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Disrespect will close
Doors that apologies can’t
Re-open. Be kind

If a haiku is
an insight into a manner of experience
A Haibun
is that story or a narrative of
how one came to have that experience.
Something to ponder
Food for thought
This is a type of a haiku
Through the years,
Smiles and tears
I have raised children
With this phrase

“For the last time,”
The Lord hates lying lips
One of eight
Brothers and Sisters
A family of Ten
The parameter to keep
Us all in line
Moments measured by
“For the last time”

With parental responses such as
“Do you want some cheese
With that wine”
For the last time   enough!

For the Last time, Do your chores
For the Last time Don’t slam doors
For the Last time Eat all your dinner
For the Last time Be a Gracias winner

“This is the last time
I’ll reread the same story”
Sharing life lessons
“ Is it right the bad guy
Gets all the glory?”
Mixed messages
What is the meaning
Of the story?

I never gave it much thought
But what IF, This IS?
For the last time ?

If Today is all we have
Would we change the things
We say and do,?
If we only knew.!
For the last time

Life can change instantly
In The moment that
Has just gone by

I have looked into
Children’s trusting eyes
When they ask “WHY
Is Honestly the best policy!”

Live by example
When asked
“Is a white lie
Still a lie”?

Learning life lessons can be fun
You might only have
One chance to get it done

To curb the use of profanity
(I now a grandmother) said,
“I want you to call grandma out
If I use inappropriate language”
The kids loved the idea of
Calling grandma to the mat.

The Rules of the Game
I must apologize, and
Choose a better word!

They listen more discreetly
Catching grandma so sweetly.
I was cut off on the freeway
I had to swerved
So,I gave that driver
Choice words he deserved

“Oh grandma
You said a naughty word”  
The children sounded in rhythm
Hot under the collar
They caught me in the act this time
I realize what I had done.
Correction was not going to be fun

First I needed to calm down
I exited the freeway,  
A safe place , I found,
Then I apologized,
Word, of the wise
This is not an easy task
When you’re angry.
Without the luxury
Of letting time pass
Then I had to
Choose a better word
Some may think this
Game Absurd

The oldest grandchild said
“If mom and dad Played this game
They would never speak”

NEVER disrespect the parents
In front of their child
Let meek and mild
Own the day
You get more with honey
Instead of vinegar
They say

“Hold on young man
We are working on
Grandma right now”.
They caught grandma three
Times in ten years

The Fruits of the game
Remarkably, remain
The children’s transformation
Was definitely not
lost in translation

I walked past a teenage grandson’s
Bedroom with A group of friends over.  
One young man used the F word
Every other word.
Much to my delight
My grandson said
“Dude you cuss allot!,
Choose a better word, I’ll wait”.
The room grew quiet
The bewildered friend
Apologized and
Chose a better word
Without becoming perturbed.
The teens laughed, levity lifted.

Even to this day their use
Of inappropriate language
Is a thing of the past.
Life Lessons, If done right, will last.

The grandkids believe they cured
Grandma’s use of
Inappropriate  language!
Grandma, thanks them graciously.
A secret smile in her eyes
Live, learn, love more wise
A Contentment within her heart.

You never know how something is
Going to turn out at the start

The fruits of the game
We’re ample  
Choose a better word,
A great sample
For the last time
Live by example

Will you remember
When it is?
For The last time?
Will you Savoy 
The moment
Or will it pass in
A fleeting moment of time

The last time you taste See’s Candy
The last time you have every tool handy
The last time the sun sets on your wrath
The last time forgiveness graces your path

For the last time
Will come for each of us  
Will we remember or make a fuss
Or will The last time pass us by
In the blink of an eye
Without us knowing why
The choosing a better word lead to what my father (their Great Grandfather )called 5 cent words. He was a college graduate. Education encouraged . The word game, we played all our lives, trying to stump Dad!
Instead of idiot use ignoramus
Which is the same thing but people take notice
5 cent words were encourage. The new word carried through out the day. Rather the same as
Word of  the day Raconteur

