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Chin up darling
Though the day feels so bland
I know that it's hard
Like youre stuck in quicksand
But soon the quagmire
Will ease and release
Soon I'll be home
For you to cuddle and tease
Until then, just know this:
I'll be missing you too-
So please dont be down
Or give in to the blues.
Aidan Jun 2019
I trusted you
I trusted you and I have been forgotten.
I have been forgotten and left to deal with the never ending abyss that is my mind.
What have I done to cause this?
What have I done to be left all alone in this world.

The reality checks that we get are unique to all of us but what really defines who we are is how we react to it.
It's how we use this wake up call to our advantage rather than let it be our downfall.

But you have let it get the best of you.
Reality has told you something that you did not wish to hear so you turned the other way.
Away from the truth.
You chose to ignore the pain rather than fight through it.
Rather than take it as a lesson and learn from it.

You chose the easy way out.
In most cases, I would agree with your decision but not now.
This was the wrong time to choose to escape.
This was the wrong time to choose to abandon hope of change.
Change comes around regardless and it is up to us to be there for when it arrives.
Change leads to many great things in life
Change can also lead to various horrific things

I trusted you and you left me to fend against the truth by myself
You left but I will still welcome you back with open arms.
I will still allow you the second chance to let me down
I will still allow you the chance to escape once more.

Maybe I need the lesson in who to trust
But it's you who needs the lesson in fighting.
This poem is about not having someone in your corner at the most detrimental time. About the fact that even though they left, you would still give them a chance to do it all over again.
Tim Garemore Feb 2019
I'm angry
or am I just filled with some hum
refusing to be reduced to the disgusting *** of the past two months, I ain't finished
sit down
and stick around
like these symptoms of depression stick on all around town
& at night
I get nothing done
and I'm lying to myself if I think that's faith, ***
I'm gonna do it or at the very least try

despite All the hits I've taken I survive
yeah, I want winter to die
I'm living it up like it's the afterlife
yeah, I feel nothing and a lot of it
now so it's time to do something because

I'm alive
and when I cry
It only serves as an opportunity to remind
me of it
so Don't count me out dude shove it

I'm not angry
Felt good to write this
anonymous999 Mar 2015
you are not delicate.
when your flesh bruises, when your bones break, when your head aches, when your lover leaves, you will carry on.
there is a reason tears do not burn skin.
your muscles were made to lift your heavy heart and leaden legs.
you were made to carry on.

so when he tells you "i don't love you anymore," your bones will not allow you to collapse, your muscles will carry you forward. there is a reason your eyes are in the front of your head. don't look back.

you will not break.
you are not a cheap manufactured toy.
you are an exquisite human being hand-crafted by the likes of god.
your weak joints cannot be snapped.
you are made of blood, sweat, and tears and you are resilient.
your heart will not break. the average human heart heart has over 2 billion beats in it. until you are old and wrinkled, your heart will be there, ba-thum, ba-thum, reminding you that yes, you are alive, you are so alive.

your bones don't break on a nightly basis.
a force of 1,700 pounds per square inch is required to fracture a femur, and yes, i know his words felt like punches, but your ribs are quite alright.

i know that your past sits on your shoulders, i promise that you were made to bear its weight.

your heart strings are made of solid steel and though you may not have an iron grip, you learn to catch the curveballs. i promise.

so no, you will not break.
you are not delicate. you are strong, you are beautiful, you are unique.
you will not break.
you will endure
don't give up
SøułSurvivør Feb 2015

this morn I saw a feather white
fall to concrete. solid.  grey
almost as an aftersight
the westward wind
took it away

today i saw two butterflies
bright wing'd jewels
upon the breeze
how could a creature
such as i
be company
to such as these?

a tiny bird eclipsed my sight
a peridot with eyes of black
no branch had she
on which to light
but was not mindful
of the lack

my soul doth fly
with pain'd wing
for suffering my heart doth cry
my voice has naught to sing
my inmost self
is doomed to die

upon love's branch
i would delight
upon love's breast
I'd fully lean
but 'tis a divine oversight
i walk this world alone


majestic mountains will arise
and move to places
God has planned
before my heart
unknown. despised
will find
a proper


for landing's cause i set my course
for hills will part into a wraith
i have a will to take by force
i will fimd haven
in my faith

(C) 2/14/2015

Amy Perry Jul 2014
I am the breath you exhale
That sends dandelion seeds asail.
To you, a momentary pleasure,
While it gives my life new measure.
You've plucked me from home,
Blew me into the unknown.
I might be a seed under your boot,
My existence could seem moot.
But next summer, when you've lost incentive
In momentary pleasures, no longer attentive,
I'll be in full bloom.
Pick me up, I'll rebound again soon.

— The End —