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Poetic Eagle Aug 2019
they hated  me so much
that l fell in love with myself
Poetic Eagle Dec 2019
Words don't heal anymore
I'm done
Poetic Eagle Dec 2020
The clock ticks midnight
The beginning of a new year
New decade, a new month
We all smile and laugh at the opening of a new chapter
But why does everything feel the same
Poetic Eagle Mar 2022
l looked forward to a goodnight
not a goodbye

l wish l could bid you farewell
so long grandma, until we meet again
Poetic Eagle Jan 2021
Should I be sad you let go
Or be Happy l am free
Midnight thoughts
Poetic Eagle Aug 2020
4am,we at the threshold of a new dawn
Sunrise are the most beautiful
But today I don't want to see the light
As soon as the sun shines, we saying  goodbye
And then we oceans apart
But friends till end of forever
farewells are never easy
Poetic Eagle Aug 2019
I'm always falling  hard for the person in the mirror
random thought
Poetic Eagle Oct 2017
Be it so humble
There is no place like
We can nvr replace home
Poetic Eagle Jul 2019
some people break your heart just to see you bleed
Poetic Eagle Sep 2019
l don't break the rules
I just make new ones
random thought
Poetic Eagle Jul 2019
if l ever cried for someone then it was love
if only l could.....l would
Poetic Eagle Mar 2019
they say love is pain
but the tears are so sweet
love is blind...……..
but would rather stay in the dark as long as you remain there with me
but inside im screaming
Poetic Eagle Dec 2018
Ever felt like living is useless
All you want to is give up
If only suicide could set you free
That makes the 2 of us
So hard 2 enjoy life  
Poetic Eagle Jan 2017
Just wishing all the poets a

Hello 2017
It's a new year let's forget the past n focus on the future. Make the best of this year coz there can never be a better yesterday
Poetic Eagle Jun 2023
sooo loud its deafening
Be my morning to midnight chat
Night and day,
Lets live stories and make memories
Can we explore what life has instore
Be my bestfriend
Crushing on the idea of being "bestfriends"
To the person that existed in the abstract
Poetic Eagle Jul 2021
Up at dawn just to rise together with the sun
As we hope to leave our darkness with the shadows of the night
Random thoughts
Poetic Eagle Apr 2019
Not all scars are visible
Not everyone shows
Poetic Eagle Jan 2018
I was born different
To make a difference
Always thought was unique and l still believe so. Im a little different from the rest hope its not a bad thing
Poetic Eagle Jul 2018
Some dreams are just illusions
Thanks for reading
Poetic Eagle Nov 2018
Why is  death
such a jealous man
Cant stop wondering
Poetic Eagle Apr 2018
Action is a seed of thoughts and imagination
Think right to act right
I'm having crazy thoughts
Poetic Eagle Aug 2019
they told me to go get a life
and l got you
random thought
Poetic Eagle Dec 2019
Sometimes excess love becomes toxic
Moving closer to an obsession
Poetic Eagle Sep 2020
Even the oceans failed to understand how deep our love was
Random thoughts
Poetic Eagle Oct 2020
Him: fall for me, l will catch you
Her: why
Him: Because that's what super heroes do
Small talks
Poetic Eagle Feb 2019
I have fallen a thousand times
And it was hard enough
To dig a foundation
Now I'm stronger than ever
What doesn't **** you make you stronger
Poetic Eagle Sep 2020
slowly the memories fade
before you know it, there is nothing left to hold on to
random thoughts, loving people from a distance
Poetic Eagle Jun 2019
my God aint't ordinary
so l wont settle for nothing less than
life becomes easy when you know whats exactly meant for you
never settle for less than what you deserve
thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!
Poetic Eagle May 2018
I see you everyday
You torment my soul
Hunt my dreams
And abstract my vision
And now all l see are your memories

Distance has taken you away
You so far yet so near
Your shadow follows my every step
All our conversation keeps playing in my mind

