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If the gold can still shine , even after forged and burnt,
why can't I?
If the sun can still shine, even under immense pressure,
why can't I?
If the star can still shine, even after untold centuries,
why can't I?
If you can still shine , even after leaving me broken,
why can't I?
Let them hurt you little more, let them leave you broken inside, let them avoid you without even knowing the real you..
You'll still shine until and unless you gave upon you.
Believe in yourself.
Parker May 2020
Eye look around me and all (eye) see is a brainwashed humanity...

when did we become these creatures
forgotten all of what the universe teaches?

behave little sheep lest you fall out of line
imprisoned enslaved these are the times

to rise up

to rise up to the wakeup call
that sleeps within us all
Zack Ripley Aug 2019
it doesn't matter how many times
you win or lose, my friend.
So take my hand and I'll help you rise again
afiifa Feb 2020
Let that mountain rise
Let that beauty go
Sarah Delaney Jan 2020
I know how it feels to lie awake at night thinking about everything wrong with me
My stomach's not flat enough,
I have love handles and thick thighs
I **** up everything I do or touch
Sometimes I think to myself would the world be better off without me?
But then the sun rises and shines across my face
The warmth awakening my senses
And I realize
The sun will always rise
And so will I

Samantha Babe Feb 2019
I was in the search
Of high hopes and fancy
Then I found you
In a somber chasm
And I let my self fall
To seek in too deep
To have a shelter
And to drown with your love
For a time
The emptiness was filled
A leap of joy
Was in the faith's hands
But the current
Was waving too strong
Your love, your love
I still tried to hold
But the water's through me
Choked by this illusory
While you watched me in a distant
I cried with the sea
All these concepts
Had deteriorated my being
But I had to search the air
To right back up
And to keep me breathin'
I found my amnesty
In the high ruins
And I swear an oath
That I will never ever
Love that would lead me to death
Ameed Jan 2019
Some waves came by, hitting the tender shore
And a lot of sand freckles left the poor thing alone
The shore was weakened not holding anymore
It felt so fragile with no flesh only bones

The shore was a person left far behind
A person with no one to care for and trust
The shore was a person who was seen as blind
A person with no feelings, that’s typically a must.

The waves were the challenges everyone would face
They were bumpy and grumpy all the way till the end
But challenges are not there for us to only ace
They’re there to expose these sandy suspends

When you’re being hit, the honest only stay
Liars will leave you not even looking back
They will just hit the road, running away
Leaving you as dusted as a book on a rack

But space has been emptied for a new set of sand
A set that is truthful, loyal and bold
The shore is now happy with this beaming land
Instead of trusting sands, it is now trusting gold
Β© 2019 Ameed Shehayeb All Rights Reserved
Emily Jul 2018
I hear the cries around
The battles in the crowd
The bullets Raining down
The blood that's on the ground
The fear all around
The crying in the crowd
It's all coming down
Our fates are falling to the ground
So I'm running all around
I'm looking in the crowd
'cause I'm falling down
I need to find you before I hit the ground
I've been searching all around
Running through the crowds
As the world's been falling down
I won't let us hit the ground
The wars all around
Blood coming from the crowd
The World is coming down
And you have been falling down
But we won't hit the ground
We've been through his before
And we can do it again
It may be our blood on the ground
But we can take it now
As the world falls down
And we have broken down
But we will never touch the ground
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