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  Aug 2015 Dear God
she may hurt, but she is not pain.
she may fail, but she is not a failure.
she may be tragic, but she is not tragedy.

*she may feel worthless,
but this, too, will pass.
so it's always worth reminding people (i.e. myself) that just because you feel something in the moment doesn't mean that it's permanent. an emotion is an instant, no matter how long the ache lasts, and an instant cannot define you.

(thanks for the daily!)
  May 2015 Dear God
Victoria Garcia
You should be here with me
My heart is as empty as the side of the bed that you used to sleep on
And my life's crashing harder than the waves on the shore like when you first kissed me
And I'm falling harder and faster into loneliness than I was when I fell for you
And I know there's no stopping this
But you should be next to me
Kissing each freckle on my arm and tracing "I love you" into my palm because each letter deserved it's own recognition for it made up a larger picture
And you should be next to me
With my head leaning onto the very shoulder I spent entire nights crying into
You should be beside me
But I guess this was all besides the point
And now you're next in line for a new girl
I just wish you would give me a next chance
  Apr 2015 Dear God
Danielle Shorr
I could be heartless
I could reply with who is this
And some part of you would shatter
knowing that I have attempted to remove you from my life but
the truth is you are still on my phone as much as you are on my mind
There, but not given much attention
Sure, you exist, but only quietly

I think of you sometimes like when my toes are touching sand or
when I have a glass of maker's mark in hand or
when I hear your name in someone else’s mouth
But to be completely honest
I am not broken over this

So your hello comes a few months too late and mine from a few months before has been left without response
I could say hey I miss you too but
that would be considered a lie
Maybe I do now and then but mostly
I only miss you when there is nothing else to miss

Like a vague memory of something that used to sit in the corner of my room
I know it was there but I don't remember much else about its presence
I don't know what to say after it’s been almost a year
I waited for you, too long but
I am not broken over this
Summer has passed and another is coming,
Maybe I will find another you in the next

When you send me a text five months too late I will not be heartless
I will say hello like time hasn’t added pressure on the ache, like
maybe I could still love you the way I did yesterday and
some part of you would be whole knowing a part of me is living in the past,
where we are alive together
  Apr 2015 Dear God
The dreams I dreamt,
The tears I spent,
The sorrows I have,
The love I gave,
It was all meant for him.

His love,
His hate,
His laughter,
His sorrow,
I wish I could accept it all.

Our time,
Our thought,
Our laugh,
Our smile,
It’s now in the past.

My wishes,
My dreams,
My kisses,
My gleams,
I give it all to him.
everything i seek
  Apr 2015 Dear God
Danielle Shorr
Are you mad at me?
Don't, please
I was
I'll call you tonight
I'm in front of your door
I'm sorry
It happens
It was sad seeing it get colder
Ok sweetheart, sleep well
Okay fine
We'll talk soon
What about you?
Where have you been
Where did you go?
Sorry, I really am
You still up?
  Apr 2015 Dear God
Ocean Blue
5774 days ago,
You appeared in my night,
365 days ago,
You came back within sight,
122 days ago,
Suddenly you chose to escape,
Leaving me alone
With memories to reshape.
Now I sit
Next to the old olive tree,
Counting its rings,
One, two, three...
You know how
I'm patient
And life has shown,
So resilient.
One day, maybe
You'll send a sign
And again,
Let our hearts entwine.*

  Mar 2015 Dear God
I knew every silly thing you bind.
In this play called love and its lies,
I played the role of a blind.
Where I saw nothing but complete lies.

Hints were flying as free as dove.
Yet, its freedom were like that of Zeus with love:
Careful execution of liberty
to avoid conflict from another party.

Oh! I see. No, erase.
I felt it in one click.
But I'm an actress and ought to act as is
for it was on the script--oh~ so thick!

And you saw me acting fine.
Despite on different foods you dine.
Because you thought I knew nothing in some cases
but deep inside I'm broken into pieces.
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