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By: CedricMcClester

The Republican Party is owned
By a stone cold loser
He’s an acknowledged
Serial woman abuser
And perhaps a secret
******* user
As well as a bully
And a political bruiser

The Republican Party
Has lost their way
They’ve attached themselves
To a big liar today
Out of fear that the liar
Might make them pay
They bend to his will
As if it is olay

The Republican Party
Is a house that’s divided
Which happened to them
Once they decided
To hitch their wagon
To a falling star
Which explains why
They find themselve where they presently are

The Republican Party
Is clearly doomed
And that isn’t something
That I’ve randomly assumed
I’ve studied the situation
You might have presumed
And observed the idol worship
In which they’re consumed

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

Keven McCarthy says he’s had it
Cos he can’t stand the truth
And Senator Liz Cheney
Is the living proof
She refuses to promote the big lie
Or should I say the spoof
That the last presidential election was stolen
Which the evidence disproves

Republicans have lost their soul
They’re marching in lock step
They’re not the Republicans of old
What we see is what we get
They’re tied to a failed president
Who lies with no regret
It’s a cult of personality
And they’re all in his debt

Repulican have sold their souls
To the devil incarnate
And they deserve the shrinking ranks
That they no doubt will get
They have bet their entire house
Which is about to be upset
But they pay this no nevermind
Which will be to their regret

They no longer believe in God
They swore fealty to the devil
I know what I’m saying is hard
But it’s on the level
They will soon be buried
Can someone get  a shovel
It’s high time that we
Unite to bust their bubble

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.

By: Cedric McClester

Whites have always had
Their black apologists
And South Carolina’s Tim Scott
Fits nicely into this
He’s a prime example of why
They say ignorance is bliss
If he truly believes
That America is not racist

He sites a few examples of
Him being stopped
By white police officers
That was over the top
But this notwithstanding
His world wasn’t rocked
He was quite accepting
And so he wasn’t shocked

He’d do anything to stay
Inside his master’s house
Where he could eat crumbs
Off the table and not even grouse
In fact he’d stay as quiet as
A  proverbial church mouse
Articulating the master’s virtues
That he’s so quick to espouse

He has no qualms at all
About being used
He stands six feet tall
But he must be confused
And if this notion is one
That he would disabuse
I wouldn’t be surprised at al
I’d simply be amused

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

I love America
For what it could be
But it’s still racist
As far as I can see
I’m basing my conclusion
On present and past history
Which to say the least
Has been quite blustery

I love America
For it’s promise
But loving her as I do
I have to be honest
That doesn’t mean
That America is flawless
And I’m taking this opportunity
To call this

I love America
Believe me I do
Despite everything
It’s put my people through
I’m optimistic that
It can have a breakthrough
And finally do the things
That it’s supposed to do

I love America
With my heart and soul
But sometimes America
Tends to leave me cold
It’s not the nation
That’s been bought and sold
And its streets have never
Been paved with gold

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

I can’t stand
All this excitement
America’s mayor
Will be under indictment
For criminal activity
In the Ukraine
Do you understand
What I’m saying

America’s mayor’s
Apartment was raided
Along with his office
But we knew he was jaded
His seeming immunity
Has all but faded
Now that Barr is gone
It should be stated

America’s mayor
Acted like a mob boss
When he represented the president
He was able to floss
But he’s on his own now
Which is par for the course
And could go to prison
Once the law is enforced

America’s mayor
Is a hand grenade
Who lied about the election
When he drank Trump’s Kool Aid
And now that his star has started to fade
He’ll be vacationing in the Everglades
With a fake moustache
And a pair of dark shades

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved..
By: Cedric McClester

It isn’t a mere misnomer
That a Chinese immigrant
Haa been left
In a coma
After a vicious beating
Leaving a subdural hematoma
Which we hope doesn’t morph
Into an acute blastoma

Collecting bottles
Off  the street
Shouldn’t result
In anyone getting beat
For scraping a living
He caught the heat
Of a deranged individual
Who wanted raw meat

Was it a hate crime?
Who the hell knows
Why the immigrant caught
That many blows
The level of viciousness
Just goes to show
How far that perpertrator
Chose to go

What kind of evil
Lurks within the hearts of men?
Who would do such a thing
Where should we begin?
Was it his upbringing
Or then again
Was it the devil
Who committed the sin?

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

Systemic racism
Doesn’t exist
Senator Lindsey Graham
Would probably insist
But that doesn’t mean
That he’s not remiss
See this is why they say
Ignorance is bliss

Systemic racism deniers
Point to the gains
That some blacks have made
Which has loosen their chains
But that notwithstanding
The fact still remains
Systemic racism exits
Despite their refrains

Systemic racism
Is a salient fact
Look at the rights  
They wanna take back
Like the right to vote
Which is anti-black
In spite of us having
A Voting Rights Act

Systemic racism
Is insidious
And it is worthy
Of our mutual disgust
See it not only harms
Just some of us
Though it’s mostly blacks
Who put up a fiuss

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2021.  All rights reserved.
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