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Poetic Eagle Oct 4
If silence could speak
The world wouldn't be such a lonely place
I wanna break free
Poetic Eagle Sep 25
l put down the words
all lies?????

Maybe the paper wont understand the feelings
Or its the fear that even poetry could know my story

its all hidden in between the lines
And in the letters l find my solace

Can l find my true safe heaven on pen and paper?
its all an illusion, nothing gets better

Maybe it all comes down to being emotionless
Am l unhuman????? NO

My heart is just too big to store everything
Originally it was meant to pump blood but that changed

Why it never pops all the feelings or get tired? idk
its still a mystery

Even l want to know when l can finally break free
for now its safe to say its nature...……..
is it normal to feel nothing?
Poetic Eagle Sep 15
l don't break the rules
I just make new ones
random thought
Poetic Eagle Sep 5
Him: what if l fall for her
Her:  will just pick you up
Random thought
Poetic Eagle Sep 2
they are waiting for me to break
so they can take advantage of my pieces
random thought
Poetic Eagle Aug 29
I'm always falling  hard for the person in the mirror
random thought
Poetic Eagle Aug 27
no need to see my scars
to know that I'm hurting
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