Who are you?
what do you believe?
what do you stand for?
we are a society living  
oblivious in own little worlds
Do you see what is happening all around you?
the homeless living on the streets
do you know your neighbors names ?
What is your form of entertainment ?
Television shows  
Satan worshiping,
demons, horror movies,
bloodly corpses, murder,
rape, sexual violence,
sexually explicit scenes with under age,  
we see every commandment in the Bible broken daily
on prime time all for entertainment
Do you remember waiting all week
for the Disney family show  Sunday night ?
The news shows
terrorist cutting off somebody’s head on the internet
in the name of God,
schools, Music concerts, and  churches
Cultures  mass death because they believe it’s the end od days
Mass shootings, hundreds of people for no reason.
The worst wheather in history;  
earthquakes, tsunami‘s  floods
our earth is on fire.
people Suffering; starving, sickness, superbugs,  
epidemics beyond proportion:
Isis Wars using child as A human shields strapping bombs to Babies  and elderly
all in the name of God
There is an attack on ALL Christians and Christianity
We have taken religion out  from our schools,cities and states
no longer allowed to pray.
You used to be able to go to any hotel room and find a Bible in the nightstand drawer no longer . 
 56% of the entire world no longer believe in God
we allow same-sex marriage
you can change your sex to whatever you want
We wonder why our children are so out-of-control
Why they have no respect for their parents or for anything
why they’re lost
why they try to kill themselves and others
Why they Turn to drugs; alcohol
Trying to escape reality

The Bible talks about a day when wrong is right and right is wrong
I would say we are there

If you do NOT believe in the Bible
then how do you base your moral compass ?
if it feels good do it ?
if it’s good for you then it’s good
if it’s bad for you then it’s bad
Isn’t that rather like
playing GOD

It’s time to wake up

Woman Celebrities are taking a stand
young and old join the band

Is there a statue of limitations on crime
Let’s go back to the beginning of time

There witch hunt has begin
The bell can not be unrung

The memory is a funny thing
Versions of Truth unraveled by a string

Time distorts and changes reality
What was once accepted can no long be

Ponder this
Let’s be realistic

We can not change the world in a single day
There are many layers at play

The world is full of sin
Judging others is no way to win

Forgive yesterday, change today,  
Jesus teaches
As you Judge others so you shall be judged
He who is without sin cast the first stone

I have listed to some of these women talking of 30 to 40 years ago they felt wronged but we’re never forced yet make claims today: did they ever  talk to the person don’t  no so why persecute them in public  now Society is getting out of hand

I was up all night last night
Tonight a repeat
With one
I have the flu
Achy body
I feel like I was hit by a truck
Stomach doing flip
Like after  
A meal on the high sea
In a storm
My head is pounding
I want to close my eyes
Dark quiet yet can’t sleep
Body restless
A dice proposal
When taking medications
That can throw me in
Toxic shock
Water room temp
Saltine crackers

am I awake
will it take
To let
my head rest
Pillows, heating pad, oxygen
I try my best
More pills to
numb the pain
Staying awake all night
is driving me insane
Too many thoughts in my head
unable to sleep in my bed
write poems all night
Thank God for this site

I’ll try sleepy time tea
and melatonin
And I will have to potty

Ten more pillows
For the sheep to jump in the willows
Good night
Wishful thinking

I have read a lot of poems
from young people
That alarm me
The talk of ;
suicide, self mutilation ,Bullying  
The list is long
I know this is no comparison
but it reminds me of
the many homeless
do not even
acknowledge them
when they walk bye
We are living in  
Sodom and Gomorrah
Many are reaching out for help
While people  hurry on bye
  The parable of the
Good Samaritan told by Jesus in Luke
This story was told by Jesus in response to question
asked by a lawyer who is my neighbor ?
As we are told to Love our neighbor as our self

The parable is about a traveler
who is stripped of clothing
beaten and left For dead
alongside the road
First a priest and then a Levite come by
but both avoid the man
finally a Sameritain happens upon the traveler
Sameritans and Jews generally despise each other
but the Samaritan helps the injured man
In conclusion
the neighbor figure in the parable
is the man who shows mercy for the injured man
that is the Good Samaritan

I took the story of the good Samaritan out of Wikipedia  this story is not meant to be political but it’s to emphasize the point of these children young adults that are reaching out for us and their lost and we’re turning her head to weigh in we need to talk to them I have been personally reaching out to them in private  perhaps together as a family here on this site we can be there for people when they’re hurting

Either you believe in them or you don’t
Either you will keep them or you won’t

Why would anyone want to make a list
If all they write will be dismissed

For me it’s a bit like therapy
Looking deep within me

Evaluating the last year
What I held dear what I fear

I have to visit my past
To achieve a future at last

I formulate goals and dreams
And begin to look between the seems

Two categories are devised
Personal goals and future, dreams a list analyzed

My completed list is etched in my brain
If I blow it mess up a day, I don’t go insane

I don’t throw in the towel tomorrow’s a new day
I keep the same motivation the same values the same way

In the end it’s for a better me
That something I can live with you see

I encourage you all to try this process, make a list that will last
the old you will be not be miss but a thing  of the past

Each day is a new beginning and the possibilities are in less

My child is grown
Married with children of her own
Life a twist of fate
Divorce, judgements ,learn to hate
Before God They came together
She left him, a battle, a storm unable to weather

They both moved on and found new love
Was it a gift from above
Turn about is fair play
He with the new life ,wife is happy today

She broken hearted dazed puzzled looked but did not blink
Tears falling ,she spoke quietly Karma at play ,I think
New love burns bright, then fades for all to see
The way things are ,not as they should be
She believes this is her punishment for wrongs of the past
Devil laughing in delight she must pay her dues at last

It’s hard to see your child broken hearted
Knowing there is nothing I can do when two have parted
A mother’s job is to listen not reply
In a broken heart many bombs lie

Hour spent rehashing the chain of events
The things said at each other exspence
I know in time this too will fade
If I could save her from the pain I would make the trade

So for now all I can do is be there for my child
cautiously watch what I say or Her words are not meek or mild
Why is it we take out our hurt on the ones we love
Wasnt that the first lesson we failed with God above

Hope faith and love
The most important of these
Is love

My daughter had a fight argument with her boyfriend of two years she is distraught calling me all day long I am happy to be there although I can’t do or say anything right
But mother’s never stop being a mother no matter the age  it’s just a little more difficult to  Council  an adult
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