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ZenOfferings Aug 2022
Holding onto other people's traumas
So I'm not left facing my own
Figure if I keep helping others'
I'll solve mine alone with a poem
ZenOfferings Mar 2022
As the world crashes
To the world I wish to see
Which me should I be
ZenOfferings Nov 2021
Martyrs bear its proof:
They've already remembered
I's what they forget
ZenOfferings Nov 2021
You either smilin'
Or you silent; by choice or
Broke rights and violence
ZenOfferings Nov 2021
I know reflections
Of a thousand other mirrors
This - the path I tread
Again I'm lost staring into Indra's net
ZenOfferings Aug 2021
What if you discovered that the puppet master was just a tangle of other puppets...

Interconnectedness is paramount to who we are, to life itself
To get loose is not to get free -- to get free is to love the strings you keep
ZenOfferings Jul 2021
What's needed to see
World peace -- a miracle, or
Magnifying glass
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