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Poetic Eagle Apr 4
Always fighting the urge to text you
l can't be a fool twice,
You will still leave me on read
Letters to my bestfriend
Poetic Eagle Mar 18
What hurt you
Can't heal you
It can only deepen the wound
Poetic Eagle Mar 18
I remember, all the beautiful moments of us together, l had them with my eyes closed
I hold you  better in my sleep
Poetic Eagle Mar 18
In your silence
I listen to your actions
Letters to my befriend
Poetic Eagle Mar 12
Life is easier learning to unlove you
Than trying to love you
You never made loving you feel easy
From struggling to find ways to reply you the right way so we keep the conversation going
To wondering how to break your silence, just so l don't feel forgotten by you
Poetic Eagle Mar 12
I never wanted to learn without you
But your absence taught me regardless
Letters to my bestfriend
Poetic Eagle Mar 7
If l could turn back the hands of time
I would go back to the time that
I once "held you close"
Where there was nothing but unspoken words between us
Letters to my bestfriend
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