"So they wrote of our interconnectedness ---"
Brian Oarr 

They had begun to question consciousness,
turning solid matter into fuzziness in their brains,
rendering not atoms, nor photons, nor particles,
only cold energy, halucenogenic stardust joints.
For the exclusionary few to whom the material
had never meant shit to a tree or a fuck to a rabbit,
it was the cash-cow of quantum reality,
ambiguous poetry for a Beat Generation,
Uncertainty in free verse chapbooks.
So they wrote of our interconnectedness ---
the Ginsbergs, the Levertovs, the Ferlinghettis ---
till the gravity of space-mind curved imagination,
a nation falling unheard without a whimper in the forest.

"You've got to pick up every stitch,
The rabbits running in the ditch,
Beatniks are out to make it rich,
Oh no, must be the season of the witch"
                           --- Donovan Leitch
Marieta Maglas 

Land-mark times of
uncertainty and imbalance, new
paradigms for hearts and minds,
flowers growing through stone cracks,
unconscious becoming conscious,
between pieces of this cosmic puzzle, where
God means the Wisdom of simplicity in
human untapped depths of wisdom, fear
as a primal universal human reality
on the edge of extinction and breakthrough
power to change the outcome
the synchronization of the nature and the existence,
time of unspeakable intensity,
human awaking,
the higher and the deeper dimension of being,
Black Road or Xibalba Be,
energy shifts,
day in its sacred Zero point,
mass ejections shooting highly,
nuclear bulge of the Milky Way,
huge waves,
cosmic alarm clock ringing in human psyche,
time of change
leaving seeds for the future,
spiral evolution,
being in-between two important seconds
with minds founded in duality,
teetering between the
extremes of extinction and illumination...

"at is anything but the truth. This faux interconnectedness is just another way to live together, a"
Brent Reichenberger 

I'm lying here with the light on. The fan is set on speed 3, and it's pointed directly on me. Social networks dance on my computer screen. Faces of people, some of whom I've never met, spout endless minutia. So do I. We'd like to think that all of this is bring us closer to one another, but that is anything but the truth. This faux interconnectedness is just another way to live together, alone. These pills are beginning to take hold. My mouth is dry, and not even the coldest, clearest water can quench it. Sometimes I equate staying up that one last hour with having that one last drink. It's the one that always kills you in the morning.

It's 4:45 AM, and my alarm is set for noon.