I wish just your voice could do the healing
But the brokenness needs more than that
Your words brought me to live
And now they keep me awake

I want to be in hope not hopeless
I want to love not to be broken
Dont want to be weak but I'm shattered
I wish l could bring back the old times
I wish l could go back and live in the memories
If only l could.......l would
Poetic Eagle Dec 2023
Today l saw everything that reminded me of you
I'm happy, the thought of not doing it with you didn't hurt
Because once upon a time l wished it were you
The little things that matter
Poetic Eagle Feb 2019
You cant have the juice
Until you break the coconut
We need the hardships to enjoy the better days
Poetic Eagle Aug 2020
I saw love in your eyes but it was definitely not for me
and l still find solace in them
random thoughts
Poetic Eagle Nov 2023
Somewhere in between
"He is not my type" and,
"We are just friends",
She fell in love
Poetic Eagle Sep 2020
In the end it's not everyone who we laugh with that stays
Random thoughts
Poetic Eagle Dec 2018
What l thought Was my comfort zone
Turned out to be my worst nightmare
It killed all the  potential l had
Nothing can be achieved in your comfort zone.
Poetic Eagle Nov 2018
I don't know how l found darkness in what they all saw as light
Can darkness be found in light????????
I need answers
Poetic Eagle Feb 2022
just like my text , l wish l could unsend my feelings
rando m thoughts, work in progress
Poetic Eagle May 2018
Fear is another reason
To try harder
Poetic Eagle Jul 2018
She asked why im always in the dark
My response was "thats where broken people find joy "
Poetic Eagle May 2019
it was pouring,
you couldn't differentiate my tears from rain
and only focused on the dance
people focus on what they want not your pain.
Poetic Eagle Apr 21
In the silence of the night, falling out of love
For in letting go, l find freedoms gentle grace
No longer bound by what's unsaid
Thou loves flame may dim, it leaves behind a spark
I do cherish what was once dear
The beauty in endings, we discover new beginnings
More happy falling out of love than inlove with you
Poetic Eagle Oct 2023
If l could be anything
I would be everything you need
Poetic Eagle Mar 12
Life is easier learning to unlove you
Than trying to love you
You never made loving you feel easy
From struggling to find ways to reply you the right way so we keep the conversation going
To wondering how to break your silence, just so l don't feel forgotten by you
Poetic Eagle Nov 2023
Despite our endless  battles of words, hearts aflame
My heart still beats your name.
So even at the end of the chapter,
I'll wait for you
From the movie love, Rosie
Poetic Eagle May 2023
I am getting more used to poetry
than people
Ink paper therapy
Poetic Eagle Sep 2021
Do you have to get high when you low
In hopes of solving your mental problems
Face your problems, cry so what of you are a man, speak to people,get help. It's okay to grieve. Stop suppressing your feelings. One bottle of alcohol will not solve your problems. It even gives you a bigger headache
Poetic Eagle Mar 2019
one day you will miss me
as much as l miss you
another random thought
Poetic Eagle Nov 2023
Letting go doesn't mean I'll leave
Im just taking another path
And not bringing you with me

As painful as it is, I need to do so
If l let go of my sanity
what else will be left?

A stroll  to clear my mind from you
Had me wishing you were there,
With me,

Everytime l try to forget,  l remember
Everything could be better with you,
Wishful illusions of the mind
When l say let go, l don't mean unlove people or walk away because feelings don't fade but they can change
Poetic Eagle Jan 2019
I have always made poetry my safe haven
But it always betrayed my conscience
Because l thought you would always be my shield
How can l keep the promise now when you the cause of the grief
If l came, will you console me with more pain
Though you make me forget my sorrow you  always adding more tears
Now tell me how l should keep my words when all you do is give me painful happiness
An imagination forever
Always found solace in my brokenness
Lol Quite unique
Poetic Eagle Apr 2018
I do not day dream,
I just see my reality
a few more years
before the rest do
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