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16.1k · Jul 2019
Poetic Eagle Jul 2019
some people break your heart just to see you bleed
2.6k · Apr 2021
Poetic Eagle Apr 2021
It's the silence of the night
That makes the thoughts of you so loud
Close in distance
2.3k · Nov 2018
Poetic Eagle Nov 2018
Her  smile was hatred
coated as happiness and love
Not everyone who smiles as you is your friend!!
Know the ones who really mean it
1.9k · Aug 2019
Poetic Eagle Aug 2019
I'm always falling  hard for the person in the mirror
random thought
1.8k · Apr 2021
Poetic Eagle Apr 2021
It's the silence of the night that makes the thoughts of you so loud
Close in distance
1.8k · Oct 2023
Poetic Eagle Oct 2023
If l do not " only share with"
I might never know what you ate or how your day went

It's either left on read or "..... replied to your story"
So lm constantly looking for content that triggers your reaction

For If there is no green circle on my name, screaming " not yet viewed" l may never be remembered
1.7k · Dec 2016
it was all a lie
Poetic Eagle Dec 2016
Not once did l expect this to happen
Never in my wildest imagination did l think you would leave
Your sweetness melted in my heart
But it was all a lie

The promises and the oaths
We would never say goodbye
We would be together forever
But it was all a lie

Being that shoulder to lean on
A friend to depend on
The arms to cry on
The strength in my hopelessness
My eyes in my blindness
And the guider in my helplessness
It was all an act
It was all a lie

Those changeable watery to baby blue eyes
The flowing golden hair
Made me believe in a fantasy fairytale life
But it was all a lie

The old dreamy smile, you shattered
My visions, desires and dreams
You mercilessly destroyed
Leaving an empty person without hope only unforgettable lies

Its funny how people can be fooled only to later realise that those words were all lies
1.7k · Dec 2018
Poetic Eagle Dec 2018
It's so hard fighting for things that dont wanna be fought for
It's like fighting an invisible battle
Idk maybe its better to let go
1.4k · Jun 2023
3 a.m
Poetic Eagle Jun 2023
sooo loud its deafening
Be my morning to midnight chat
Night and day,
Lets live stories and make memories
Can we explore what life has instore
Be my bestfriend
Crushing on the idea of being "bestfriends"
To the person that existed in the abstract
1.3k · May 2023
Poetic Eagle May 2023
Would l be a poet, if you weren't the poem
There is always You behind every word

My thoughts and feelings are getting used to the idea of having you,
Stand before me dressed  in rhythm and sound
To the person that existed in the abstract
1.3k · Sep 2020
Poetic Eagle Sep 2020
Writing my own fairytale
Maybe that's where my Happy ending lies
Random thoughts
1.3k · Dec 2020
0000 2021
Poetic Eagle Dec 2020
The clock ticks midnight
The beginning of a new year
New decade, a new month
We all smile and laugh at the opening of a new chapter
But why does everything feel the same
1.3k · Dec 2018
Mon rève ( my dream)
Poetic Eagle Dec 2018
You dont need to sleep to dream
Stay awake and watch it happen
Life dreams
1.2k · Jul 2021
Poetic Eagle Jul 2021
Roses have thorns,
Even the beautiful things can s hurt you
Random thoughts
1.2k · Mar 2022
Poetic Eagle Mar 2022
l looked forward to a goodnight
not a goodbye

l wish l could bid you farewell
so long grandma, until we meet again
1.1k · Nov 2018
Poetic Eagle Nov 2018
Criticism from the wrong person
Is the greatest motivation
Correct me if im wrong.
1.1k · Jul 2021
4 am
Poetic Eagle Jul 2021
Up at dawn just to rise together with the sun
As we hope to leave our darkness with the shadows of the night
Random thoughts
1.0k · Mar 2017
ma vie(my life)
Poetic Eagle Mar 2017
My life is mystery
A question that wants to remain unanswered
If l find the answer life changes the question
Life is PAIN
i wonder if l will uncover something someday
1.0k · Oct 2020
Poetic Eagle Oct 2020
Him: fall for me, l will catch you
Her: why
Him: Because that's what super heroes do
Small talks
1.0k · Apr 2019
5 words
Poetic Eagle Apr 2019
Not all scars are visible
Not everyone shows
979 · Apr 2017
If only
Poetic Eagle Apr 2017
If  only l could turn back the hands of time
I would