Ahmad Cox 

The archaic knowledge
The old truths of sages
Long gone and past
Still have a lot of wisdom
Especially in todays times
We live in a world where
People are more disconnected
Than they have ever been
We live with disease and wars
People stealing and killing
Living with hatred and lost
In the cold without a place
To stay and a friendly face
To see for miles and miles
Living in a pavement jungle
Not knowing which way
We are truly going
Just wondering without
Direction or hope
Just floating a long
Without any type
Of mooring to graft to
The sages of old
Talked about the
Of everything in the
Universe and everything
Comes from God and spirit
There is a world beyond the
Physical and the material
That supercedes all
Material thought and
Consciousness just beyond
The veil of knowledge and
Intuition that ultimately springs
From the source of the universe
If we are to move forward we
Must not take the God out of
Equation when it comes to science
Or understanding the universe
Or trying to interpret our world
Or how we even fit into it
If you remove God from the
Universe and the equation
All together you are denying
Existence and everything in it
The old sages used to say that
We shouldn't harm another being
We should respect our planet
Respecting our mother and
Respecting spirit and each other
Respecting  nature and the animals
Respecting the whole of everything
Living in peace and harmony with
Everything and following the order
Of the world instead of trying to
Change or to alter it
We need to get back to this understanding
If we are truly going to move past
The separation we feel with ourselves
And with nature and even with our planet
We somehow think we are separate or
Somehow better than the plants or the
Animals as if somehow they are expandable
Not understanding or seeing the true spirit
That lives and breathes in all living things
If we did we couldn't even do half of the things
We do to our animal brethren on this planet
If we could understand and see the spirit
And the beautiful life and light in us all
We could never do half of the things
We do to each other out of hate and anger
We commit atrocity after atrocity
Thinking that somehow these
People are separate or different
From us they aren't the same
They are lesser than us so
We can treat them however
We want and not have any
Thought about it after
Ultimately even if you try
To justify these actions there
Is no true justification for
The murder or slaughter
Of people simply based
Off of false fears and prejudices
And anger that boils up inside
No life should ever be forfeit for
Any reason whatsoever
There is no such thing
As a justified death or a
Justified murder or a
Justified war that ultimately
Kills and destroys everything
In its sight leaving nothing
Behind for any body to
Ultimately take or claim
In the end once they are done
The sages used to say that love
Is the key to the universe and
And that light and love removes
All darkness in the world
Living with universal love
In your heart and being
Able to exude love from
Your breathe and from
Your pores and breathing
In love and light and healing
And passing it to every one
Around you and transmitting
It into the universe as well
Sharing love for the world
Sharing love for the life you live
Sharing love for the people who
Haven't found the light yet
Being able to love your enemies
Because you can see a piece of
Yourself inside of their hearts
And ultimately inside of their souls
Feeling ultimate joy and happiness
At the simple fact of living
Reveling in each moment
Being completely in yourself
Feeling that divine love and
Connection to everything
And feeling the universe
And everything in it
Sitting in your heart and
Being poured out through
Your thoughts and mind
As you float through space
And time sharing love and
Light and healing to as many
People as possible before you
Return to the source again where
You join in the union with the source
And with God and the universe
Where you join the ever lasting
Knowing and truth of the cosmos
Only to return to do it all over again
Bringing as many people to the light
Guiding souls with love and comfort
Guiding them into the ever lasting light
Imbuing Gods love and grace and
Showing the way through example
We need to get back to this universal love
And knowledge so that we know it in our
Hearts and we know it in our minds
There is a lot of hate going around
But there is not as much love
We tend to ostracize certain people
Or even judge people and see them as
Somehow different or worst because
Of where they are at in life or even
Because of the position they are in
We need to be able to feel and breathe
That love and light for everything
Being able to truly love ourselves
Loving our position in life
Loving our bodies and everything
That comes with but more than anything
Learning how to love everyone regardless
Of who or what they happen to be no matter
How far they might have fallen there is never
Anyone that doesn't deserve to be healed or
Loved or saved in some way and when we come
To this greatest realization and sharing and feeling
The love we will begin to understand and see just how
Beautiful and wonderful a place we live in and what
A special time it is to be alive and living in peace
And harmony with everyone and everything
And learning how to love in more whole ways
Spreading the love and light through the Earth
Until a wave of love and light sweeps over us
And peace and love become all we know
We just have to get back to those old archaic truths
That the sages knew a along time ago

"As our interconnectedness continues to unravel?"
Shawn White Eagle 

Humanity in a rut
Which way to turn
As we all burn
Paying for that four letter word hate
The one that so many regurgitate
Spoken out loud
Emanating into the crowd
The crowd of humanity
That reeks of such profanity
That to hope for some saving grace
In this uncivilized place
Is, I am sorry to say, sure to fail
As the divine within us has become frail
What happened to LOVE?
Peace symbolized by a white dove?
In what direction do we as a species travel?
As our interconnectedness continues to unravel?
I have not an answer now
As all I can do is bow,
My head and pray
For all those affected on this tragic day

(c) 2012 Shawn White Eagle

"Entheogens make apparent the interconnectedness of the Universe;"
Anubis the Philosomancer 

Entheogens, such as:
Tetrahydrocannabinol, Lysergic Acid, Dimethyltryptamine, Mescaline and Psilocybin,
(of Cannabis, LSD, DMT, Peyote and Mushrooms, respectively)
(None of which Firefox thinks are spelled correctly, including 'Entheogen'..)
have many unfounded and illogical taboos about them
for the seemingly sole reasons that those who;
do not know themselves well enough,
do not realize the magnitude of what they are getting themselves into,
make themselves seem crazy or otherwise endangered or dangerous while having Revelations.

