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Poetic Eagle May 27
Roses are red..........not all roses are red
Violets are blue....violets are not blue
Blood is my staring at her
So are you...................l dont like you too
Just saw blood is my lifeline line ...n liked it
Poetic Eagle May 27
They said, thoughts are transferable
So, are you thinking about me too?
Random thoughts
Poetic Eagle May 14
Now and forever, always ringing in my head
Could be a story to tell
Imaginations reaching far from reality
A fuel to my everyday life,
the company in my head  keeps me sane

Now and forever, could have been different
If only l had known now is the forever l wanted
But...l didn't loose it all, a part of it is within
Laughter and joy, never a sad moment,
The only tears dropped are the ones that build happiness and create memories,
Memories l hope we could both remember

Now and forever, l picture it every day
A fantasy too good to be true?
I dream with my eyes open so reality can never bring be back to brokenness
Look and become, they say
Just a piece of my heart
Work in progress
Poetic Eagle Mar 6
l looked forward to a goodnight
not a goodbye

l wish l could bid you farewell
so long grandma, until we meet again
Poetic Eagle Feb 9
just like my text , l wish l could unsend my feelings
rando m thoughts, work in progress
Poetic Eagle Dec 2021
roses have thorns,
even the beautiful things can still hurt you
Poetic Eagle Sep 2021
Do you have to get high when you low
In hopes of solving your mental problems
Face your problems, cry so what of you are a man, speak to people,get help. It's okay to grieve. Stop suppressing your feelings. One bottle of alcohol will not solve your problems. It even gives you a bigger headache
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