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57m · 4
Questions ii
"Did letting you go hurt?"

I said l had to **** every part of me
that loved you

Bury all memories, laughter and hope
Just not to remember

Regardless everyday I'm fighting your ghost
If l dare  open my heart to feel again
Either running or crawling
It will find its way back to you

So letting him go, took every part of me too
And yes I'm ok
May 11 · 96
Hi poet
Poetic Eagle May 11
From getting used to your text
To getting surprised by your text
  Wait, poet, he remembers
But again if he did  he wouldn't have forgotten you don't like being left on read
Sigh if he remembers he would have known why you disappeared last week

Oh no he is not the first person person you told
So l guess diary knows the crax of story

But you made his favourite food
And you he told you how his day went
So much chaos, but you are sure history will have a replay
In 2 weeks max,
you told yourself you would ask him again

Check your calendar today sounds like right on time for a good story

Oh no poet its been over a month
So over a month no hi,
You didn't ask how is he either
Why are you surprised by his text
Spoken word communication is 2 way
May 9 · 329
Poetic Eagle May 9
" so you don't love him anymore, all the feelings faded ? "

No l looked at him and realised they  changed

" Why you smiling "

Because it felt more peaceful than sad
Feelings don't fade they change
Apr 21 · 314
Poetic Eagle Apr 21
In the silence of the night, falling out of love
For in letting go, l find freedoms gentle grace
No longer bound by what's unsaid
Thou loves flame may dim, it leaves behind a spark
I do cherish what was once dear
The beauty in endings, we discover new beginnings
More happy falling out of love than inlove with you
Apr 4 · 227
Hi So
Poetic Eagle Apr 4
Always fighting the urge to text you
l can't be a fool twice,
You will still leave me on read
Letters to my bestfriend
Mar 18 · 130
Girl talk
Poetic Eagle Mar 18
What hurt you
Can't heal you
It can only deepen the wound
Mar 18 · 174
The dream
Poetic Eagle Mar 18
I remember, all the beautiful moments of us together, l had them with my eyes closed
I hold you  better in my sleep
Mar 18 · 170
Poetic Eagle Mar 18
In your silence
I listen to your actions
Letters to my befriend
Mar 12 · 275
Poetic Eagle Mar 12
Life is easier learning to unlove you
Than trying to love you
You never made loving you feel easy
From struggling to find ways to reply you the right way so we keep the conversation going
To wondering how to break your silence, just so l don't feel forgotten by you
Mar 12 · 330
Forgetting you
Poetic Eagle Mar 12
I never wanted to learn without you
But your absence taught me regardless
Letters to my bestfriend
Mar 7 · 175
Letters II
Poetic Eagle Mar 7
If l could turn back the hands of time
I would go back to the time that
I once "held you close"
Where there was nothing but unspoken words between us
Letters to my bestfriend
Mar 7 · 291
Poetic Eagle Mar 7
I just need a whisper
Tell me I'm not as unforgettable as your silence makes me feel
To the person who existed in the abstract
Mar 2 · 292
Poetic Eagle Mar 2
I write because how else would you read my mind
Midnight thoughts
Feb 29 · 222
Poetic Eagle Feb 29
I remember the days we used to love in letters,
High school, love so surreal
Pure and free, it almost felt real
I wish l could continue the past
And write you a letter
I have a lot to say,
Lines to rhyme
I want to write you a letter
would appreciate the gesture?
But then l remember I'm in no position to write you a love letter
Remember the days when all your texts were in letters with a little " kiss before you open"😂
Feb 22 · 631
For you
Poetic Eagle Feb 22
I missed too many dreams
On all the nights l allowed your memories to take my sleep
Cried too many too many tears
I almost feel empty
Midnight thoughts
Feb 15 · 171
New connections
Poetic Eagle Feb 15
From learning hues that painted their joy to cradling their vulnerabilities, I hesitate to unfold my chapters to anyone new.
Nevermind knowing someone else, how do l open up to another person
To know me exactly how you did, without me sayin' a word
"Move on," they say, yet moving on means exposing the very part of me that being with you taught me l should shield from the rest of the world
So, where do I begin
I don't want another hi that will lead to a goodbye
Feb 14 · 254
Poetic Eagle Feb 14
So today someone made me smile, even laughed
Today l set for coffee, lunch and dinner
And never for a moment did l look for you in anyone
Today l did everything l wished to do with you, even more
And no thought of you crossed my mind
Today everything that once reminded me of you
Didn't bring any memory
Today for the first time in a long while l didn't look forward to your text
Today your absence felt normal
And it didn't make me cry
Today l don't miss you as much as l used to
So Today l realise maybe l am slowly forgetting you
It's what I wanted but why does it still make me sad
Letting go of the part that loved someone is never the easiest
Jan 20 · 162
Midnight thoughts
Poetic Eagle Jan 20
I don't know how to move on
Without loving you
Your love is all l know, for now
Jan 18 · 491
Poetic Eagle Jan 18
I kept wondering what it would be like falling in love after a heartbreak
And **** why didnt l let go sooner
Let go and make room for new
Jan 5 · 262
Poetic Eagle Jan 5
Only one thing is left
A story to tell
24' beginning of new beginnings
Jan 2 · 234
Poetic Eagle Jan 2
Always the person you look for or call at the end of the day
Am l safe haven
Or a last thought
Questions that ring here and there
Dec 2023 · 221
Loud and clear
Poetic Eagle Dec 2023
Perhaps l misssed your desired words
But l caught the ones you stirred
Once they hurt, a little tears here and there
Today, l hope my interpretation misconstrued
My fault for starting this conversation anew
Sometimes l wish people never meant what they said,
Dec 2023 · 162
Poetic Eagle Dec 2023
Once l loved you, you hurt me
Twice l forgave you and myself for expecting so much
Thrice l only asked for your presence, you gave me hope and crushed it