Mirror mirror on the wall
who’s the fairest of them all
I know the answer
and it’s not me
I’m a realist I can see

When I look in the mirror, today
I quickly turned away
my reflection is not my perception
I see myself younger, prettier too

What’s a 62 year old lady to do?
I concede, it is what it is
And I’m OK with that
because that’s where I’m at

When did this come to pass?
It’s been so long ago
I was a sweet young lass
I used to have so much naturally curly hair
I turned heads, men would stare

That was the 1980s  Disco Darling
I entered a legs contest on a dare
And Won, $100 I was up for anything!
Bodacious, audacious, braze, fearless
A dish, A movable Feast, A Fashion plate

I used to get dressed up, for a date
Applying make up, fixing my hair
Always The perfect designer outfit,
Head to toe ,dressed to the 9s
Designer perfume everywhere

Now an old lady stares back at me
It’s hard to contemplate, it’s hard to see
I am not vain, I think I’m rather plain
My inner beauty shines through
That’s what made me attractive, I knew

I’ve been married over 40 years
Lifelines, laugh lines, and many tears
My ****** lines are a badge of honor, courage, my testament of time
Fulfilling the grace in what is mine

To a Life lived full of love and sentiment
Children, grandchildren took their due
You could say my looks are shot
But this is what I’m working with
This is what I’ve got

Haggard through the ages of time
Outer beauty is no longer mine
I’ve developed inner beauty, peace of mind
In old age, that’s what I strive for, find

No need for make up it’s just a façade
I shrug my shoulders, a gentle nod
With menopause, make up mixed with sweat burns my eyes
I have become more wise

What’s a 62 year old lady to do?
This is as good as it gets
I don’t worry or fret
This is me
As a poet and an author
I am a bona fide raconteur

(Webster’s Word of the Day Challenge raconteur) A person who tells antidotes
This is the first time I’ve ever taken stock and who I am I read a couple poems and I thought I’d give it a try. I’m not sure if I’ve captured what I want to say, but it works right now.
Webster’s Word of the Day raconteur
CJ Sutherland Feb 13
Webster’s Word of the Day, Cupid

If you are Married
Or In Love
Valentine’s Day
Comes from Cupid,
Angels up Above

Deliveries to work are Gifts;
Of Candy and Flowers
Evening plans, A romantic
Candlelit Dinner for hours
Followed By
Hugs and endless Kisses,
Many sweet untold Wishes

However, if you Are
Alone or Single
This Day is an empty Heart
That sadly Tingles

One by One
Your Co-Workers
Receives their Deliveries
Their glances of Pity
Only added to my Miseries

Their words of Sympathies
Only deepened my Pain
Hoping the day will End
Before I Go Insane

Hurtful Memories of
Old versus New
Dinner for One
Instead of Two

No, I do not Like
Valentine’s Day.
I wish it Would
Go Away

There was a time When
I to Receive  my Deliveries
Before the Days of Now
And my Miseries

The Man I Love
Did not come Home
I spent Valentine’s Day,
Staring out the Windows Alone
Waiting by the Phone

I cried myself too Sleep.
I thought Live
Couldn’t be more Bleak
For a New Young Wife

He came Home
After a night at the Bar
He had bought me Flowers
Yet left them in the Car

The next Day
When I Awoke
Not a word between Us
We Spoke

He had Retrieved the
Flowers from the Car
And placed them in a Vase.
You should’ve Seen
The Look upon my Face

The Dozen, once Beautifully
Long Stemmed Roses
Had Wilted
Like our Love
Empty and Jilted

I silently Took
A pair of Scissor
From the Drawer  
By the Bed

Cutting the Roses
One by One
At the Base
Of the Bulb Head

My Husband said Nothing
Only shook his Head
in Shame

I set the Scissors Down
Without Placing Blame

I made it Clear
Roses on this Day
We never Spoke of it.
What was the Point Anyway?

