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As a child she was in the dark to what was unfolding around her
it was WW2 and she knew not of the deaths at Auschwitz and Sobibor
she recalls being taken from a ghetto to a transit camp in Westerbork
a ride to nowhere I knew not
when I was just a tot
others had been caught
She was taken from an orphanage kicking & screaming bruised and cut
then shoved her in a bus to transport her to a destination small as a hut
arriving at camp, they shoved her in a gas chamber, strange twist of fate
it malfunctioned ,she was left naked in a chamber overnight, was it Faith?
thumping heart and all
she curled up from a crawl
and cried to the wall
Angels of death rejected her, she was too sterilized with innocence
burning in an oven she didn't belong, she lived to tell without pretense
unfortunately scarred for life, she survived and lost her dear parents
on her wedding day she did cope
a survivor with an anchor a rope
dressed in white she took a *****
Jews,  burned in ovens all because of Adolf ****** and his hatred for Jews
Jews, God's people honest good living Citizens who did no wrong, Jews
Jews, human beings ripped apart, God opened gate then wept, JEWS  +
CJ Sutherland Apr 12
Fully.    Empty
Pretty.                     Ugly
Act                       naturally
Open.                  Secret
Group             Silence
Original.    Copy
Only choice
Liquid gas
The.         worst.  
Of                   These  
Social.                         Distancing
I saw a series of these online and I decided to make it into something food for thought anyone
I was not able to get rid of the. When I started my spacing so those little dots are not supposed to be there
CJ Sutherland Feb 12
Valentine’s Day is upon hooray
I’m offering a little adventure
we can play
there are many heart felt poems
written in a poets book
If a poet is willing to show their work
then let’s join together and take a second look.
I have no plans to compile your poems
I just thought it would be nice to read
There are so many styles of poetry indeed
Here is my plan
Post the name of your poem  
down below
We can Sample from poets far and wide
The love poets have experienced should not hide
At our leisure one by one
we can feel a poet’s spirit of
love under the sun
And the fun begins
This is not about who wins
I’ll go first my poem

Valentine’s Day ( revised1986)
CJ Sutherland Jan 13
My third grade teacher
used this phrase often
I never understood It
BUT I knew it mean
Be quiet shush
NOW with what is going on in the world
it takes on the opposite meaning.
IF you catch my drift.

IS                     GOLD
GET              RICH

In the face of injustice we must stand for what we believe in
for what is morally right honest and decent
united we stand divided we will fall
there are those who want to silence our voices
CJ Sutherland Jan 13
We celebrate commercialized Holidays days
but I’m not sure why
Mother’s Day ,Father’s ,Day Valentines Day
to say I  understand would be a lie
These and other Holidays
have become so bastardized
Stores have capitalized on these days
Do people really realize!
I heard a man announce
Super Bowl Sunday is a Holiday
I laughed, until I understood, he was serious
then, I had nothing to say
Still I was curious to know
how he /we embarked along this path
Why does Society go along?,
other then a PARTY DAY, lets  do the math
Companies making money at our expense
are we board? hence
The vicious circle,
round and round,
the reasoning makes no since
Yet it seems silly
the days to observe continue to grow
And we the people are the last to know
Can we get off of this financial treadmill
before our money is gone
The growth rate of Holidays are increasing,
it all seems wrong
Yet if we don’t buy in participate
we will be considered cheep
Ridiculed, a person who doesn’t care,
branded a creep
There has to be a way
to beat the system
So what do you say?
now they are taking away all the holidays that truly matter
silence is  not golden
CJ Sutherland Jan 13
This is the hardest thing
For me to say
Harder still to have gone through
The Whole ordeal

I have COPD on oxygen
Walk with a cane
surgery set my 2nd total knee replacement

Physical violence
Elderly abuse   
It happens to others
not me

My ***** secret
Of blame and shame
It’s my fault
if I wouldn’t have
done this or that
It wouldn’t have happened
If only

I  deserved it
Why is the negative stuff
easier to believe

My adult daughter
My only child
Love of my life
Hit me,hurt me
Beat me up
She went for my lungs punching
My knee so I couldn’t walk

Cold and calculated then because
Inadvertently scratched her
Trying to get her off of my chest
I couldn’t breath

Stunned by the scratch
She went to see what I had done
Came out with a curling iron
Beat me with it until the
medal Part broke off
on my legs and knees

She Calling the police because she had a mark
I begged her to put the phone down
I told her "you don’t think I have marks"
She wanted me to suffer in jail
With no medications

Subsequently she was arrested
Assalt with a weapon
In the end
She will blame It all on me
I’m Still trying to wrap my head
Around what happened

I’m stunned
To see  deep dark hatred
In the eyes

Of my only child
My loved one
Hatred me enough to
Get on top of me punching me
In my chest
I couldn’t breath

I have cuts and bruises  
That will fade
But most importantly
Harder still is the realization
I am not safe
around her
I’m so devastated

After reflection, contemplation
I believe
It’s stems from money
I received an inheritance
She thinks , She is entitled

When money was no longer
Anger,hatred was unleashed
From the pit of hell

The flood of other events
Of bullying ,aggressive behavior
Verbal and physical
Her whole life
Came to mind

I blocked it all out
Until it was pointed out to me
I have to accept
My part in all this
I let her escape the consequences of her youth
I created a monster
With my good intentions
No one is perfect
Children do not come with an instruction manual

That being said
I did not raise her to be disrespectful
To lie,cheer, steel
Break the Ten Commandments

Although she lives a few hours away
I’m still afraid
I hate feeling helpless, weak

I dream she is
Standing over me
With a knife
Wanting to **** me

Then I wake up
I’m not coping
I need help

I’m morning the loss of
my only child
Who grew willful and wild
I can NEVER be safe around her

This realization
Has me in effect
Morning the loss
of our Relationship
Of my only child

The grandchildren
Have been a part of my life
A third parent at times
I have very strong connections
With each of them

I will not
Let her use them as pons
In her games
Hostages against me
It stops now

Her  jealousy
Loathing, dispise of me
Has only deepened through her life
I’m the reason for every bad thing that happens
No matter if I’m around or not
I love my daughter with every bit of my heart
Money the root of all evil
always walking on eggshells
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