please give me lead boots
just incase
I float away?
No notes. No anything.
  Nov 2018 Petal
Jonathan Reynolds
"The man in the mirror"
Who is this man in the mirror
I whipe the face to see him clearer
I see now looking back at me an image of the man I used to be
Wanting, wishing, hoping, waiting, fearing, loving, and sometimes hating trying my best to fit in
Wanting my life to begin everyday passes me by
the way way I lived was one big lie but that was then and this is now
My life is better and I know how it all changed
When I met you the way I was in now through
My heart is filled with love and peace
My guilt was lifted on wings of a dove
When I think of you I start to smile
I know now it was all worth while
You opened my eyes, my heart, and soul and now I have a brand new goal
To start our path of life together and live with happiness in our lives forever, to be beside you when I wake and prove to you that I'm not fake
Until my goal is fully complete my weary bones will never sleep
So back to the man in the mirror, one that I hope you can see clearer
This man is yours forever and true
Because I will always love you till my life is through
Written in 2010 while deployed in Iraq
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