They live in Separate Worlds,
Though under the same roof.
How can two people
In close proximity
Live in Separate Worlds
If Everything is interterconnected
And interdependent
As the Buddha taught?
Well, the Buddha didn’t mention
Factionalism, Apartheid,
And Religious Sectarianism
Only the Injustice of Caste.
People who are of different religious backgrounds……
Can have different priorities and values
It can lead
To a Schism.

When in ecstasy
Fluids flowed from deep within her
But when anger ruled
The inner flow would dry up
She knew the Earth was angry

David Barr Feb 2014

Have you ever heard those flat harmonies of death, where operatic assertions resound throughout damp and ancient crypts of macabre folklore?
Time is slowly running out, and the flame of life is flickering in the winds of captivating finality.
Although haunting screams are like echoes which transcend fatty spreads of digestive mediocrity, the stalagmites and stalactites of gothic caverns display their erect features which defy rational explanation.
Feel the depths of soulless forests as they chant messages of reconciliation amidst tangled weeds and branches of self-stimulation.
Amitriptyline can facilitate sleep at the end of an indulgent evening.


Social Networks
Are Post-Modern Paganism
Even if you consider yourself
To be a Believer
In One God.
People focus
On a thousand different things
Without really focusing completely
On anything.
One  can multitask
Without really knowing how
To multitask.
One  can study get exposed to a million concepts
Without really learning anything.
All this sounds
Like a condemnation of Social Networks,
But it really isn't.
Social Networks teach one
About the potential for INTEGRATION.
And the Extreme Individualism
That make it impossible
For Humanity to successfully address problems.
With Social Networking,
We're modeling the Basis
For a Solution.
One can tie Information together,
Whether all the Information "makes sense"
Or not.
It's the LINKAGES that are important.....
The "tags"
Social Networks demonstrate
Spoken of in Buddhism
And it is this Interconnectedness
Which reveals the Oneness
More than "belief"
In One God.

I saw a little crab coming out the sea
snail shell greeting me.
I saw a ladybug
undressing and welcoming
me on the beach.

Then I bathed in the luminous
sun rays naked.
Bare beauty of existence:

I let the lady bug go                
near the coast
to climb on the finest bush branch.
Thank you, happy-go-lucky!
I go as well. . . sweet lady

I saw grey green crabs
running into the shade
hiding among sea rock
cracks. . .sea waves splashing over them.

I saw a lonely seagull staring at me
thoughtfuly aware. This reserve sharp,
piercing gaze surpised me ~ thinking:
"Who is this-lady occupying my bay?"

Then the seagull flew away landing
nearby on the baby waves, swaying
with a natural rhythm, drifting, white,
away, still aware of my presence.

I had to draw him within my mind
to capture the curve of his beak
and the orange yellow shade, eyes
thinking of other eyes, masculinity.

The body was The Livingston.  Pure
bonus. Of living. I saw all human beings
have this yearning soul, wanting to be
happy. Every inner light glows beautifully.

Thank you ~ Majestic Universe! We are
never alone! Interconnected I am, happy,
content, loving each rock, pebble, soil~
tree, person, sunrise~music~sunset!
Every ripple's interference phenomena
caused by these amazing alive beings.
Morning around. . .

Imagined by
Impeccable Space
Poetic observer

To maintain Order, Wars are fought to eliminate the "Scourge of Drugs",
Unfortunately, extrajudicial killings only create
A Deeper Trauma and a new form of Chaos.
Due to our Ignorance we can't always perceive our interconnectedness
In Indra's Web.

