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Joey McNamara Feb 2015
Even though it's not the end,
It is.
Even though it's not all over,
It is.
Even though you are a friend,
Even now I'm getting sober,
It's over.
Joey McNamara Feb 2015
There is no left or right
If there is, its not in sight

I'm Lost
The only way is down
There is no way up
I'm Lost

Its nothing, nothing at all
Its nothing, nothing understandable

I'm lost
The words won't come out
They're stuck in the mouth
I'm lost

With a steady hand there could be more
But the steady hand is shaking

I'm lost
The tears don't come anymore
Nothing does, not even a glisten
I'm lost

A smile seems so easy
But it's asking the impossible

I'm lost
Alone and in silence
Unsure and disgraced
I'm lost

Outside? What is this?
Inside is all there is

I'm lost
A distraction seems necessary
But innevitably futile
I'm lost
Big words make things better
But the little ones hurt
I'm lost
No more, it's becoming unbearable
This can't Be the end
I'm lost
Joey McNamara Apr 2014
You don't know
What I know
So say what you will

If you saw
What I've seen
You might change your mind

The hardest thing
In this world
Is to live in it

We lie here
Carrying on
As if it was nothing

But deep inside
You must know
That it's ok to feel dark

The hardest thing
In this world
Is to live in it

So carry on
As before
And feel what you want

We all see
Colours and shades
It's not black and white

The hardest thing
In this world
Is to live in it

It's okay
To break down
We'll all get along

But stay strong
And stay close
It's not over yet

The hardest thing
In this world
Is to live in it
Joey McNamara Dec 2013
While I'm here
While I can see
With the world surrounding
Me as I'm **free

The weight
Is becoming too much
The air
Is becoming too thin
As I stare
It's your face I see
Growing in me

Forever climbing
'Till we get to the top
I can feel
All the brids in the air
And it's getting
It's getting too much

Dramtic as it is
It's still not enough
Look at me
Stare at me
Tell me I'm dead


Don't open the door
On the other side
Is more than you bargained for
Just leave me
Alone in this field
This entire melencholy
Is the next harvest's yield

Leave me alone
But please leave the door
Slightly ajar
Although the darkness is welcoming
All though it's embrace is tight
I still need the comfort
Of soft morning's light
Joey McNamara Nov 2013
As the day gets darker, so does the mind.
Slipping and tumbling, falling behind.
“Take one of these, one every day.
And tell those bad niggling feelings, they’re going to pay.”
“So with a snap and a crack, my life will be back?”
“But yes of course, that’s what I propose!
But come back here next month, and I’ll up the dose.”
Joey McNamara Oct 2013
Like a moth to a flame
Again and again
Incoming thoughts
I'm crosses and noughts
Feelings emotions and other such things
Flying around, the emptiness rings
Screaming at me, telling me to feel
Though none of it really, ever seems real
I want it to stop but I can only hit pause
In a black hole of nothing and trapped in it's jaws
Pulling me down when I want to soar
Keeping me trapped on the floor
Neglegted by all and treated by none
The ego, my feelings and more are all gone
And I'm left in the dark with nothing to say
But I need to get up, need to start the day
Joey McNamara Oct 2013
You wake up in the morning
Have tea that tastes appalling
You sit down for a plan
And get trapped by little man
You say, what the hell, get off of me!
Please, you're sitting on me, let me free!
But the man has a plan, involving a van
And little do you know it's already began!
He's tied you up, dragging you now
Then you're in the van and you don't know how
He takes you to his house, attacks you with an axe
Takes off your ears, adds a bit more, you have two backs!
You want him to stop, then he goes to bed
What do you care though? You're dead!
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