Until l learnt where l stand in your life
Your heart was with everything else except me
Pay attention to when people need you
Dec 2023 · 272
Blissful distance
Poetic Eagle Dec 2023
Today l saw everything that reminded me of you
I'm happy, the thought of not doing it with you didn't hurt
Because once upon a time l wished it were you
The little things that matter
Dec 2023 · 421
Whispers of promises
Poetic Eagle Dec 2023
Once upon a time your words meant everything that held on to them,
Until l saw every promise pass by.
Now, l yearn to believe each word you speak.....
But it all sounds like a poem that caught the right muse.
In the hit of the moment we say so much but with no actions,words slowly lose their meaning
Dec 2023 · 816
Whispers of connection
Poetic Eagle Dec 2023
I want to text you, and talk about nothing or little details of my day,
Maybe you can tell me what made you smile today
But l don't want to disturb you
So I'm writing this instead
On days like these, she writes
Nov 2023 · 754
Poetic Eagle Nov 2023
When I'm tired
You are all the rest l need
Find your favourite people, rest will carry a different meaning
Nov 2023 · 164
"Dear God"
Poetic Eagle Nov 2023
Letting go doesn't mean I'll leave
Im just taking another path
And not bringing you with me

As painful as it is, I need to do so
If l let go of my sanity
what else will be left?

