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Cedric McClester May 2022
By: Cedric <cCleter, Copyright © 2022.

We have been beseeched
To vote to impeach
Associate Supreme Court Justice
Clarence Thomas for his overreach
He has excused
Voting on things for which
He should have been rescued
And those laws he abused

He and his right-wing wife
Are partners for life
And their collaboration
Has been rife
Cutting their deals
With a knife
Causing the court undue
Stress and strife

See they’re cut from
The same cloth
Stuck together like
Wool fabric and a moth
Which they proudly wear
And they’ve struck hard
Instead of soft

So I don’t see
Nothing wrong
With both of ‘em
Being gone
Since they’ve been there
Much too long
And that sentiment
Is strong

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2022.  All rights reserved.
Cedric McClester May 2022
By: Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2022.

Isn’t it pathetic
That they’re unapologetic
As a general aesthetic
Yet we see them wax poetic
So we witness them rise
While democracy dies
Like the crow flies
Right before our eyes?

Isn’t it a **** shame
That in their party’s name
They seek ill-gotten gain
By making voting rights wane
Despite the suffering and pain?
They still will not refrain
From electioneering in the main
Which they have made plain

Isn’t it ridiculous
How they’ve become meticulous
At attacking the ventriculus
Of what used to exist
As a basic right
That was clear from
Day and night
Despite our struggle and fight?

Isn’t it passing curious
Not enough of us are furious
And that’s become injurious
In addition to being spurious?
But like Walt Disney’s elves
That’s where we find ourselves
Just like in the past
We’re bogged in their morass

Cedric McClester, Copyright (c) 2022.  All rights reserved.
Cedric McClester May 2022
By: Cedric McClester, Copyright (c) 2017

Am I dating myself
With these words out my mouth?
See, I remember a time
When we flashed the peace sign
And called one another
Sister and brother
Seems we’ve gone sour
On acquiring black power
And black on black crime
Is the new paradigm
When we look in the mirror
It becomes much more clearer
That we hate what we see
Although that shouldn’t be
Remember freedom marches
Before the golden arches

Then ****** entered in
And we start popin’ our skin
Before we shot it straight into our veins
Which probably explains
Why we regressed
Long before the present opioid mess
It was ****** first,
But then it got worst
So let me take you back
To the era of crack
When a nickel or dime
Could trigger a crime
And what really hurt you
Is the women who lost their virtue
But I’m not absolving the men
Who’d engage in all kinds of sin

I remember gangster rap
And how that set the trap
Which brought the stress and strife
From tryna live that gangster life
Then the East Coast West Coast war
That didn’t exist before
Remember when Biggie and Tupac were friends?
Instead of how their story ends
They’ire a classic group today
But I remember when NWA
Used to pull out all stops
When they sang **** the cops
And chronicled their lives
Called their girlfriends and their wives
All kinds of ******* and ******
Then would dance down on all fours

Now let me bring you up to date
Would it be wrong for me to state?
When it was our problem alone
It was the prisons we were shown
There was little sympathy don’t cha see
When it  was just you and me
Who said they had a problem
There were few out there to solve ‘em
But opioids are everywhere
And it’s a disease now, so I hear
That crosses all socio-economic lines
Now there are many telltale signs
It’s now called an opioid disorder
Past the inner city border
And the word is harm reduction
Instead of out and out destruction

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2017.  All rights reserved.
Cedric McClester May 2022
By: Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2022.

It’s not that he’s
So easy to assail
But Donald Trump needs to be
Perp- walked to jail
Where his thin orange  skin
Can suddenly turn pale
And his lifestyle can suddenly
Begin to fail

Impeachable charges
Lodged against him twice
But his Republican supporters
Wouldn’t roll the dice
This was upon
Mitch McConnel’s advice
Because on the head of his party
It wouldn’t look nice

So twice Trump was able
To dodge a bullet
Cause no one had the courage
To even pull it
And you and i must admit
Nothing about him suggests he will quit
But when the Marshals arrest him
He’ll have to submit

Just imagine
Him doing time
In a six by ten cell
For an assortment of crime
Then life would have a reason
As well as a rhyme
Like it always has
In the annals of time

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2022. All rights reserved.
Cedric McClester May 2022
By: Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2022.

Once again Clarence
has come up short,
He needs to be removed
From the Supreme Court
Which he has treated
Like a blood sport
That he and his Jinny
Have  overwrought

It’s alright that he’s
A Conservative,
Since that’s the way
That he’s chosen to live
And so with him
It’s always more take than give
But Court secrets
Get revealed like sieve

And Clarence is more than
Well aware
That  with his best friend Jinny
Just sitting there
Court secrets become
A community share
Of which she makes her friends
Quite well aware

Now there’s an uproar
Over a leaked draft decision
That Clarence assigned
To another with derision
While abdicating his own
Rightful position
Now his wife lacks the courage
To make her admission

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2022.  All rights reserved.
Cedric McClester May 2022
By: Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2022.

What’s wrong
With the world today?
It’s really hard to say
If you’re asking me
Then I’d reply, we must have lost our way
Climate change has rearranged the seasons
And war’s declared everywhere
Without adequate reasons

What’s wrong with society
Are you really asking me?
The answer should be pain enough
For a blind man to see
And there’s only one conclusion
That I would postulate
The world as we now know it
Seems to be full of hate

What’s wrong with people
And their priorities
We appear to be acquiescing
To right wing minorities
We’ve abandoned long held principles
Held by our majorities
And we’ve made the far right
Our new authorities

What’s wrong
With the world today?
People we have
Feet of clay
And we let our vulnerabilities
Constantly get in our way
So consequently
There’s price that we’re forced to pay

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2022.  All rights reserved.
Cedric McClester May 2022
By: Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2022.

I’m closer to death
Than I ever was before
But I’m not letting that
Bother me anymore
One day sooner or later
Death and me will meet
And he’ll lay his mantel
At my feet

Then whisper forcefully
Come with me
To a land beyond
What you presently see
Where you will be
For eternity
In a grave
With an endless fraternity

From me ya see
There’s no escape
Once I cover you
In my velvet drape
And take you to
A new landscape
Where your future
Will begin taking shape

Whether it will be
Heaven or hell
Only God up above
Can actually tell
After His angel
Rings your death knell
And you have been faced
With your final bell

Cedric McCleser, Copyright © 2022.  All rights reserved.
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