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CJ Sutherland Feb 22
Thank You

Thank You
Making It

Thank You
On my

Thank You
there are those who want to silence our voicesThis is some thing I say every morning. I say each word with reverence
CJ Sutherland Feb 18
It has been brought to my attention
that two people from
Hello poetry
are trying to track me
for purposes unknown.
My iPhone alerts
me daily of such
It could be quite possible
there is more than one
name of these particular individuals
but it’s something to be made aware of. Kim Johanna Baker and Pamela Ray
come up with daily tracking on my phone.
I have not posted in quite a while
so imagine my surprise
I wonder if anyone else
has come across something similar?
I have notified hello poetry.
I wanted to bring it
out in the open to other poets.
It’s quite possible  
there are more than one
of these people   on this site
with the same names.
do not attack these people.
because we don’t even know
if it’s them or somebody
posing to be them.
I never thought
evil intentions  
would come to this site.
stay safe and write on!
Daily phone alerts let me know when somebody is trying to hack my phone and get personal information these people come up every day on my phone trying to get in and my phone stops them
  Dec 2021 CJ Sutherland
Could you somehow thrive
in a civilisation of bodiless spirits?
What excitement could there be?
Conjuring world’s of gold and silver
of which only you can perceive.

I’d rather stay here
among the sun and stars.
Alive to be
what ever I desire!
And you!
You can be who ever you are!!

Are you sure you want to leave,
leave behind your laden misery?
Turn to vapour unable to touch,
I would rather feel life’s punch!
CJ Sutherland Oct 2021
When and Where
Murphy’s Law
came into existence
I really don't care!
Who the heck is
And WHY does He make the laws
The loud noice of the refrigerator
Could be heard down the hall
I knew It was only a matter of time
Murphy’s Law
While in the Hospital
For my total knee replacement
Which turned out to be complicated
By removal of screws
12 inch Incision
Murphy’s Law
The pharmacy refused
to fill my pain meds because they are opids
My surgeon argued with insurance and the pharmacy while
I sat in the car 112 degrees heat
It took four days to fill meds
Use ice the pharmacy advised
Murphy’s law
The refrigerator broke
Released from the hospital
In a wheel chair I entered Best Buy
Purchased the refrigerator
that delivered quickest
Overpriced, paid too much
All the food I had went bad
Murphy’s law
My husband found out he need
Emergency Surgery for Cancer
Murphy’s law
A much needed trip to the market
To stock up, had to be done
Murphy’s law
The  Electric cart was bumpy
jerking my knee, pain spasms
The cart broke down
I was only half done
Murphy’s law
My husband needed to take a cab
Home after his surgery
as I could not drive
and he could not drive home
Murphy’s Law
The hospital would not
release him to a cab driver
I had to take a cab
to pick up my husband
Murphy’s Law
I could not get into
the cab without assistance
The cab driver was not
permitted to touch me
In tears, sliding myself
into the back seat
Murphy’s Law
The surgery center wanted
me to come inside
the cab driver said
If you get out of the car
You must pay first
then we will count the wait time
It would be considered a new fare
I stayed in the car
Murphy’s Law
It cost 68 dollars
to drive 12 minutes
plus  my husbands previous fare
we paid over 150 dollars
High way robbery
Murphy’s law
His surgery was must worse then  Anticipated plus
My knee is now infected
Both of us are unable
to help care for the other
I like to tell you
what I think of your laws?
but I’m a Lady
Have you heard the expression
it could always be worse?
Just another day in paradise
CJ Sutherland Oct 2021
An Optimus
their.                           glass
       half.                         full.
A pessimist
their                              glass
half.                     empty.
their glasses
How do you…………… perceive the world.
The poem is in the shape of a teardrop. Or a drop of water. It’s all in the manner of How you perceive the world.
  Oct 2021 CJ Sutherland
Survival of the fittest, you’ve lasted another year,

A happy happy birthday, a wish you’ll likely hear,

I’m proud of your accomplishments, you shine like a star,

God loves and cherishes you, just the way you are,

But you continue to grow, and give praise to his name,

You inspire me greatly, to strive for the same,

I’ve known you forever, the time has flown by,

I have always strived to be called your guy,

Now that I’m close, I’m anxious and scared,

Because i know it’s in my head, the feelings are not shared,

You ran from my affection, to others you knew,

And left me unraveled, to obsess and to stew,

I’ve thought a bunch, but still not enough,

Sometimes I wish you would just give it to me rough,

Tell me no with conviction, say it with guile,

The hurt will sting, I’ll sulk for a while,

But understand, I’ll grow and adapt,

Never have I ever felt this trapped,

You make me feel alive, but also tiny and small,

I’ve tried my best, but I’ve stumbled to a stall,

When the poem is done, our friendship will end,

I wish you the best, but I can’t just be your friend.
  Sep 2021 CJ Sutherland
What can be said about CJ? her poetry is second to none, she is a heavenly child that comes with the warmth of the son. As I was lost in my sorrow, she reached out with words from above, she showed me how to start healing with a warm light and God's holy love. How can I even begin to thank her? for the wonderful gift that she gave, she lifted me out of the darkness, with powerful words I will save.
CJ, you are an angel, sent to me from God's holy place, I wish you could just see my countenance , the smile I wear on my face. I think about my inner child and how he was treated so wrong, CJ you are my hero, the reason today I am strong.
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