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Poetic Eagle Mar 2022
l looked forward to a goodnight
not a goodbye

l wish l could bid you farewell
so long grandma, until we meet again
Nishant Rawat May 2021
I spend too much time imagining
thinking, writing, dreaming
about someone who will never be mine.
Midnight thoughts
Poetic Eagle Apr 2021
You shoot hurtful words and expect me to  smile

My emotions are not bulletproof
It's okay to say to let people know you what you can't tolerate
Elle Feb 2021
Every once in a while I look up in the sky,
only to realize that our time is passing by
I looked at you and you looked back at me
the sparks I once saw before, has been gone for so long.
Sneaking out late at night has become your habit,
if you're happy with her, why not just say it?
lol midnight drabbles
Nishant Rawat May 2020
The fear of losing you is much awful than fear of not finding me.
But the worth of finding me is much precious than holding on to you.
Midnight thought
Nishant Rawat May 2020
How can I keep on fighting for you?
When you gave up on me so easily
How can I come back to you?
When us I no more see
How can I say "I Love You"?
When I'm no more in love with me
How can I be true to you?
When I don't know how to be
Midnight Thoughts
This intense emotion I feel,
In my dark, sacred space I try to conceal...
Wrecks through my mind at night,
Like some strange infectious blight...

I try to make sense of this pain,
To grasp at something, anything that is sane...
But thoughts just whizz by like a train,
Like an everlasting pinball hitting chains and panes...

No one will ever be able to interpret this complexity,
Not even Google, that ghostly reality that we depend on....
Maybe I've drowned to much in its toxicity,
To realise the joys of my own reality....

But try as I may,
Joy seems to just be another word...
For bliss, happiness or just plain gay,
And all that is far away, emotions not felt in my world...
Mya Baertlein May 2019
Do you ever feel like you are stuck?
It hits me at a friends house at 3 am when all I want to do is sleep but it’s so ******* hot and my mind is running. No one is awake and all you want to do is run, run away from all my problems or run towards more problems. But I  just sit there stuck because either way there are problems. Why is he still my comfort, why does he make me smile. Why aren’t these the same guy. Why the hell can I not be happy? Why can’t I do this? I feel like I am always at check and just waiting to hear checkmate but it never comes. Every day is different but I feel the same way.
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