I lay here waiting in my skin for the tearing of the membrane
that seperates this world from the next one and I let myself
get carried along by a fresh stream of reasoning until I
flare up in the dark like a new species of amoeba

this balancing and spinning around on an atom and just not
falling off it becomes boring at times and maybe because of that
sporules once landed here to grant us the possibility
of another possibility

I lay here waiting and I manage not to drown just like only
an almost newborn baby can and being born in 1983
means nothing here in the swelling infinity
of the abnormal

my skin has been waiting for new atmospheres for decades
and the touch of unknown forms makes me shudder with
raw impervious happiness because invisible energy
effervesces alongside my arms and the eyes in my skull
could be anyone’s right now

suddenly the waiting is forgotten and I wallow myself
in the gathered fairy tales of every soul that preceded me
carelessly astonished and uncapable of understanding
the seriousness of this absurd life

inside me irrational poetry dances
like a tribe jumping around a bonfire

outside the universe
dances her own eternity
round and round

In order to take her and her friends to the Women's Rights March,
Janey filled up the gas tank of her SUV at the local Gas Station.
She had given her email address to the Oil Company
And received a note of appreciation in her Google  inbox,
"As the Head Cleric of the DAESH,"
"We would like to thank you"
"For supporting our gang rapes,"
"Terrorist Operations"
"And massacres of Christians, Yazidis, and Kurds. "
"Every purchase of gasoline you make"
"Helps us to kill more people."
Janey was alarmed by this sort of disgusting
''Thank You Note'.
She showed it to her friend Deidra,
Who would be joining her at the Event.
Deidra  was more environmentally  conscious than her friend, Janey.
So, she just sighed,
"These Crazy Terrorists are right."
"Every time we purchase a gallon of gasoline,"
"The profits go  to the same, Cruel Misogynists
"That we're protesting today."

Separate realities
Compartmentalized minds
Racial Segregation
Make a nation great by destroying it.
It's this the American Way?

"Our world would be a barren
and a horrible desolated place


~ POETS and our intuitive subtle visions
~ MUSIC's universal healing sounds


Reveal Love For Life:
living with each other
within harmony,  
love and compassion.

Cherish everyone.
Respect nature.
LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Imagined by
Impeccable Space
Poetic beauty
CharlesC May 2013

In symmetry
and colors
a notable image..
meditative model
Hubble finding
in night sky
light years
from here
and Now..

Science musings:

How created..?

A creator or

A centered aging
binary system..?

Polarity energy
says it all..?

The unusual shape?
Sacred geometry
expresses itself..?

A definite torus..
All Reality
and Consciousness
expressed as Torus..?

Boundaries of cones
form an X..?

Creation of symmetry

Why unusual colors
Red and Blue..?

Left and Right
Male and Female
oppositions prevail..?

As hydrocarbon molecules
colors building blocks
for organic life..?

Center Light transforming
to component colors..?

In a few million years
the Red Rectangle nebula
will probably bloom
into a planetary

New birth
Now announced...?

image at

for CharlieP
Brian Oarr Feb 2012

They had begun to question consciousness,
turning solid matter into fuzziness in their brains,
rendering not atoms, nor photons, nor particles,
only cold energy, halucenogenic stardust joints.
For the exclusionary few to whom the material
had never meant shit to a tree or a fuck to a rabbit,
it was the cash-cow of quantum reality,
ambiguous poetry for a Beat Generation,
Uncertainty in free verse chapbooks.
So they wrote of our interconnectedness ---
the Ginsbergs, the Levertovs, the Ferlinghettis ---
till the gravity of space-mind curved imagination,
a nation falling unheard without a whimper in the forest.

"You've got to pick up every stitch,
The rabbits running in the ditch,
Beatniks are out to make it rich,
Oh no, must be the season of the witch"
                           --- Donovan Leitch

I'm lying here with the light on. The fan is set on speed 3, and it's pointed directly on me. Social networks dance on my computer screen. Faces of people, some of whom I've never met, spout endless minutia. So do I. We'd like to think that all of this is bring us closer to one another, but that is anything but the truth. This faux interconnectedness is just another way to live together, alone. These pills are beginning to take hold. My mouth is dry, and not even the coldest, clearest water can quench it. Sometimes I equate staying up that one last hour with having that one last drink. It's the one that always kills you in the morning.

It's 4:45 AM, and my alarm is set for noon.

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