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Raindrop Dec 2019
i knew we were doomed from the start
but we love trouble, don't we?
it gives us thrill knowing that
we can always get away with it
and come out clean in the eyes of many
but we're no saints, honey.
He chokes
paper and
inhibits law  
there in
habitual way
as he
lumped this
load on
my community
with popular
dogma still
ministry of
the house
though the
township nigh
but a
hospital standard
A word on healthcare
Hereshecomes Jul 2019
Grant it
You stepped in
through a crack
like an assassin.

And yes
your prying eye
did establish how far
you could reach

Little did you know
that the lady you made out of me
can see in the dark.


Red flags you waved before me
for your colourful entertainment
Pillars for my temple
And swords for my angels.
Bea Aguilar Jun 2019
It is so crazy
How risky
The love
We chose to have.
Denise Uy Mar 2019
it's physics, alright, this whole thing is.
my mom flicked us off the goshdarn cliff.
all we're doing is falling but get this:
our fingers gon' find something to grip
ain't gon' do much, that, we will loosen.

we be fallin' and i reckon it will hurt,
y'know, hitting the ground, so small tip.
brace yourself, prepare for the worst.
it's going to be a pretty rough trip.
we will break bones and lose our heads.

we got no clue where we'll land
but we know what we're goin' through
and if we gotta fall we gotta stand.
while we fall there ain't much to do;
just fall 'til we go where we gotta be.

and in the end, when we're healed from it,
the someone you're with don't gotta be me.
I wouldn't have wished for another kind of fall. As long as we know it'll end, I will willingly keep falling.
Ambrelle Mar 2019
Taking in a deep breath,
You feel the cold air burn your lungs
The feeling of life rushing through your veins

Holding your breath is a very risky experiment
If you hold it in too long,
The feeling of life that you barely even notice anymore will disappear

Wake up, you must realize that there are others like you
The ones who like to play with their lives like its a simple game
Except its not a game
This is a poem basically about people that play with their lives. kinda *****
Amanda Feb 2019
I knew it was a long shot
Knew I'd end up with another broken heart
But despite the risk I let you back in
After almost a year apart
Because I couldn't get you off my mind
Not for a day or even an hour or two
And if you were so deeply stuck in my thoughts
That meant it was worth starting over new
Now we are here trying our best
But it's not quite what we hoped it would be
The love I feel for you is stronger than ever
But I can't seem to make you see

I just want you to smile once more
And make you happy like I did before
I knew the risks. But I wanted, no, NEEDED you anyway.
Val Graz Feb 2019
You all think that I am doing okay,
All thanks to the smile on my face,
But it's been thirty years of this fake ****,
You'd think by now you'd see through it,
But no, 3 decades and I can still put on a show,
Better than an actor, and I don't need all that blow,
I can get by on anything I can find,
And if I don't have anything to scavange on hand,
Well there's always the internet,
Because I will put my life on the line for a fix,
If I'm really in need, and it should scare you,
It should freak me out, but I'm calm here alone,

Don't tell me it'll get better,
That line doesn't get easier,
It doesn't age like fine wine,
Just rots like a coffin full of bones,

Instructing me to take my meds, like that will help?
When it hasn't done **** in the past,
Isn't gonna score you points when I'm looking down the barrel,
Of a gun of my own making,
And yes, I'll still be faking,
That 10 watt smile tomorrow when I see you,
Cause that's just what I ******* do,
Oh, please don't be mad when you find out it's all a lie,
Because honestly you should've been able to find,
The cracks in my mask, they're bigger than China,
And the nightmares in there will seep out and find ya,
After I've had a bottle of wine or tequila or two,
I'll let you know every bad deed I've ever let them do,

Don't tell me it'll get better,
That line doesn't get easier,
It doesn't age like fine wine,
Just rots like a coffin full of bones.
blushing prince Sep 2018
my spine was assembled clumsily and with an erratic precision of a hand that knows the premeditation of everything
the swarm came in the shape of an air conditioner
it's the characterizations of overgrown lawns and memory foam on the side of the curb
like going to the laundromat instead of church on Sunday
I've said this before, repetition lives inside the brain that continues to step over it's own feet
foot slowly inching towards my mouth
i could kiss you with my ankle if you would
the air conditioner buzzes all night like i did that night that i couldn't find the entrance in a place that i wanted to leave
take me home in a Chinese take-out box
i'll sit in the back of your fridge until you forget
i'll grow my own colony, mold malformation on the creases where the warmth should be
Sweaty container and you throw me out before Monday's pickup trash along with the expired mustard and mayonnaise
oh the missed opportunity, the dedication i could have gone to have given you a stomach ache that leaves you at three in the morning dry heaving your memories
that electric buzz stays until it's unwelcome and still it persists
so the bees have started to congregate, digress and drink the synthetic honeysuckle it spits
they take off, wings of woolly yellow into a breath that i consume by lungfuls
i don't know where they're going but that's okay because they keep coming back
and it's the permanence of something so flighty that calms the hum
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