Heed not the Fear-Mongers:
(they generally fear for their own sake)

An Entheogen is a psychoactive substance that brings forth the Divine within one's self;
it is a temporary death of Ego
a temporary glimpse of Heaven
a brief window of Enlightenment.

An Entheogen is the basis for each major Religion on this planet.
Many established Religions have in turn proceeded to attempt to stamp them out
as if to eliminate healthy competition for their precious power hungry Dogmas
(similar to Wal-Mart, but in terms of Religion as opposed to Business, which is eerily similar)

Vines with DMT in them inspired early philosophers in Southeast Asia and South and Middle America.
Mushrooms crammed with Psilocybin were the basis of the monotheisms of the Middle East.
LSD has been a major pivotal factor in many mediums of art since it's 'accidental' synthesis in the 1930s.
Peyote has been a staple for North American shamen and mystics for thousands of years.
Cannabis, as well, has many mystical applications and medicinal properties used worldwide.

And yet,
all of these things are a massive no-no in commonplace Law worldwide
which is a detrimentally terrible turn
for the Spirituality, interconnectivity and thus Enlightenment
of Humanity.

The lack of unbiased, scientific, accurate and up-to-date information about Entheogens
is a tragedy paralleled only by the unnecessary loss of Rights, Freedom and Life,
not to mention the forgone personal lessons one can gain from Entheogens,
as a result of the censorship of sensible, reliable, consistent, fact-based Information.

Entheogens are only an inherently bad idea
if an individual is so ignorant of themselves as well as the nature of their Reality
that they wouldn't be able to handle the aspects of either
brought forth so abruptly by the Entheogens.

Entheogen: To make manifest the Inner Divine
Psychedelic: To make manifest the Mind

These two things are one in the same; yet one is far more stigmatized:

Entheogens/Psychedelics are vital
if we are ever to learn about the parts of ourselves and our Reality
which are too obscure to recognize in everyday life.

Entheogens make apparent the interconnectedness of the Universe;
They break down the superficial and illusory barriers 'twixt Self and Godself:

They are Death of Ego,
which is frightening to Egoslaves;
They are disillusionment,
temporary Enlightenment;
Mystic Teachers.
Shamen in Botanical form.

Entheogens are Divine gifts:
Terrestrial Shepherds for the Soul, Prisms of Divinity;
Ignored, excommunicated, exiled and squandered by Societies
in the supposed name of 'safety';

Safety for those wrongfully in Power, perhaps

We have truly crucified the Prophets.
It didn't just happen in Mythological history;
it has never stopped happening,
it's still happening right here and now.

What personal freedoms are we willing forgo in the name of totalitarianism?
None, I would hope.

To further illustrate the blinding absurdity:

Should we trade in our legs just so we wouldn't need to worry about stepping on pinecones?
I sure wouldn't.
Should we trade in our eyes to preclude seeing things we find uncomfortable?
I sure wouldn't
Should we trade in our voices in fear that we won't be heard?
I sure wouldn't
Should we lay down and accept Authoritarianism?
I sure won't

Would you, were it law?
though I would sure hope not,
many have

Law of this sort is an appeal to both Fear and Authority,
all of which are arbitrary
yet all of which mutually and relatively define each other.

Thus I implore of thee to heed these words:

Civil Disobedience is a Virtue.

Reflections of cultural Biases are everywhere.
Culture like this tends to suffocate Humanity.
Culture is a Cult that 'ure' (you're) in.

In symmetry
and colors
a notable image..
meditative model
Hubble finding
in night sky
light years
from here
and Now..

Science musings:

How created..?

A creator or

A centered aging
binary system..?

Polarity energy
says it all..?

The unusual shape?
Sacred geometry
expresses itself..?

A definite torus..
All Reality
and Consciousness
expressed as Torus..?

Boundaries of cones
form an X..?

Creation of symmetry

Why unusual colors
Red and Blue..?

Left and Right
Male and Female
oppositions prevail..?

As hydrocarbon molecules
colors building blocks
for organic life..?

Center Light transforming
to component colors..?

In a few million years
the Red Rectangle nebula
will probably bloom
into a planetary

New birth
Now announced...?

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