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Through the dark years

For better or worse
ignorant, trusting
It was the kind of thing
that happened
to other people
not us
Our bond was strong
a lasting love

He tried to hide
His mistress

Betrayed, how brazen
Right under my nose
WHY did he give her
His soul ?

Sneaking out
to get a taste of her
laughing in delight
She gave her all

The smell of her
lingers on his lips
fooling no one
except himself

Lying  eyes
standard denial

I found them together
as he was
just finishing her

Caught in the act
I had to see  
who stole my man

Face to Face
stunned, disbelief
I could never compete
measure up
I knew her name
1985 It was the first year of my marriage my husband said he didn’t drink anymore and he was sneaking alcohol I thought it was going crazy I smelled him he said I was paranoid and then I found him and called him in the act and I wrote this poem
To the man of my dreams
  A kiss to long for
His lips first met mine
I long for more
He kissed my neck, then
Beneath my ear
A flood of ecstasy arose
To form a lump
In my throat
A whisper
Escaped my mouth
“No Please No”
Kissing harder
He could feel
My trembling body
Wanting, needing, begging
“Yes Please Yes”
  As time stood still
I lost myself
In the warmth of
I wrote this when I was 18 it was my first real kiss
Another Day
Another Day

Women have it made
Queen of Sheba
In the shade

My hair
turning gray  
Dyed to my natural color
A younger apperence
Old age
washed  away

Older are Older
The clock ticks
Fewer and Fewer
the men pick

The crazy things
I used to do and say
Are only memories,
fantasies of today

Older and Wiser
Now I take
Sunday Naps
My birthday is on the 23rd this Saturday I look at the year intake stock and said resolution is rather late New Year’s how would I want to accomplish for this next year  I’ll be 58
Search for it
Strive for it
Long for it

Watch it
your fingers
The moment
obtain it

Let it go
chasing it
Will find
When you
I wrote this poem when I was 21 I was just starting my journey to self discovery even the simple list things such as happiness can be hard to obtain I sat ponder and wondered why this is what I came up with
Word Art
At the top
Of your lungs

Never trust
The wrath of
An angry Tongue

Your mind Racing

When your heart
is shattered

Quiet your Head
You regret
What you have said
Have you ever tried to stop yourself when you’re so angry.?you know anything that comes out of your mouth is going to be bad.
many people run  their mouth and anger while others choose their words wisely
Yet cutting deeper.
I gaze into my crystal ball, discern amidst the haze
A world so far removed from that of now, it would amaze,
Where catapulting incidents collide like billiard *****
And sense defies belief as renaissance makes the calls.

Blueprints fresh from Internet supply the suitcase blast
Where the terrorist’s, simultaneously, ignite in cities cast
From Moscow to New York, Beijing to Berlin
Gay Paree to London town then way out east again,
Budapest, Jerusalem Calcutta burning all
And Tokyo is levelled in a ghastly nuclear pall.

Kneejerk reaction triggers contrails in the blue
Crisscrossing all the continents obliterating through
An overkill so vicious that in seconds it is past
And the living cling in horror, bearing witness… aghast.

Restraints are erased as the opportunists dash
Flotillas from the Spratleys sprint to occupy and cash
In on the minerals, oil and potential food supplies
Of uncontaminated nations found beneath Pacific skies.
Hindi, Jew and Muslim settle scores bereft with years
Of resentment accrued in a flood of blood and tears.

A sudden realisation of immensity of loss
Curtails the destruction in retrenchment across
The habitable outposts, the dearth of supply
And the daunting prospects of a nuclear winter sky.
Global collapse of all electronic gear
No power, no phones, and no cars now…for years.
Electromagnetic impulse put paid to all that
And the day is as dark as the cold night is black.

And here all we sit, in the here and the now
On the verge of catastrophes’ teetering tower,
With a fools pudgy finger just inches above
The nuclear button…and all that we love.
……You fear the insanity, sense the insane
Knowing that people like this are holding the reign?
Knowing that volatility strikes
Like the shot of a gun and the ****** of a knife.

I don’t have the answers to hand
But someone out there, knows how…and can.
The sands of time are running low


Planet Earth
6 March 2019
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