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Needles pressing on my neck
waiting for the skin to break

Needles pressing on my eyes
trying to reach the soul

Needles stuck into my ears
this hurts more than they know

It's not their fault
it's not my fault
it's no one's fault
just breathe
relax relax relax

Needles going up my nose
too much
too much!

The needles slowly break my blood brain barrier
become my very existence
i pop
Chris Calkins Jan 2018
once upon a time
i thought that if i scratched away at my skin hard enough
i could peel the layers far enough back
to reveal someone else inside
someone who wouldn't be judged
someone who was some semblance
of normal
it didn't work
because there is no normal in me
there is only pain and confusion and fear
now all that's left of those
happier times
are the scars that litter my body
like a trashcan
tipped in the wind

— The End —