If only I could reach to you and bring you back
I would

If only l could fulfill the fond promises
I wound

If only l could pick you from my dreams and hug you for real
I would

In simple words Return If  Possible
4 years have passed but l still feel your presence and l miss you so much. You are so far yet very close to my heart. I wish u had  never left
963 · Apr 2019
my shield
Poetic Eagle Apr 2019
l act like l don't care

but inside I'm screaming
who else dos that
958 · Oct 2016
Our nature
Poetic Eagle Oct 2016
The earth turns into the sky of night
Lamps like stars in lustrous into glow twinkle bright
Homes are brides in splashes of light
Children lit up crackers in mighty heart

A rocket springs from ground to sky
Soars high in eagles flight to Zimbabwe
They roar and sing on their lips
Hidden somewhere for his golden eve

The banana trees on every doorstep
Girl with flowers ready to greet
Pulsing hearts of love on every guest

Through clouds of smoke last a fear
Sound breaks our peaceful slumber
We don't spend our money for the poor
We must learn our ignorance next year

Goddess of wealth blink from heaven
Glides down to earth with divine bliss

Light is life brightening their clouded sails
For a nature girl in the abstract.Also inspired by a friend( tsiie)
956 · Dec 2018
Poetic Eagle Dec 2018
Why cant we all be like stars
They shine despite the darkness
That surrounds them
Light always overpower darkness
Always believe
907 · Dec 2019
Poetic Eagle Dec 2019
Words don't heal anymore
I'm done
901 · Apr 2019
Poetic Eagle Apr 2019
If a broken heart still beats
It can still love
Being broken aint the end

give it a title pleaseeeeeee
Poetic Eagle Nov 2016
You never said you were living
You never said goodbye
No farewell
No last words were spoken
You were gone before l knew it
Only God knows why

A million times l needed you
A million times l cried
If love alone could have saved you
You never would have died
Goodbye you are the best thing l ever had

The moon,the stars,and the sun
They all remind me of you
Your memories keep tormenting
So how am l supposed to move on

This life made me believe in 3 things
It was fate that brought you to me
Death which suddenly took you way
Is love that won't make me forget you
But make you live inside me till the end
of eternity
Goodbye you are the best thing l ever had
This is for you bestie,  sorry l was not there the time you needed me the most
876 · Dec 2018
Not a poem
Poetic Eagle Dec 2018
Only a dog goes back to its *****
Think twice and stop being used
Past is past focus on e future
873 · Feb 2017
Poetic Eagle Feb 2017
Some wounds dont heal, they just stop bleeding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It took me time to realize this ...
855 · Aug 2021
Poetic Eagle Aug 2021
You broke my heart
But with every breathe each piece seem to be patching it way back to you
The heart wants what it wants
821 · Sep 2021
Dear black child
Poetic Eagle Sep 2021
Do you have to get high when you low
In hopes of solving your mental problems
Face your problems, cry so what of you are a man, speak to people,get help. It's okay to grieve. Stop suppressing your feelings. One bottle of alcohol will not solve your problems. It even gives you a bigger headache
816 · Dec 2023
Whispers of connection
Poetic Eagle Dec 2023
I want to text you, and talk about nothing or little details of my day,
Maybe you can tell me what made you smile today
But l don't want to disturb you
So I'm writing this instead
On days like these, she writes
798 · May 2022
Him and her
Poetic Eagle May 2022
Roses are red..........not all roses are red
Violets are blue....violets are not blue
Blood is my staring at her
So are you...................l dont like you too
Just saw blood is my lifeline line ...n liked it
792 · Feb 2019
Brighter days
Poetic Eagle Feb 2019
You cant have the juice
Until you break the coconut
We need the hardships to enjoy the better days
764 · Nov 2018
Poetic Eagle Nov 2018
I thought l would use their judgements
As inspiration
But it's not enough motivation
Maybe l grow with being judged
751 · Nov 2023
Poetic Eagle Nov 2023
When I'm tired
You are all the rest l need
Find your favourite people, rest will carry a different meaning
723 · Oct 2016
Life goes on
Poetic Eagle Oct 2016
No matter how much it hurts
Nomatter how much we cry
We can't turn back the hands of time
716 · Dec 2018
Poetic Eagle Dec 2018
Fall in love??????
Everything that falls eventually breaks

