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Do you know if someone discovered a cure for broken heart?

A medicine to erase your memories from my brain
An analgesic for numbing my heart pain..
Atleast a sedative that can make me forget your name..
so that my tears dont have to drain..
and I can be free from your hain..
Whittney May 2018
Your death caused a fracture in the foundation of the family
Trying to tie a tourniquet above the gaping hole isn’t an option
We all tiptoe around the pools of blood, but it still sticks to our sneakers.
thesa Aug 5
i'm paralyzed
my eyes hurt and i can't stop
the voices inside my head

tell me
which sense does the cure have
when i was comfortable
in my insanity
Eloisa Jul 6
It is only in my moment of silence
that I could hear my voice
I got lost in the wilderness
but I have found myself
~My Regular Nature Walk
There should be moments that you have to find time to have some solitude to review the past and do some deep thinking which is vital to your own growth. This is the time to identify your dreams that you already brought into reality and some goals and plans that you have not yet accomplished. Being with my own company at times provided me a chance to rediscover myself and my life’s purpose. It helped me reflect on my past and chart my future properly.
Andra May 2016
How did you end up
flowing in my veins?
I breathe you
with every second that passes
and I cry with tears
that taste like you.


I should make myself
a tea
and calm down...
as if this could
heal me...

How can you heal
with an ordinary tea,
a chronic problem?

give me
ten boxes of aspirin.

Miss Saitwal Aug 2018
Places where we go and free our headspace,
spreading our  hands and feeling the raindrops.

It felt like an unique amalgamation of fright, fury and pure joy.

Fright of all the obligations barged on the soul.
Fright of not being with the right people at the right time.
Fright of falling on our own feet.

Round & round on the playground,
with an overwhelming typsy feeling.

The joy of sliding on the slippery dip,
touching the sky hanging on the swing.
The breeze touching the feet, playing with the hair & ticking the ears, until we fear to fall on the ground.

The alarming feeling of how precious our life is.
The joy of constantly working on ourselves to improve in life.
The joy of keeping ourselves first.
The joy of not missing out & living in the moment;

The joy of emphatic long conversations,
The joy of selfless efforts with no expectations.
The joy of doing the right things,
always at an unsuitable time;
The joy of being intutive over calculative.

The joy of spending fruitful earnings;
& believing in karma.

Feeling no need to explain our way of doing things
& doing what makes us feel good about ourselves.
Absolute joy of not being too ******* ourselves.

All joyful things go wrong, because it is their job to.
We make all dreadful things right, because it is our job to.

It all makes sense now,
We must get up,
spread your hands,
feel the raindrops,
and say,

“We made it all worth.”
avalon Aug 2017
white noise. a fan.
the wind, curling around red sand.
clinging to your memories, your hands,
dripping like lost leaves in a lost land,
the scratching of time on mortal man,

can you feel it
in the back of your mind?
these are the sounds
we wash
and leave behind.
Black surges, forges piling emotion,
Foraging, attaining such predicted erosion.
Color the rubies to a diluted amber,
Brittle, dripped gems are toxic, I clamber
To the lamp as to see my implicit devotion.

Vitals ascend, and I can't perceive
This motionless forfeit I often receive.
Aid is essential, it holds potential,
To cure this conflicted, addicted vessel.
My heart on my sleeve, I'm undeceived.

I implore to explore, as breath, I leave,
So close to dying, I'm on the eve
Of darker clothing, and flowers to family,
Hallucinate my abnormalities.
Yet somehow, I am still on my feet-
All feedback is welcome and appreciated.
Joseph Miller Mar 2018
Whenever you're feeling down
just look up
the beauty in the sky
is always there
for you
and I
smiling bright
like the sun
above the clouds
and sky so blue
reflected in your eyes
every twinkle of the stars
I see how beautiful you are
always with me
and I
always with you
susurri Apr 2
Late at night, when distant memories surface, she pulls at the tug of nostalgia.

In a different life, maybe they stood a chance. Maybe she didn’t walk away. Maybe he didn’t let her leave.

In a different world, maybe they could have been. Maybe she would have kissed him. Maybe he would have fought for her.

In a different universe, maybe they’re in love. Maybe she’s his heartbeat. Maybe he’s her home.
Sabila Siddiqui Apr 2018
I was your fuel
You were my drain
I was your blessing
You were my lesson
I was your cure
You were my disease
I was saving you
You were killing me

- I was calming your soul, you were stirring mine
pk tunuri Mar 2018
It's been quite a while now
Again, it just felt so wow

We both left each other with many questions
I always wanted to know why
Now, you choose to answer me with your questions
I wish all of this was a lie

Since we were immature
A lot of things were unsure

But the pain you've made me suffer was pure
I still cannot find any cure
Be it your friend, Be it Your Ex., Meeting them after a long time makes you feel wow with all those memories flashing on. Nothing pains more than a foolish decision we took when we were immature.
Ineffable Feb 2
open up
first sip
its relaxing
i look out into
the dark night, it's cold
how did I get to this point again?
no, I don't care, i just take a loooong
sip, sip, sip, i like getting warmer it's
not as lonely. i recently read that drink
ing tea is a cure for loneliness because it
imitates human warmth, even though just
sip, siiip, for temporary time is'nt that just
pathetic? swallow, burn, warmth, rinse
siipp and repeat. cold air freezes, freesses
frees me! the bottle is my best friend and
sihps, now even my best friend is hollow
wat a shaym, sh amme, shame
ghalya Jan 20
They tell me that one day someone will come into my life and make everything feel right again,
but how can they? I've always longed for things I can't have, people that don't return.
I have never felt the sublimity of anyone's presence like I did with yours, nevertheless, I pushed you away.
I always do this, when I finally find something good worth keeping, the fear of losing it makes me subconsciously push it away.
I let everything get the best of me, not realizing what I'm worth, I never keep what I deserve.
I am brimming with secrecy inside of me, your presence still lingers within me.
The truth was never meant to be seen, only touched and left for eternity to disintegrate.
Even if we were destined to be, I think it's only imaginary.
thesa Feb 12
i drank you
as my cure

when maybe the whole time
you have been the poison
I abuse them
They abuse me
But I let them
They help me see

They call it drugs
I call it cure
They're far better than hugs
They help rid all my fear
Pills feel good
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