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they say love is pain
but the tears are so sweet
love is blind...……..
but would rather stay in the dark as long as you remain there with me
but inside im screaming
one day you will miss me
as much as l miss you
another random thought
Poetic Eagle Mar 13
Eyes talk
That's why your silence doesnt hurt me
I still have hope your eyes says it all
Poetic Eagle Mar 12
How will the memories fade when sunrise and sunset always remind me of you

If only l could sleep forever
If wishes were horses everybody would ride one
Poetic Eagle Mar 4
We could have lasted for eternity .
But we were short lived.
Guess it won't be true love if not painful
You left me *******.

But you didn't take my courage.
The painful memories became a motivation.
The emotions could have killed me.
But instead gave me unimaginable stamina .

I lost my senses l went crazy .
Never imagined myself healing .
But now my heart is like a singing bird.
My mind didn't just stabilize l actually got a sixth sense added.

Your love came as a volcano .
Leaving me totally shattered.                      And gave me a nightmare of a lifetime .
But finally l can say lm healed
She was broken but now healed
After all there is an ok in healed
@diamond pickle charmxy
Poetic Eagle Feb 21
he told me he was hurting
yet I'm the one with the scars

he said he was bleeding
but I'm the one with the wounds
I listened to your words but believed in your actions which said otherwise
Poetic Eagle Feb 20
You took away everything
But failed to take the memories
Whenever l look back it hurts
But l smile because it was worth the pain
Tears dry memories last forever
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