Rise in love????????
Everything that rises eventually falls due to gravity
So whats the pount of being in love whe someday it will all be just broken pieces
However not everything that falls breaks depends with the material its made of
703 · Aug 2019
Poetic Eagle Aug 2019
they hated  me so much
that l fell in love with myself
679 · Oct 2023
Poetic Eagle Oct 2023
All I crave is the hush of the night.
To sit in stillness, no words to say,
And let the tranquil hours drift away.
It's a good weather to take a walk outside but it's midnight
674 · Mar 2019
too late
Poetic Eagle Mar 2019
she was a burning fire
but he failed to see the flames in her eyes
and now he is struggling to relight the ashes
together with the flames the feelings faded
whats lost cant always be found
some things are meant to stay as ashes
669 · Apr 2023
One art
Poetic Eagle Apr 2023
Letting go is an art

I mastered it
664 · Apr 2021
Poetic Eagle Apr 2021
You shoot hurtful words and expect me to  smile

My emotions are not bulletproof
It's okay to say to let people know you what you can't tolerate
659 · Apr 2018
Poetic Eagle Apr 2018
I do not day dream,
I just see my reality
a few more years
before the rest do
641 · Sep 2016
How could you??????
Poetic Eagle Sep 2016
Your arms were my castle
Your words were my battle
But in a twinkle of an eye
You said goodbye

Now it's a million degrees zero in my blood
It's like lm buried 50 feet underground
I'm drawing in my world of loneliness
And my thoughts of sadness

You left me isolated and deserted
Now lm feeling rejected
My life is now an unending highway
In whose days are a nightmare
My heart is bleeding in silent tears
Just like my heart my life is broken into thousand pieces

The silence of your laugh
The sudden vanishing of your face
The absence of your dance
And the muteness of your voice
is slowly killing me

I walk in the empty streets with shattered dreams
I lie awake to miss you with unfulfilled wishes
I eat daily with everlasting regrets
Although with a hallowed place in my heart
only you can fill
I say back off loneliness
And hello tenderness
Inspired by my late best friend Mitchell
637 · Mar 2023
Silent noise
Poetic Eagle Mar 2023
Flow of Words bottled,
Silence so loud
Wonder why my heart is shut?
Chronicles of my heart
631 · Feb 22
For you
Poetic Eagle Feb 22
I missed too many dreams
On all the nights l allowed your memories to take my sleep
Cried too many too many tears
I almost feel empty
Midnight thoughts
626 · Sep 2016
The moment
Poetic Eagle Sep 2016
There is a moment when you feel all is gone
All hope is lost
That moment when you feel abandoned and rejected
The same moment when you feel life being taken out of you
That crazy moment when you feel like commiting suicide
The very moment when you feel your heart bleeding in silent tears
The moment when you feel so in the dark
That moment is simply LIFE
Life is PAIN
Inspired by a late friend
622 · May 2022
Now and forever
Poetic Eagle May 2022
Now and forever, always ringing in my head
Could be a story to tell
Imaginations reaching far from reality
A fuel to my everyday life,
the company in my head  keeps me sane

Now and forever, could have been different
If only l had known now is the forever l wanted
But...l didn't loose it all, a part of it is within
Laughter and joy, never a sad moment,
The only tears dropped are the ones that build happiness and create memories,
Memories l hope we could both remember

Now and forever, l picture it every day
A fantasy too good to be true?
I dream with my eyes open so reality can never bring be back to brokenness
Look and become, they say
Just a piece of my heart
Work in progress
621 · Nov 2018
Poetic Eagle Nov 2018
If criticism was a superpower
I would be flawless
Unique in my own way
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