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By: Cedric McClester

Come on man admit,
You never gave a ****,
Or care one little bit
Because you’re counterfeit
You may have made the call
Just to say you did, that’s all
But that gesture was so small
As to not have happened at all

You’re bragging on your blog
You gutless demagogue
Where was the dialogue?
See you didn’t do it whole hog
The call you made was forced
You don’t have any remorse
From the issue you remain divorced
But I guess that’s par for course

We need a healer and chief
Not someone who adds to our grief
Who’s as distant as a barrier reef
And is callous beyond belief
Somebody who’s patient and wise
Who can also empathise
With what’s before their eyes
Or at the very least tries

Pow, boom, straight to the moon
It’s past time we replace this buffoon
And the election is coming real soon
Let’s free ourselves of this cartoon
Why look for leadership,
From someone who’s prone to trip?
And also shoot from the hip
Because he’s losing his grip

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.

By: Cedric McClester

As I sit here and reflect,
It appears, I’m the usual suspect
You’re suppose to serve and protect
So please take  your knee off my neck
If I tell you I can’t breathe,
I seriously doubt I’ll be believed
As if something is up my sleeve
Must my family and loved ones always grieve?

Must they be the ones to regret,
The sale of a loose cigarette?
Or even better yet,
A counterfeit  20 still wet
See, I’d really like to know,
How far does this thing have to go?
Before my top’s gonna blow
And my hurt and my anger show

As countless others like me die,
Am I just supposed to sit by,
Without having to wonder why?
Am I a convenient bullseye?
Sometimes the going gets rough,
But when is enough enough?
I realize your job is tough
But don’t **** me if I’ve been handcuffed

And when tempers run hot
You say it’s a left wing plot
But that’s not always what we got
See, it might be what your actions wrought
Now you may not wanna buy it
But people all over are tired
And might be prone to riot
Or burn down a hotel like the Hyatt

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

Four o’clock in the morning,
It finally came to me
Why we are seeing
Some of the things we see
People in the streets protesting
Demonstrating their misery
From the deadly repetition
That never has to be

Four o’clock in the morning,
suddenly I have clarity
Yesterday it was George Floyd
Tomorrow it could be me
Racism is at the root
Of the unwarranted brutality
So the question we must ask,
Is are any of us free?

Four o’clock in the morning
It’s the bewitching hour
When I turn the news back on
The situation’s dour
Cuz it’s a tug and pull
Where each side wants the power
And one side is out gunned
So the other is forced to cower

Four o’clock in the morning
And the White House has been silent
The country is going up in smoke
Amid the turmoil and the violence
We’re in need of some national leadership
But it hasn’t been forthcoming
You see the President has lost his grip
And it’s clearly numbing

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

Enough of your half-*** excuses
We’ve become accustomed,
To your verbal abuses
And the reaction it often produces
It’s much too late for flashing duces
When it’s a matter of wrong or right
We can count on you to incite
And make your base wanna fight

Before the looting even starts
There’s a tragedy in equal parts
That tugs at our hearts
Because of how it smarts
Then throw in the anarchists
And the urge to become ******
Becomes too hard to resist
So  we get results like this

And it only gets ratcheted higher
When gasoline is poured on the fire
Until the situation becomes dire
Which must be what you desire
Because time and time again
You through rocks
And then pretend
That you’d like to see it end

Some strive to bring us together
But you were never quite that clever
Instead you’d rather sever
National ties to do whatever
Your sick agenda might require
Which is never to inspire
So why put out the fire,
When it doesn’t meet with your desire?

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

The match has now been lit
And the President’s talking ****
But that’s the government we get
When we elect a total misfit
As we look all around
Whole communities are burning down
Although it is unsound
The message is profound

How come you’re asking me,
Why is there so much anarchy?
When none of us are free
Judging by the things we see
Amidst the toil and strife
Another civilian loses his life
And that cuts deep like a knife
For his loved ones and his wife  

Common-law, or not
That’s the woman that he’s got
Shedding tears along with snot
Because the situation got hot
For those who read their Bible
It isn’t even tribal
It’s becoming so archival
That it’s a matter of survival

It defies our intellect
Underneath the mere context
Of wondering who’ll be next
When a cop decides to check
And it results in unwarranted death
The mourners are the only ones left
To them it hurts just like a theft
Then all of us become bereft

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All  rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

Let’s just suppose,
The victim had been white
With a policeman on his neck,
In broad daylight
Would the reaction be the same
Kind of uptight?
Or would the American people
Simply wanna fight?

Would that kind of law enforcement
Be tolerated?
In These United States,
Or be hated?
And would the President
Choose to complicate it
By releasing careless Tweets
That down rate it

Let’s just suppose,
The shoe was on the other foot
Where do you think that knee,
Might have been put?
And would the pressure
Have been relieved?
If a  desperate white man said,
He couldn’t breathe?

We as a society
Have to change our racist ways
All lives matter
Especially now-a-days
The police have to turn over
A whole brand new leaf
One that doesn’t result
In death and unnecessary grief

Cedric McClester,Copyright © 2020. All rights reserved.
By: Cedric McClester

Despite all our yappin
Maybe we’ve been nappin’,
Why it keeps on happinin’?
Sometimes overlappin’
While tryin’ to get along,
Where did we go wrong?
It’s the same ‘ole song
Is their racism that strong?

They usually let ‘em slide
So we’ll let you decide
God knows how we’ve tried
And that can’t be denied
They have a virtuosity
For committing an atrocity
With a certain viscosity
It’s an unchanging philosophy

We are not naive
Sayin’ “I can’t breathe!”
If statistic are believed
Don’t mean we’ll be relieved
Nine times out of ten
Woe be unto black men
That police apprehend
Will our wounds ever mend?

Though some may find it strange
We need fundamental change
At home and on the range
Let’s have a fair exchange
It is a long time in comin
Like novacaine it’s numbing
Despite the somber drumming
The machine keeps on humming

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2020.  All rights reserved.
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