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ZenOfferings Apr 19
Power and privilege can be chased if you're addicted to the change you can create.  Even if you're bold enough to claim righteous deeds, you become untrustworthy.
But even as you least expect it, power and privilege will find you in life, and it's that kind of power -- when the universe bestows it -- with which you can absolutely be trusted.
Champion your dharma and live out your dramatic truth in all the universal glory.
ZenOfferings Jul 2023
Just imagine if
There was no government
Goodness gracious
There'd be a lot to fear, wouldn't it?

Evil acting agents incognito and anonymous
Despondency'd be common all because of all the seedy peeps
Beady-eyed greedy-acting low power-hungry leniency
Inefficient industry, unreliable currency
Questionable access to guns
Leaving you feelin' unsafe in the city
Unjust evils everywhere
No one with the will to care
Probably cuz they can't get food and lack proper nutrition
Imagine what's left of school's a mess
No community build a fence
Overpay or hard to trade
Can't get rest
Unclean water, can't afford a home
You'll drink to both or smoke to dome
Jobs would be hard to come by but you could finally grow your own
Who not what you knew would matter
More than ever
No one would save us from nuclear fallout weather
No plumbing means the rivers'd fill with feces
People'd cut the trees in greed and leave invasive species
Death to all large native fauna
Replaced with vacant blacktop saunas
And half-cooked concepts that a goverment'd be better
ZenOfferings May 2023
Great adversity
One perspective away from
Bountiful blessings
ZenOfferings Aug 2022
Holding onto other people's traumas
So I'm not left facing my own
Figure if I keep helping others'
I'll solve mine alone with a poem
ZenOfferings Mar 2022
As the world crashes
To the world I wish to see
Which me should I be
ZenOfferings Nov 2021
Martyrs bear its proof:
They've already remembered
I's what they forget
ZenOfferings Nov 2021
You either smilin'
Or you silent; by choice or
Broke rights and violence
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