It started over night
Attached the innocent
That’s not right

The army to many to count
I stand alone
A calculated defense I mount
I will NEVER accept defeat
My four innocent babies
Lay listless at my feet

Exhausted My Open wounds need treatment
At the end of the day
But that’s little cosilation
Compared to what my babies are suffering
Not a word do they say
Bewildered looks of confused pain
Swollen welts track their skin
The sadness in their eyes
the situation they are in
Their Backs, arms and legs
Mark the horrors of the day
They just want mommy to
Make it go away
I know they don’t understand
not sure what to say
At least  I try
They still show love, exceptence I want to cry
They give unconditional love
Only this grace comes from
Heaven God above
This gives me the courage to FIGHT
Planning my attack  strategy

As I prepare dinner
I make a list
We may be battered swollen bruised
But we are not broken or defeated

My tools are depleted
FLEAS don’t care who they attack
I have bites on me a well
at first I didn’t know why I couldn’t tell

Now Im winning
Armed with the Internet knowledge
I have become an entomologist
Arradicating the species
It’s to early to tell
Half past two a.m.
No sleep again tonight
Oh well
We are all sleeping
With one eye on our surroundings
A false sense of safety
As cautious optimism dances
In my head
There are no more fleas
on my dogs, in my bed
Carpet, drapery, bedding
Its a  tremendously large task to complete

Struggling to prepare a list before
I nod off my to sleep
I will not
can not
accept defeat

If you don’t get a handle quickly
on these fleas
They will take over
One female can lay 200 eggs
Diatomaceous earth food grade
  The ultimate destruction
It’s Considered the best natural alternative
Safe for humans and animals
Kills bugs
For the first time in many years I am being attacked by fleas taking neighborhood walks the neighbors yards have fleas in my dogs brought them back so now I’m on a vengeance to deflea my house my dogs it’s becoming a possession I’m at war and I will win
Our nights are seldom
More restless  and
Our Mind begins to asks
The bigger questions
of life

As a child
A day lasted
As a youth
so anxious
To grow up
As a young adult
To be free of
Our parents
to taste life
Through our own

Middle aging
a bit of
Enters our mind
Of what lies
Reminiscent Of dreams

We ponder
How old age Will

As our sprit grows
Meek and mild

Restless and wild
Looking through the eyes
Of a child
Walking slower now
Like means more

We prepare for
The next chapter
Of life old age
Let few lessons as our gage
How will that play out

Will we live in pain
Lose our mind
slightly off our rocker insane

How will our life end
In the arms of a loved ,a friend
Will we be ready
Or will we fear

Did we learn  our lessons
To grown in spirit
I know they say
the journey is
As important
as the destination

However will we ever truly
know our purpose
There are no random accidents
Every action as a reaction
And life’s movements
Ever changing
Emotions rearranging

We are not messured
by our good deeds
But by those who remember us
Relationships cultivated with
God greatest gift of
The older I get the deeper my questions of life evolve
Autobiography and memoirs  
Are more then just a way
To share stories
They can keep family in touch
Sharing yesterday and today
Accolades and glories

When we have passed on
Your memories will fade in to gone
Who will remember our life
Our children, husband, wife
It’s the memories we share
For those to read and care
Told directly by you the more you give
The Stronger your voice will live

With sites such as  
Ancestry and family tree
Our next Generation can learn and see
However Only Legacy story can be told
A deeper perspective as we grow old

Writing your  autobiography  
  book of short stories,memories to share
From youth to old age secrets are there
Every emotion from joy to pain
Life’s lesson our refrain

If you choose a  memoir to share
A  specific time frame is centered there
A detailed event or period Is time
Sharing what you learned
The good the bad  exposing the crime  

Everybody has a story to tell
Situations create life’s joy or hell
an exceptional life have one
Every story is different Once you begun

I have kept a journal, diary books
since  the age 12 twelve I started writing
I was hooked
Capturing the emotion
in the moment
Our heart a deap ocean
its powerful, accurate writing what I saw
Yes sometime exstreamly raw
An actual account what you saw
did ,feel ,the whole ordeal

In some cases
you’ll have to change the names
to protect the guilty
face it, we’re all guilty of something

People like stories
that are based on real events
if you seek publication

Carpe Deim
Time is of the essence
Society is fascinated with
Stories of the past
Your voice, spirit will last
You will be celebrated remembered
A relatable story people will grasp
56% of the world
Do not believe in religion
In God

I wonder how they determine
The difference between right and wrong
IF the doctrine does not exist
Then the 10 Commandments
Do not have meaning
Since it’s in the Bible

