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Mya Baertlein May 30
Do you ever feel like you are stuck?
It hits me at a friends house at 3 am when all I want to do is sleep but it’s so ******* hot and my mind is running. No one is awake and all you want to do is run, run away from all my problems or run towards more problems. But I  just sit there stuck because either way there are problems. Why is he still my comfort, why does he make me smile. Why aren’t these the same guy. Why the hell can I not be happy? Why can’t I do this? I feel like I am always at check and just waiting to hear checkmate but it never comes. Every day is different but I feel the same way.
The animosity of yesterday had vanished,
And now the flowers have bursted out—
As a hint to the world that the spring has finally come,
Leisurely, returning the globe its chromatic hues;
While it drowns me deeper into the ocean of colors,
Killing the blue.

The pillow fights amongst the angels have finally stopped,
For it's the fire ball's turn to spread the warmth all over the globe, slowly but surely.
And a smile eventually spread across my face; finally and finally.
Never have I understood the feeling of refreshing,
Until the day of God deciding to create a season that is spring.

I scream, I sing, I cry and cry to the universe,
For I'm home after a long time,
For I'm grateful for being granted another smile.  
And this is the season I have been waiting for,
For I want to lost in the seasons of sadness no more.

—Jane A. Rahman
Jane: It was on the early April, I got this idea when I was watching a spring ads. It's so refreshing.
depression is the *****  i want to punch in the ******* face
anxiety is her ******* side kick
panic dances around with them like a ******* background dancer
well have i got news
im done dancing
this is a fight i will fight
but not to the death
i will not let this **** me
#depression #anxiety #panic #panicattacks #3amanxiety #midnightthoughts
rosy conquers Oct 2018
she cried on the third
in the middle of the night
cradling her sorrows
which resurfaced from the burrow

the hurt was sparkling greatly
holding an immense armor of maybe
maybe she's still the girl from the past
maybe she can never be steadfast

she let it drown her
until the tears were over
then she closed her eyes, took a flight
this is good night

it took sixteen days
before another night turned to a haze
tomorrow is a new labyrinth to walk through
inhale, exhale; she's more than her blues
Genesee Aug 2018
you can’t come into my life
a year or two later and try to make a home out of someone who truly didn’t want to be called home
After all, it’s a dangerous thing because if you have a fallout with the person who you considered ‘’ home’’ so to speak
then what do you do when you suddenly think of all the memories you and that person made
out of nowhere
Azumi Rabulan Jun 2018
I played the song you wanted me to hear

when all I did was to hug myself out of fear,

I couldn't think of any words to describe,

the feeling I had when the music starts reaching -

to myself that night.

There was an ache in every word

that hit my heart so quickly.

I don't know if it was sadness visiting me,

or the loneliness that's trying to **** me.
Dev Feb 2018
If today I were to die,
I don't think I'd be sad.
Just lonely
I hope it gets better
Rai Espigar Sep 2017
Love cannot be measured by color red
For it bears more than just the color of blood
And more than the idea of your pumping heart

It cannot be measured by any means
You cannot say how deep it could be
For love is love, and love is still
If you love someone, you never change, you stay, you always will.

Because love is a once in a lifetime hit
Not like a shooting star with unli wish
And it may have its different kinds
We really cant tell love based on our silly signs

And though your quest for love
Might lead you to your first heartbreak
From a once happy, now aching heart
What a tragic twist of fate

But as you fall into the depths
Of confusion, doubt and pain
One person will again hold your heart
Trying to put you back in place

But know that we're still young and free
You know, there's still much to see
Kisses and hugs and monthsaries
Are not the only reasons to be happy

Don't seek love to hit your way
Don't take Cupid's own play
Because "love at first sight" isn't true
True love is "growing old with you"
Not quite sure with the title so...
Losien Mayor Apr 2017
Every time you begged for love
from the wrong people;
every time you asked me why
they couldn’t love you back;

I wanted to tell you that: I am here.
I know how to love you
without looking at
your missing pieces
I’m ready to fix
the mess you’ve made
with your little misses

I wanted to tell you
how eager I am
to take your hand
and show you the way
into my heart;
blind you with so much love
you won’t ever look away
from me again
without hurting
for something
you almost had
but never did.

I wanted to tell you
that I ache to heal you badly;
that I want to make the people who hurt you
beg for your forgiveness
and soothe away the pain
of your never ending longing.

But all I have are words
and they will never be enough for you.
And despite my best efforts to try
and make you happy,
my heart is already bound
by the chains of the love
that is meant for me.
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