Valentine ‘s Day
is a Memory
Rubbed in my Face
Bitter Sadness
Take their place

No, I don’t Like
Valentine’s Day.
I wish it Would
Go Away
2-14-2024 This is a revision from 2018
My hand held tightly and that kiss on the brow
tells me time is leaving me right about now

My eyes are closed tightly and my heart rate so fast
I remember the day I met you, seems like the night before last
We'd party till midnight then party some more
Like lovers we'd walk barefoot on the sandy sea shore

I remember our big day watching you walk down the aisle
your eyes shining brightly over that wicked infectious smile
We made promises for ever our sacred wedding vow
sadly coming to fruition just about now

So don't be sad when I leave you when my hand turns cold
it's the beauty of living that we get to be old
Our life was made whole by that great ebb and flow
I loved you forever, now its time to let go

My hand held tightly and that kiss on the brow
tells me time is leaving me right about now
CJ Sutherland Feb 13
To market to market to buy a fat pig
home again ,home again Jiggitty jig

Everything Skyrocketing
Taxation, government pocketing

Food cost on the rise
the price of steak and fries
$26 for steak, an outrage
Who sets the price? what is the gage?
That’s not even organic, free range
It’s mysterious , very strange

Gasoline $5.89 a gallon
Which doesn’t last
Longing for the prices of the past

Now Everything 3 Times more expensive.
What use to cost $100  now cost $300..

In the market, I heard families talking. “How much money do we have left “and oh my gosh the meat is $30.
“How much do we have in our budget?”. These  quotes from a family of five and the woman looked panicked,
plus. She was pregnant, one on the way
Her face frantic, she had nothing to say

A list in hand carefully selecting
only what’s on sale.
Frustration, realization, A life tale
Baby crying in the cart
Changing their budget
now they start
Watching broke my heart

These are real observations
at the market today.
It took my breath away

Many Products have gone away.
I asked the butcher
” I don’t see any petite sirloin roasts
had I made a mistake?”
“no” he reply “
nobody buys those anymore. “
I ask “well I’d like to buy one and
cut it up into individual steaks
It’s cheaper” The situation getting Bleeker
His reply” that’s what we do with them.
Ma’am , If you want a whole one,
I’ll be glad to see if we have any left”

Winco is employee stock ownership plan
The employees have a share, so they care
I bought three bags of food; milk, eggs just a few things, no meat, the cost was $96.

Even the cost of a bags
Increased, from $.10 to 12 cents
I know that doesn’t seem like a lot  
but everything adds up. With the limited income, most Americans have got

Now we’re learning there’s poison in everything ;  in bottled water, toilet paper,
in our fruit, in our grain,
pesticides, GMO, GM, Chemical poisons
All these factors can drive one insane

How  do we know what to buy
people just want to cry
Research, research, research.
The CDC tells you
it’s all in the open,
they no longer need to lie

We were told to move away from tap water,
Poisonous chemicals Chlorine and fluoride
The beginning of a long and arduous ride

My friend took a shower
and broke out into a rash
What do you do for itch medicine  
without any cash?

They no longer scream conspiracy theory
Check the Internet, do a query
You will find what I say is true
All the things we are learning,
We never knew
Now, what course changes can we do?

“What now deer”?
As more things are starting to disappear, empty shelves, are what Americans fear
but nobody wants to believe
it’s happening here!

Humanity on the decline
Staying quiet is no longer fine

To market to market to buy a fat pig
Home again home again Jiggitty jig
The phrase if it took a quarter to go around the world, I couldn’t leave the porch is prevalent now
The river of need is overflowing -
The banks of entreaty cannot hold it.
It’s lapping at the very doorsteps
Of everything our hearts hold dear,
Devastating all our efforts to contain it.

The levees we built with fervent prayer
Are weakening and will soon be washed away
Letting floods of anguish and despair
Submerge the truest things we value
In a deluge we cannot possibly survive.
State of the world
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