A stroll  to clear my mind from you
Had me wishing you were there,
With me,

Everytime l try to forget,  l remember
Everything could be better with you,
Wishful illusions of the mind
When l say let go, l don't mean unlove people or walk away because feelings don't fade but they can change
Nov 2023 · 279
Without you
Poetic Eagle Nov 2023
My favorite show lost its plot in my sight,
Games lack the thrill once felt in their height.
Realization hits, a truth now clear,
I loved them all when you were near.
Sometimes you love things not because you actually love them but because people around you bring meaning to them
Nov 2023 · 398
Chasing stars
Poetic Eagle Nov 2023
Somewhere in between
"He is not my type" and,
"We are just friends",
She fell in love
Nov 2023 · 474
Dear bestfriend
Poetic Eagle Nov 2023
Despite our endless  battles of words, hearts aflame
My heart still beats your name.
So even at the end of the chapter,
I'll wait for you
From the movie love, Rosie
Nov 2023 · 431
"Love in memories"
Poetic Eagle Nov 2023
If l could, l would keep you close,
Insight, everyday
Sounds impossible
So l will love you in memories
Oct 2023 · 395
Love in verse
Poetic Eagle Oct 2023
I wrote my heart on a paper,
Words, light they seem,
Yet poetry can't erase this dream.
For still, I want you, it's clear and true,
In these lines, my love shines through.
Love from a distance
Oct 2023 · 555
'fading tears'
Poetic Eagle Oct 2023
Tears fall, here and there, a silent stream,
I forget, yet the pain remains, it seems.
Involuntary tears that remind you, it probably still hurts
Oct 2023 · 381
"missing you less"
Poetic Eagle Oct 2023
Thoughts of you begin to fade, but still,
In missing you, my heart feels the chill.
Slowly, time will heal, and I'll find my way,
Learning to live without you, day by day.
Oct 2023 · 503
Poetic Eagle Oct 2023
If l could be anything
I would be everything you need
Oct 2023 · 679
Poetic Eagle Oct 2023
All I crave is the hush of the night.
To sit in stillness, no words to say,
And let the tranquil hours drift away.
It's a good weather to take a walk outside but it's midnight
Oct 2023 · 477
Heart chronicles
Poetic Eagle Oct 2023
Pain stings from those we hold so near,
From hearts we cherish, love so dear.
Separating love from hurt's cruel art,
Is the challenge of the tender heart.
A puzzle, in life, we'll still impart
Life lately
Oct 2023 · 420
Poetic Eagle Oct 2023
Aware of life's beauty, I find my way,
Surrounded by wonders, I'm happy each day.
In nature's embrace and with each smile's glow,
Happiness blossoms, with every step I go.
Being aware of your environment brings peace and happiness
Oct 2023 · 390
Poetic Eagle Oct 2023
In stillness, without thoughts, I find delight,
My heart soars free, in happiness' pure light.
Living outside my head
Oct 2023 · 398
Poetic Eagle Oct 2023
Spoken words,
a comforting embrace,
Lift the heart,
bring solace in grace.
Oct 2023 · 448
Poetic Eagle Oct 2023
In tales told near and far, I stand alone,
Always the villain in stories, widely known.
But deep within, a heart yearns to change,
To break free from this fate, rearrange.
When you realise you are the bad person in everyone's story
Oct 2023 · 472
Poetic Eagle Oct 2023
l talk you just reply,I wait, it's true,
like a chase we play, me and you.
Hearts can only bear so much weight,
Someday, I'll tire of this endless wait.
A peek into my thoughts
Oct 2023 · 202
Night poet
Poetic Eagle Oct 2023
I'm a poet at night
When the world is quiet
My thoughts make the loudest noise
The best conversation between pen and paper.... heartchronicles
Oct 2023 · 1.8k
Poetic Eagle Oct 2023
If l do not " only share with"
I might never know what you ate or how your day went

It's either left on read or "..... replied to your story"
So lm constantly looking for content that triggers your reaction

For If there is no green circle on my name, screaming " not yet viewed" l may never be remembered
Sep 2023 · 488
Poetic Eagle Sep 2023
Gradually finding myself ensnared by your words
So much so that your silence becomes a vexing void
Poetry is still a safe haven
Jul 2023 · 271
Poetic Eagle Jul 2023
I didn't leave
You pushed me away
Jul 2023 · 284
Poetic Eagle Jul 2023
Somewhere in between he is not her type and they are just friends
She fell in love
Random thoughts
Jun 2023 · 1.4k
3 a.m
Poetic Eagle Jun 2023
sooo loud its deafening
Be my morning to midnight chat
Night and day,
Lets live stories and make memories
Can we explore what life has instore
Be my bestfriend
Crushing on the idea of being "bestfriends"
To the person that existed in the abstract
May 2023 · 1.3k
Poetic Eagle May 2023
Would l be a poet, if you weren't the poem
There is always You behind every word

My thoughts and feelings are getting used to the idea of having you,
Stand before me dressed  in rhythm and sound
To the person that existed in the abstract
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