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ZenOfferings Jan 3
You try to sell your soul
But you can't get no bread for it
ZenOfferings Dec 2020
Here all the choice that lay beforith

To eat thereof the tree of life an **** it as thy bask fatted in the glory of a newborn star

Or to abstain there frometh an look inside eternal black thusly with knowledge that your stomach's redeeming feast is but a headturn away
ZenOfferings Dec 2020
The toad does notice
Most the river runs by it
But the whirlpool sings
Relax into the chaos you find at life's periphery
ZenOfferings Oct 2020
Looking for the void
Constitutes your very bones
Still you labor on
Still seeking the Tao?
ZenOfferings Oct 2020
Bells, procedures; and
Students learn to break a heart
Before tie a shoe
ZenOfferings Sep 2020
Those in power lose sleep watching our every move

To go so far as to blanket our world in satellites

But those oppressed have been watching them in excess of ten thousand years

Oh how they long for that kind of control

Their ***** truth is that the meek have already inherited the Earth a hundred times over
ZenOfferings Sep 2020
The chains were forged for the poor

Blackness is nothing but a convenient excuse

Will you be saved by your skin tone when you are the new lowest on the totem?
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