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Akhil Bhadwal Feb 22
All these years, I waited for you
But you weren't who you said were you
Unbeknownst to this, I give my everything for you
Just to let you know that I loved you more than you do

You said till death do us part, I will be there for you
But you moved on like it was no big deal for you
Left me alone to face the music over actions of you
Just to let me know that I loved your more than you do

I've no love now, thanks to you
But you now love someone more than you
I cried, wept, and didn't slept thinking about you
Just to let you know that I loved you more than you do
Details a failed relationship. Follows a a a b rhyme scheme.
Akhil Bhadwal Mar 2021
Baby I'm sorry, I don't want to be mean,
Meaning is that I don't want to sin
But what can I do, if I don't feel it beyond my skin!
Oh No! Oh No, that means! She's sorry again

What a fool I was, to make her bear that kind of pain
Pain that is not meant, never meant to be seen,
Something I am to avoid, so keen.
Oh No! Oh No, she's sorry again!

She asked me if I was bored, I told her not,
Hurtful words I said, I accept this fact,
I'll try my best to never repeat this act.
Oh No! Oh No, alas! She's sorry, once again!
Follows a b b c rhyme scheme.
Akhil Bhadwal Nov 2020
They are still burning for me, guiding me forever,
Their shine getting dimmer, but flicker? never!
I am nothing without their light,
I'm bright only because of their shiny sight.

Don't know how long will they be on this plane with me,
But I know for sure, they will always be locked away inside my red *****,
Flowing through every drop of my blood and every thought of my existence,
Guiding me/keeping me sane whenever I'm lost/short of sight.

People say that nothing lasts forever, but true love does,
It was, it is, it will.
Hey, I believe your loved ones never leave you,
They are always inside your soul, guiding you with their eternal light!
Gratitude for my loved ones, especially my parents!
Akhil Bhadwal Apr 2020
Life is not about what you expect,
It's about what you make out of that you get
Life is not about what you have,
It's all about what you can save

Life is not about regret,
It's about what you can set
Life is not about what you have to bear,
It's all about what you hold dear

Life is not about who you were,
It's about what you've become now and here
Life is not about where you started,
It's all about where you stood when it all ended
A commentary about life. Follows a a b b rhyme scheme.
  Jan 2020 Akhil Bhadwal
Thousands of words with,
Diverse meaning.
Convene together,
to releate a feeling.
Twist them little,
they will make bleed.
Twist them more,
and there spring a new creed.

An ocean of sounds,
But none ascribe me.
To embellish a constant ramble,
voices starts to play scramble

In this expanding tangle.
How to become amble,
like a perennial flow.
Words are finding,
their true meaning pretty slow.

Dreaming an oasis in the dessert of differences.
A world where inferences,
spread beyond the sky
So one can converse the language of I.
Sometimes words can't express what one wants to say.
Akhil Bhadwal Jan 2020
ITs mind is like a maze
Filled with chaotic, nuisance, ****** haze
Every sin and curse and the 7 deadly sins, submit
Soon you'll float too there

Hate and rejection is what IT feels like
Fear is the fuel that IT needs all the time,
So being brave is foolishness for IT, submit,
And soon you'll float there too

Love is what IT isn't all about
That fear for IT is the courage for us all,
Living in peace is what IT doesn't know, believe and learn
To let everything go
If you don't what this is all about...I'm extremely terrified
Akhil Bhadwal Dec 2019
I don't lie,
I only avoid telling the truth
Some things are better,
When you let them the way they were

While some others are,
In need of adjustment, or fine-tuning, must I say
To keep everything in place,
Like it is meant to be, preservation of the world

I don't lie, I've confessed,
Make peace with all my sins at last
Like I said, I don't lie, but hey,
Maybe, this time, who knows, I just did
No particular rhyme scheme. Everybody tells lies, either to please others or for self-benefit or both or whatever...
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