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Happynessa Oct 2017
Life tethers bodies
Mindfulness soars freely
Blissfully radiating loves light
It's not you
    I promise
What I say is true
      He never deserved

     It's not your fault
           I know for a fact
      Trust me
             You are better
          Than a boy like that

It's for the best
    Believe me
          He'll do it to the next girl
       And the next
            And next
      You'll find your one
          In this world

        It's time to breathe
             Have faith in what
          I'm saying to you
      This might just be
          But I was cheated on too

It's time to believe
      You're worth more than
   You can see
           No more tears, please
      He's not worth your pain
             You're gorgeous
       And you're NOT to blame

     It's for the best,
              It's not you
    Just Breathe.
          Believe me,
  Cause I've made it through.
         I know,
      What I say is true.
         **I was cheated on too.
I'm here for you.
Happynessa Jun 2016
When all that glitters is not gold
And valleys mist your open eyes
Call me , for my own magic wings
Can fly you to clearer sunnier skies

If the black dog is again on your back
And all you feel is the darkest grey
Call me ,for my own magic heart
Can beat your fears , calm your day

When your sense of perception
Has hidden all that you you've got
Call me , for my own magic eyes
Will show you all that you've forgot

When your days are  never-ending
And your  nights are hard sharp steel
Call me ,for my own magic angel
Tender love for you is all I feel
Happynessa Jun 2016
Being peaceful takes courage
It means to always be loving
Without fear of repercussions
Making peace stimulating and
Quite exciting when heartfelt

Look out for peace in all ways
And stand your ground peacefully
Awakening all those sleeping by
Shining your light at all times

Be happy that you are peaceful
Today put into motion all your
Good intentions and there can
Be no other outcome than love
Happynessa Jun 2016
Sometimes the earth beneath my feet shudders
And I feel in the depth of despair a longing for
The one thing that has kept me grounded for all
These years causing me to look at my emptiness
And cry out for you to return to hold me upright

The light that once burned with such bright sparks
Now leaves me to find my way in the darkest blue
Stumbling blindly from one sad minute to the next
With a loneliness that batters my aching heart as
I cry out for you to return the love I give  to you
Inspired by grace
Happynessa Jun 2016
She has a blissful soul
And a waiting heart
Ready and able today
For a brand new start

She has her total trust
In her crazy destiny
Feelings that are ready
To fly high again free

She has winds of change
Ready for the flow
She has the strongest will
To just let it all go

She has the song of bluebirds
Within her inner voice
She knows she will always
Make the right choice

She's happy and bright each
And every new new day
Knowing she's dearly loved
In the best possible way
Simple but true **
Happynessa Jun 2016
Through the stillness
Miracles rush around
A bridge of white light
Allowing all the truths
To pour like silken rain
Into the waiting hearts
Of those who yearn to
Know and return home
Great love resides here
Upon the silence of your
Very first inhale of breath
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