  How is the moral compass defined  
A Very famous atheist defined
The moral compass
Two principal rules;

1)   IF it feels good do it
2)  If it’s good for me,it’s good
If it hurts me, it’s bad

  Religion as a whole Is under attack
Those who read the Bible know
This is foretold in the book of Revelations
We are all human we make mistakes
  No Religion is perfect
   Just because some members are bad
Does not make the entire Religion bad

If we exterminate the Doctrine
Where does that leave us

Just look at the world today
With LACK of moral fortitude
How do we wrap our heads around
Children that kill their sibling or parents
MASS shootings; in churches, at concerts
In Schools, nowhere is safe
With No defined reason WHY
  People are angry, demanding protection
  With no answers, safety is an Illusion
How far will you go
To protect someone you love  

Were do we go from here
Atheist want Christian to not only
Except their way of life BUT
To also denounce their beliefs
  If the Christians doesn’t fall in line
They’re branded biased and prejudice
  What about a Christian’s right  
To practice their religion

Christians plant seeds
Searching for Devine intervention
And their purpose of life
But are Crucified for their belief
Because they are unwilling
To sacrifice their eternal soul
Christian Are bullied to teach beliefs
to their children
That are in direct conflict to their religion
  Atheist use the word TOLERANCE
What atheist’s should understand
Christian’s can love a person
but not except their actions,
We inherently know right from wrong
We are all brothers and sisters in Christ
  It is not for a Christian to judge another

For those who don’t BELEIVE
In a higher power
Am I to understand that
The sum of all life is
To get up,go to work,
Search for the almighty dollar
Go home, go to bed, wake up
To do it again, and again...
The only purpose to
Keeping up with the Jones
Buying,  acquiring, collecting,
Brand names, flashy things  
Is THAT the motivational  goal of life  

Is That as good as it gets ?
At the end of life, to die
Fade to nothing, no afterlife
He who dies with the most toys wins!!
It’s about stuff????
  Does that mean
YOU are the God of your world
What about those like me who died and had a near death experience and talked to a higher power you see I know with every fiber of being what waits for me as I grow in faith I don’t know what’s going to happen in my life but I do know it’s not my doing I give my life to God everyday pray and ask for forgiveness when I fall short and try for a better tomorrow everyday is a new day to do the right thing we all struggle I have faith God Bless
I have written on other
Poetry sites
As this one you
have to be invited
For the right

There are issues with this site
Freezing word lines ,curser going
Unable to fix your errors

I have also noticed
When you offer critique of  a poem
that you feel is great
  Admire Even
Yet you see a little tiny
thing that could suggest
To be looked at by the author

Your jumped on by someone
And band wagon begins

Poetry on other  sites
you must make
Two critiques on the poem
and one on the title

It’s all about working
Together with fellow writers
Of verse and proses

A site without helping each other
Is  only about posting for practice
Nothing else
People are too sensitive

Writing with blinders on
Does not allow for growth

It’s all a matter of perspective
people don’t mean
criticism negatively
they are just  honestly
trying to help
but then others
take it wrong
feathers get ruffled

And out comes mr. nasty
Giving a poem thumbs down
REALLY IS THAT  necessary
Just don’t read or write on it
Pass it by

If  you want to get published
advise should be welcomed
Surely rejection letters are
Not the end goal

When one is not able to
here the reflection
In one’s voice
it’s difficult to determine
Friend or foe

just let it go
It’s not worth the effort
only have good intentions

It’s all a matter of
Those who  make negative comments of a poem or comment are not contributing in anyone’s best interest I have taken to private messages with my suggestions who needs the drama
ANY little
of  ours
Can Makes
ONE life
The brighter
Any little
WE sing
Can make
One heart
The lighter
Help us
TO Speak
That little
Our voice
Rejoicing in
Our singing
drop it
In some
lovely SOUL
And set the
Hallmarks of life
Many kids go to wild and exotic
Ports of call
Some do nothing at all
My grandson made a choice
He wanted to help use more then his voice

My middle grandson is my  sweet honey
He called for help for money
He was going to Mexico with the church youth group
To rebuild three houses to help families recoup

This trip wasn’t free
there was a fee
Five hundred dollars each
They were not just sitting on the beach

The week is done
The church made work fun
But more importantly
Families gained stability

The choices the youth make
Will be remember values resonate
My grandson walks a little taller
He gave more then just a dollar

He gave love
I’m so proud of my 15 year old grandson and his involvement in the church
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