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A rooted figure.
Though too soon the pattern slips,
...Life lasts a lifetime
In memoriam: Noah
My love to you Jill, and to your family.
ZenOfferings Sep 9
Unclench grasping fists
Open hands are better poised
To catch mysteries
ZenOfferings Sep 6
Is not asked; The sun's love is
Love like that
ZenOfferings Sep 2
I remember the weather the day that I met you
Sunny; with a storm in your back pocket

I remember your beauty
Vividly shone through
The tears that you knew to erase it

I was your rock
Steadfast, protruding
A cold slab for bleeding
The demons out of your soul

But after four years
You were all bled out
Dried was the well of your anguish
My only hope for us is that you do not linger as I do
ZenOfferings Aug 30
One sided affair
The smile you then gave it
Said have a nice life
How do we transmute the mystery?
ZenOfferings Aug 27
Withered rose -- framed, shelved;
Her supple scent forgotten
Figure long remains
May the nature of your love be iconoclastic
ZenOfferings Aug 24
The sound of tear streams
Tears the patterns asunder --
Deafening silence
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