When sheltered from rain
You’re fixed on the greys above;
Play in the puddles
That which you avoid is perpetually drawn to the foreground
Do you mourn the wind
As the particles pass by?
Their death brings spring-time…
Here lies one, in the wake of 36
ZenOfferings Jan 11
I started wearing that necklace again
The one with the little key on it

For the longest time I thought that it was out of place
That it ceased to belong the day I lost the lock

But I started wearing that necklace again
It used to be the key to your heart

But its since unlocked my own
A departure from haiku
This poem welled up inside me -- similar to Haiku 1

Haiku 1 inspired me to begin sharing with you all, so I had to honor this similar feeling by sharing this poem as well.
ZenOfferings Jan 11
What good’s being right?
I’m never farther from truth
Than in a judgement
And then there I go judging non-judgement.  What a funny cycle.
ZenOfferings Jan 9
Born a reflection
I see a light in your eyes
Primordial burn
Its all pattern
ZenOfferings Jan 8
Don’t miss your cold love
Miss the warmth you let me feel
About myself —
Even the pain in my chest, and the shallowness of my words and breath, are Zen if your labels are loose.

Expect more traditional haiku shortly.
ZenOfferings Jan 7
Standing in the rain
Trying to wash it away —
I’m made of water…
We're born from strife
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