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VerySadLibra Dec 2020
I take this life and love
With my hands at my side
And heart wide open
The warmth of candles
On my cool and steady mind
Her light hits my face
And her energy fills my cup
I drink what she offers
I give her everything in return
Elena Mustafa Oct 2020
What is an empath
I person who neurologically
Feels emotions of other people
You cannot hide from them
As I am one
I have felt the emotions
Of myself
And another
Since I could cognitively remember
Elena Mustafa Oct 2020
They started when I was
Four years of age
And that was when I realized my soul
The very essence of my mind
Had a passport
As well
My spirit age 4000
My mortal age
Elena Mustafa Sep 2020
I have been around the world
Not just in this
In past lives
The places my parents went to
Or live in
I have been there
Thousands of thousands of
Years in reincarnation
ObsidianDeath Sep 2020

Scrying through a broken glass
The time has come and it has past.
The illusion go of what could have been is what hurts the most

We need to let it go-that things could have been different
Scrying through a broken glass

Left with a shattered glass heart
The ripples dance on the waters reflection
The sisters of fate put us in different directions.

Scrying through a broken glass
The hurt still lies underneath
With the stains of time etched in our palms

You are someone else
I am still right here.
A recently lost one of my best friends.. It's about a longing to get them back..
Off to wonderland, a nightmare of a dream
If only you could see

Nothing but a  stain
To those that be
No end in sight, for my misery
so here I lay
To numb the pain
I believed
But I was only deceived

Wonderland, the place
Where you don't make amends
A place where your beliefs
Are canned
The place
Where you'll surly know pain
First hand

It wasn't worth it
But I was desperate
Now I'm ******, forever
In wonderland.
One hand over the blade, another over the face
Breath in deeply and take a swing
Ignore the screaming, feel nothing
For he is smiling
For what you are sacrificing

So take a drink, have a sip
Pay no mind to what drips
Your mind has gotten dark
Your soul brands his mark
Hold your tongue and tell no secrets
For ignorance is bliss
Here in the apocalypse.
Mind enclosed
Body controlled
Soul exposed
Behold, I am that which is owned

Pleasure in pain
Pain in pleasure
I giveth to the altar
So please
Set my soul aflame
Anything for a little fame.
I lay here with my mind expanding
And ignore my body
As it starts aching

Cloak and Daggers, masks and all
I begin laughing
And stand tall
Even with this pain
I will overcome them all

The secrets I keep
The masks I wear
I will succeed, It might not be easy
But is a load that I'm willing to bear
Even in this hellish nightmare

A sinner
A thinker
Brought in hook, line, and sinker
Now just a prisoner
Who is free to do what I please
It goes deeper
But there's no treasure
Not down here at least.
Here we are again in the moonlight
all of us dressed in a black cloak
and no sounds are heard, not even a frog's croak.

we invoke that which slumbers in the darkness
and dance along to the tune of humanity's cries
I'm getting tired of hanging with you guys
I want to leave, but I know that's unwise.

I want to apologize to those that I love
that I care for, you guys mean so much
I know you guys judge me for how I ended up
and I know I ****** up
but *******, I love you all so much.
Created by me on November 18th, 2019
Right in the feels.. never take the friends you have for granted. cherish every moment with them.
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