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Hannah West Jan 2013
Oh, how I wish I were laying in your arms,
Being swooned by your special brand of charm.
The room, darkened by the night,
Though with a soft glow from moon light.
I'd know I was safe.
With every breath I take
But it is,
A second later, stolen by your kiss.
A kiss that I lie here and miss.

A kiss stolen from an innocent girl
A kiss, that changes her world.
She is a child no more;
Yes, she's quite different than from before.
She's a girl, she herself never knew.
What's this girl to do?
Why, she's guided by boy, of course.
A boy who's willing to gently show her the works.
A boy who will unknowingly captivate her heart,
He'll find himself hating the two being apart.
He'll find that he cares for this girl,
This girl who's changed his world.
The two souls will intertwine,
And they'll call one another, "mine."
Though unsure of what lies ahead,
She'll still dream of laying beside him in her bed.
As she lies in the soft moonlight,
Darkened by the night,
"Oh, how I wish I were laying in your arms,
Being swooned by your special brand of charm."
Hannah West Nov 2012
Please dear, you  know I
Love you, and that I need you.
Everything in my life has gone down hill,
As this bad luck
Streak persists.
Even though it all went bad, I was

Still happy I had you. But you've
Taken it away from me. Well, perhaps not completely.
Amorous activity kind of engaged, and
You said, "Maybe

It doesn't have to end."

Everything has gotten a little better, yet I have this
Eerie-like feeling.

You really still want me, just as much as you previously did?
Obviously, you still have feeling, but I'm
Unsure if its the exact same as before.
The poem is more than it appears.
Hannah West Jun 2012
She's             the one who looks indifferent. Only because she's

Dying           on the inside.

To                  most, they only see a girl who wants to

Be                  all she can be. But when she's  
With              The person she loves most, she's with

You.              All she wants is for you to love her, too.
Hannah West Jun 2012
I'd cross mountains,
Ride trains,
Swim the seven seas,
Fly across the skies,
Run the distance,
Walk the length,
Drive on rough roads,
And to be completely frank,

I'd do anything to be with you.
I wonder if you'd do anything to be with me, too.

I'm not sure if you would,
That's okay,
As long as you let me stand by your side today,
It'll be worth it anyway.
Late night+thoughts=silly poems like this one.
Hannah West Jun 2012
Music is a passion.
Not a describing word for your fashion.

Music is an escape,
To some other beautiful place.

Music is a form of expression,
That keeps you away from that depression.

For some people, it's an obsession,
But that doesn't give most a bad impression.

Music is a wondrous thing,
All it needs is a person to sing.

Music is a dream,
A piece of cloth, bursting at the seams.

It drives us to be who we are,
It drives us to go that far.

We walk the distance,
And run the length,
Of persistence.

All because of the melodies and notes;
The beats that play in our ears,
Those rhythms that wash away our fears.
Hannah West Jun 2012
What if you love me?

What if you want more than this?
A fake relationship.
I love what we have now,
But I can't help but crave more.
I sort of wish we dated again as before.

What if you push me away?
I'd love nothing more than to stay.
Stay with you,
For all my life
But what if my hearts is stabbed yet again by your metaphoric knife?

What if you care more deeply than I?
This should be as easy as pie.
When I tell you how I feel,
And you say the same in return,
And no longer will I have to yearn.

What if that's not the case?
A love unrequited because I was just a pretty face.
Not something more,
Just a body
That you like so fondly.

What if you love me
Like I love you.
And we're just both too afraid,
To admit the truth?
Hannah West Apr 2012
Sometimes in life,
I pause where I stand and take a breath,
Forgetting about my sorrows and strife.
For once not fearing death.

Sometimes I live,
Like the seed of a tree,
Not needing to forget, or forgive,
Just flying around; free.

Sometimes I lie,
Just to get people off my back.
I'm feeling upset because of a guy,
But it's not like many people really give a crap.

Sometimes I cry,
Because I want to let out the stress I have
Over that one guy,
Who is just a chav.

Sometimes I smile
Because once in a great while,
He makes my happy
Even though at the same time he makes me life ******.

Sometimes I shake,
I can't handle what's really at stake;
Loosing someone like you,
Is something I can't live through.

Sometimes I want to scream;
You did break my heart
And I'm only happy in dreams,
Where we're not living worlds apart.

Sometimes I want to yell,
Because you feel compelled,
To keep secretes from me,
As if it'll keep from making bad memories.

Sometimes, I feel the pain
You caused with a knife,
Through my heart's vain's.
Nearly ending the meaning of my life.

And yet,
Somehow. . .

Somehow in life,
I pause where I sit,
Taking a breath, no longer feeling the knife,
Planted there by some twit.
Random Definitions!
Chav: British slang for a particular bloke.
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